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Obama Talks Economic Fantasy While Touting Hillary

From an article I have running today in LIfeZette:

The president arrived in Philadelphia Tuesday to campaign for Clinton, seizing on a stray number and trumpeting it as if the country had  been brought back the Roaring Twenties.

But after nearly eight years of Obama, the economy currently is just a point away from recession. It grew by just 1.1 percent during the second quarter of this year, according to the Department of Commerce. In the first quarter, the economy expanded — if that’s the word for it — by only 0.8 percent.

A recession is defined by two consecutive quarters of negative growth. Obama is almost there. In fact, economic growth on this president’s watch, at a mere 1.6 per year, was never lower under any postwar president.

In August, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office delivered the grim news of Obama’s legacy. It predicted that for the next decade, growth will be about 2.0 percent per year, well below the postwar average of 3.2 percent.

Read the rest of the piece on LifeZette.

7 thoughts on “Obama Talks Economic Fantasy While Touting Hillary”

  1. I am convinced that Hillbillery and Obama supporters are hooked up to some sort of shared “matrix”; because, no matter what facts, irrefutable evidence, figures, reports etc. you present to them, they refuse to admit that by ANY measure, this administration has been a failure. Hillbillery could win…and it will mean more of the same and at least another 4 years of the same trajectory, with the added element of her disgusting husband.

  2. Very good stuff, Keith. The corporate media, of course, will cover for Obama, take him at his word, won’t much question Obama’s assertions. Remind us of the press in North Korea. Like this:

    “Freedom of the press is tightly controlled by the state. Article 67[5] of the North Korean Constitution protects freedom of speech and freedom of the press. In practice, however, the government only allows speech that supports it and the ruling party, the Workers’ Party of Korea.[6]

    “The late Kim Jong-il’s book, The Great Teacher of Journalists, advises that “newspapers carry articles in which they unfailingly hold the president in high esteem, adore him and praise him as the great revolutionary leader”.[7] Media reports in North Korea are often one-sided and exaggerated, playing “little or no role in gathering and disseminating vital information true to facts” and providing propaganda for the regime.[8]”

      1. Could be! The thing is, serious news consumers realize that our corporate media is highly radicalized, one-sided, not worth the time to, well, consume. Circulation is dropping rapidly in many cases, and two mainstream liberal newspapers have had to get bailed out or go out of business by billionaires in order to survive–the Washington Post by Jeff Bezos, and the New York Times by Mexican billionaire by Carlos Slim. The American people have a 94 percent little or no confidence opinion of the MSM, and there’s a reason for that disastrous rating.

  3. We are and have been in a recession since Dictator Imam Obama has been in office. Any of the government economic numbers which are issued periodically by the various government organs is and has been pure political propaganda.

    Anyone that cites these bogus, skewed economic government numbers as accurate or as a basis for giving an actual state of our economy is either willfully blind, willfully ignorant or a member of the Obama regime.

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