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Video || Anchor Accidentally Reports Hillary Clinton is Dead

Gosh, I hope this isn’t a case a a reporter letting their bias get in the way.

The station said he meant to say “health.”

H/T Washington Free Beacon.

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    • Its my new favorite Video….oh how I love watching it over and over!

      BTW what the heck is the thing that falls out of her pant leg???

      Its like a comedy skit…..that proves that telling the truth is something her and her handlers just cannot do.

    • (adjusting the tin foil hat)
      There was something jarring and bizarre when the perky, jaunty Hillary popped out of the apartment building less than two hours after being thrown helplessly into a van.

      • I think that the woman outside her apartment was her “doppelgänger.”
        Different earrings, less puffy face, skinnier, (pantsuit too big).
        The voice sounded slightly different to me, too. Just as parts of the interview with Anderson Cooper sounded different to me.
        No security present around her.
        Little girl running to her was a “made for TV moment.”
        HRC either suffered a massive stroke – or …. she is dead. The Chappaqua home is more heavily barricaded since the “event.”
        Remember one thing before you discount my comment – (although my husband does! Ha!) Her people are desperate to keep the White House. Desperation can lead people to do foolhardy things.

        • The Clintons are such liars, that a body double wouldn’t surprise me at all. They are stupid enough to think it will work. If caught (and they always are) they will claim it was:
          A devoted fan citing imitation is the heighth of flattery
          B They didn’t know anything about it; don’t watch TV
          C Just woofin’ ya – little joke
          D your choice…

  1. Freudian Slip? Very bizarre that in the space of 1-2 hours she went from being unable to stand and walk unaided, to looking as perky and fresh as a daisy!
    This whole thing smells like old fish.

  2. I’ve now watched that Hillary video from Sunday – all three angles of it – more times than I care to admit. I think my biggest takeaway is how unsurprised her security and handlers seem by the whole experience. The guy standing post when she starts to collapse has a look on his face that almost seems to suggest, “Oh, great. Here we go again.” As though it’s a routine occurrence in their detail.

    Two other things of which I am entirely convinced, and have verified: The dark cobalt sunglasses she opted to wear to a memorial service on an overcast day clearly appear to be Zeiss Z1 blue lenses, which are known in the scientific community to lessen the effects of light- induced epileptic and Parkinson’s-related seizures.

    Also, the woman flanking her, in the blue dress, who walks alongside her, holding her hand, later administers what appears to be some sort of field neurological test, and ultimately helps support her (unsuccessfully) against the concrete post, clearly appears to be Dr. Lisa Bardack, Clinton’s physician since 2001. Who travels with their doctor by their side? (The answer is: “Very ill people.”)

    • I feel the same. It all smells like she is very much not well.

      If she actually attends the live debates, I will be shocked. I expect something to be cooked up where she won’t be able to attend.

    • Your observation that the SS detail looked like Hillary’s collapse was an ordinary occurrance, ‘Here we go again’ type of thing, indicates that they were following their crisis training to a tee.

      Agents are trained extensively in crisis management to keep their cool and remain composed at all times so that they can perform their duties with a level head, and avoid panic at the scene.
      They did a great job!

      You are correct about Hillary’s doctor administering neurological testing while walking with Hillary. She wasn’t holding her hand, she was asking Hillary to ‘squeeze’ her fingers. Very subtle.

    • AFVet, thank you once again for a very informative video….I never thought to look at Hill’s head during the entire episode until you put this video up. But this doctor is right-she basically was a mannequin the whole time…..very scary.

    • Posted the video yesterday. It should be noted that this MD is from Loma Linda University Medical Center – on of the finest diagnostic centers in the country located in So. Cal.

  3. After the Dems get done processing Colin Powell’s e-mails about the Clintons, he might be “declared” dead, too.
    He really, really doesn’t like the Clintons.

  4. I admit. I watched it over and over.
    It might be a Ron Burgundy moment. I can picture the typist for the TelePrompTer laughing in the background saying “He actually read it!”

  5. Hillary’s new campaign slogan, “We’re Stronger Together” is coming back to bite everyone associated with that pack of snakes.

    As the wheels continue to fall off her campaign, I’m reminded of those high school plays when everything begins to go terribly wrong–scenery falls down, actors on a high wire (Peter Pan-like) crash-land on the floor, singers go off key and forget their lines, etc. Something like this:

    This is where the Hillary campaign is right now. And it’s only going to get worse for her.

  6. “My overall impression is that Mrs. Clinton has remained healthy and has not developed new medical conditions this year other than a sinus and ear infection and her recently diagnosed pneumonia.”

    Did anyone catch that…?


    That is Clintonspeak for she still has all the old conditions from prior years, like Parkinsons, etc. The media need to probe that statement.