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Here’s What Happens if Hillary Has to Drop Out

A number of you have asked me what actually would occur if Mrs. Clinton’s health issues force her to drop out.

The New York Post today has a good summary of what would occur:

If Hillary Clinton has to drop out before Election Day, the Democratic National Committee would pick a successor — and it wouldn’t have to be running mate Tim Kaine. What would really complicate matters is if a nominee had to drop out when ballots have already been cast. The Electoral College would then select the next president. If the electors couldn’t agree, the House of Representatives would make the selection.

Of course, within the latter scenario is tremendous complication given the politicking and chaos that would attend either the Electoral College or the House trying to pick a president. Who knows what kind of civil unrest would result if the pick angers large segments of the deeply divided public, which would seem likely.

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  1. How ironic this all is. The DNC had to chest, stesl, and lie to get Hillary the nomination. Now, if she drops out, or drops dead, the DNC picks her successor? You know it won’t be old Bernie. So not only screwing his supporters over once, but twice. Then if it goes all the way to the House of Representatives, the Democrats will be the ones getting screwed. Then the outrage will commence.

    • My biggest fear is if it goes to the House of Reps, the Republicans will wimp out and just give it away to the Dems. Or maybe because of civil unrest, Obama may issue a decree putting off the election until a later date. Interesting and unsettling times indeed.

    • Thanks Keith. It was very helpful.

      “Over my dead body” is how HRC sees the idea of bowing out. And if they force her out, the Clintons will flood America with the dirt on everyone, including Obama.

      But good to know the process if she doesn’t make the full run.

  2. The very issue Keith appropriately raises (Here’s What Happens if Hillary Has to Drop Out) is an example of the never ending Clinton dramas the nation has had to suffer for the past 30+ years. These two characters have stumbled from one stupid, self inflicted mess to the next mess to the next mess their entire lives. And in doing so, they’ve dragged the nation, the media, our political institutions, the Congress, their friends, their enemies, their supporters and everyone else in sight into the nasty details of their latest corrupt adventure.

    And every time the Clintons are in their middle of yet another one of their stupid mess and their latest self-serving caper, important resources–Congressional and otherwise–have to be used to deal with it (Congressional hearings, etc.), attention diverted from the important business of the country, media galloping toward the latest Clinton screw up (and usually trying often to cover up for the Clintons). As is said of the Clintons, wherever they are and whatever they are doing, they take all the oxygen out of the air and it suffocates the rest of us. Meanwhile, the Clintons just get richer and more arrogant.

    If Hillary becomes POTUS, it will be all of the above, and more of the same. Much, much more. Every damned day.

  3. “What would really complicate matters is if a nominee had to drop out when ballots have already been cast.”

    Do absentee ballots count? North Carolina mailed absentee ballots out last Friday…and, presumably, some of those have already been mailed in. If “Ol’ Sacka Potatas” goes down for the count now and the Electoral College has to decide, we can get a hint of just how complicated it could get by looking at the process by which electors are selected, here====>

  4. It’s not THAT complicated. The 12th Amendment isn’t exactly a Zen koan.

    The first ticklish part is the State-level process for choosing Electors. That’s up to the individual States, and the 12th wisely leaves that out.

    If no one has a majority of Electoral votes, only the TOP THREE vote getters are eligible. So if Hillary is dead or disabled, and the only other eligible finalist is Donald Trump, well, do the math.

    Also, if the House has to decide, each State gets EXACTLY one vote, and 26 States would be enough. Trump wins in that scenario: there are 22 reliably red states, and Indiana and North Carolina would get him to 24.

    Then you get into the House members from purple states, and what do you know: Virginia is 8R3D, Colorado is 4R3D (believe it or not!), Nevada is 3R1D, Florida is 17R10D, Ohio is 12R4D.

    So, barring a Democratic tsunami down-ballot, Trump would get his 26 from the House, and then some.

    AND–oh, you all should hear the evil laugh I’m typing this with!–the kinds of voters that would have to show up at the polls to make that sort of thing happen, won’t understand why they would need to do so. So the Republican-heavy delegations aren’t all that likely to flip.

    Now, in the unlikely event that the House deadlocks, Biden would get promoted effective March 4th, and Obama would still be out of office.

  5. The question really is about the ballots. If she drops out before the election, by most state’s laws, it’s to late to change them, no matter who the DNC later chooses. Can a vote for HRC be “counted” for someone else such as Biden? How can someone “win” and election if they received no votes and wasn’t on the ballot?

  6. “Who knows what kind of civil unrest would result if the pick angers large segments of the deeply divided public, which would seem likely.”

    Bring it.

  7. A lot of interesting components to the “process” examined here, all very good to know. Has the potential to make the Bush/Gore-2000 follies look like an ice cream social. But — I don’t see Hillary dropping out short of her last breath. Even then, are the Gimmecrats not adept at voting tombstones?