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Video || Hillary Clinton will Power Through!

Looks like everybody received the talking points and got right on message.

Note here how MSM reporters picked up on the line and, like dutiful macaws, started parroting it as if they too were good Clinton soldiers.

H/T Washington Free Beacon.

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  1. What bothers me about the video is that no one is the least bit concerned that she is collapsing. It’s like they know, “Oh, she’s just drunk again and we’ll get her home.” (They all know it’s not pneumonia and they know what it is, they just won’t tell us.)

    If that were my wife or someone important to me collapsing like that, or even a stranger, I’d be lying her down, screaming for medical attention…not just casually helping her continue on her way. Why would you hold up someone who is collapsing…you help them down easy.

    She’s lucky that van was there. If she collapsed just seconds earlier before the van pulled up and opened the door, it would have been a very different scene.

    • Exactly, Chabby. Pure luck ( for us ) that the event was caught on video. If not, I wonder what kind of a story they would have cooked up on why she couldn´t make it to that fundraising in California.

      • That’s probably the most important aspect of this story – that a passer-by took a video on his phone, a video that went viral, and surely pissed the hell out of the Clinton camp, who thought for sure they’d gotten Hillary safely away from the press pool. f they were hoping (and trying) to hide this, what else have they hidden?

        • I commend Zdenek Gazda, who recorded the most-viewed version of this incident and posted the video to his Twitter feed, for his desire to share the truth surrounding Clinton’s condition with the public.

          We can only hope that his forthcoming accident and/or suicide is quick and painless.

    • That was what struck me the most, how the whole clinton machine just sprang into action as if it was an expected, well-rehearsed event. Her medical issues are well known by her handlers.
      I’m not a bitter person, but I kind of hope she has one of these episodes during the first debate. The voters need to know that she is not fit for office.
      Trump should focus on the fact that her campaign has been lying to the voters about this.

      • “….the whole clinton machine just sprang into action as if it was an expected.”

        Yes, that’s one of the hilarious and telling revelations of the day. Hillary’s well-trained media seals, knew the ringmaster, the supplier of their delicious fish-head meals, was in deep trouble. So,they immediately came forth, using the same approved words, same phrases, same facial expressions to inform us that we didn’t see what we saw. Notice, incidentally, how many of them declared that they, too, had once had pneumonia, and that it was no big deal. Such loyal servants haven’t been seen since feudal days in the Middle Ages.

        These media and political sycophants would have been the first to obey Jim Jones’s demand that they drink the blue Kool-Aid, and thanked him for the opportunity to do so.

  2. Powering through.

    I heard a call in from Hillary clip from Anderson Cooper show. I wanted to throw up when she talked about the importance of 9/11 to her, an American and a former Senator from NY.

    So brave. Dodged sniper fire ya’ know. And Chelsea too.

  3. Power through. I have never heard that expression before and suddenly all the MSM are using that phrase. I wonder where they go it?!?

    Power through, folks, the last days of the election.

  4. Well, here’s today’s example of how Hillary “powers through.” This time it’s her private server mess:

    “Bryan Pagliano, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s former IT aide who managed her private email server, shunned a congressional subpoena to appear Tuesday at a House panel’s hearing on the Department of State’s records preservation practices.”

    It just doesn’t end, does it?

  5. Looks like she will have to ‘power through’ wearing her epilepsy anti-seizure blue sunglasses!

    Putting on my tinfoil hat for a minute: The film of Hillary walking around before her seizure is being compared to the film of her as she is leaving Chelsea’s apt. She looks 30 pounds lighter, prompting some to say it’s a body double. No body double, just medical devices, IMO.
    Would love to know what sort of paraphernalia that woman needs to wear in order to remain upright! Whatever it is, it malfunctioned big time!

      • Interesting question, SL.

        If she was immobile (on a gurney), the doorman was probably removed from the scene entirely just to make sure there were no leaks.

        The streets must have been cleared for blocks, and all pedestrians removed. There are also retail shops on the ground level. Probably cleared those out too.

        It’s surprising that no one living in one of the apts. has come forth with a photo taken from a window.

        Waiting for the next shoe to drop, literally.

  6. No way is she going to stop till she’s president. Bill won’t get in the way. He wants back into the power seat as bad as she does. Health be damned. The ends always justifies the means.

    • Agree 1000000%. Hillary will never let the DNC or anyone tell her she has to step down. Plus, the expectation of her being president is probably the ONLY reason she and Bill have stayed “married” and Bill isn’t about to let all those years of staying with Hillary be put to waste if she drops out.

  7. If Hillary Clinton was the “old lady” who lived down the street with her son and daughter-in-law and you witnessed them throwing her into their van like a “side of beef” when she couldn’t walk there herself, you would call the authorities to make a Welfare Check on her condition.
    If the authorities found out that the Old Lady was forced to perform certain chores even though she was suffering from a serious medical condition, she would be removed from that home, placed in Senior Care for her protection.
    The son and his wife would be arrested for a crime against a Senior or simple assault.
    IMO, MrsClinton is that Old Lady.

    • More: why does MrsClinton dress in outfits that cover her from top to bottom, even to the point of wearing socks in her flat shoes?
      MrsClinton takes blood thinners that allow a person to bruise easily. Add to that her sad condition of falling down, dizziness, and you have a woman who is probably covered with black and blue bruises on her legs, her arms.