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Video || How CBS Tried to Help Hillary By Editing Bill

This is pretty damning. I can think of no other reason to do this other than to help out the Democratic nominee.

Bill Clinton initially said that Hillary “frequently” passes out, then said he didn’t mean it. CBS decided to accept his explanation by deleting the whole moment. Because Bill Clinton would never try to deceive anyone.

I’d note that this is no random, isolated mistake. Several people in the newsroom, including Charlie Rose must have noticed that Clinton had said “frequently,” since it was a significant comment, and must have seen that it was edited out.

5 Responses to Video || How CBS Tried to Help Hillary By Editing Bill

  1. The 9/11 video of MrsClinton’s collapse has probably been seen by more people than the famous Zapruder film of PresKennedy’s murder.
    There’s no spin, no explanation that will erase the sight of MrsC being thrown into a waiting van.
    MrClinton, along with all the minions in the MSM, just can’t find the right narrative that will make this sad affair go away. He says “frequently” as if it’s no big deal that his wife faints, it’s just a normal thing with her, so no worries. The biased spinners in the MSM are so shocked they delete his statement as they try to manage this astonishing truth that MrsC is a sick, unwell woman.
    Other new organizations are praising MrsC, some are attacking anyone who worries if she can handle the rigors of the Oval Office as “sexist” idiots.

  2. the media used to be and still are tools of the democrat party; now they are enablers in plain sight. I cannot understand why democrats don’t have a problem of the subversion and corruption of what should be a free press, by one political party. This is so dangerous on so many levels.

  3. I would expect nothing less from CBS – the Clinton Broadcasting Station.
    They also cut Bill’s shaking hand twice when he picked up his coffee cup.

    The only thing the editors couldn’t change was Bill’s shifty eyes and that irritating southern drawl that now sounds like a croaking frog.

    In the past 24 hours, the Clintons’ have referred to her malady as ‘allergies’, ‘dizzy spell’, almost ‘fainting’, ‘dehydration’, ‘pneumonia’, (unspecified as to ‘viral’ or ‘bacterial’), and ‘exhaustion’.

    If you can’t take the heat, Hillary, get out of the kitchen!

    My favorite Hillary line: “I can’t understand why everyone thinks this is such a big deal’!
    Same attitude she has with Benghazi and the emails.

  4. If you look up Parkinson’s Disease symptoms,you’ll find virtually every one fits Hillary’s medical problems.Remember,Michael J Fox had to quit acting,a much simpler lifestyle than being the President of the United States due to his Parkinson’s which he treated with medications and still couldn’t continue