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Cartoon of the Day || Obama’s Fantastic Week

The Slammer, who now goes by Deplorable Slammer, has a nice visual take on Obama’s weekly schedule, which I published here.


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8 thoughts on “Cartoon of the Day || Obama’s Fantastic Week”

    1. Obama’s not even bothering to phone it in anymore. If he had been one of my employees, I would have fired him by about the third week of his employment back in 2009. It would have been obvious after the third week that he was useless, lazy, disorganized and a creator of chaos in the workplace.

      1. Maybe if the “Media” did their god-damn ‘job’ back in 2007-2008 and ACTUALLY INVESTIGATED and REPORTED about “Barack Hussein Obama” the lazy, arrogant, ignorant, neo-socialist, anti-American He really is We, The USA, would not be in this mess here in 2016 A.D.

        1. For sure. The media fell for–because they were terrified of being called “racist”–this Obama character and gave him a complete pass. They fell for the archetypes Axelrod (remember that nut?) peddled–savior, hero, problem solver, cool dude. Many of the MSM were cut from the same cloth as Obama–Progressive, ungrounded in basic history or the American ideal, self serving, purposely disassociated from a basic level of honesty and, highly radicalized. They just refused to do their proper job. They were too busy writing about the noogies Romney gave to a kid while in high school.
          And so, here we are.

    2. He f’d off since day one of his reign. His whole imperial presidency, has been one GIANT middle finger towards this country and all of us Deplorables.

  1. Got it wrong on the Burmanese visitor. Ang San Suu Kyi of Burma is a woman. Actually, a very attractive, small framed woman, nothing like the first moose.

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