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Clinton’s Email Eraser Takes the Fifth

Paul Combetta, the guy from Platte River Networks who used BleachBit to forever delete thousands of Clinton emails after they had been subpoenaed, took the Fifth today before Congress.

Uhh, people who were involved with a presidential candidate taking the Fifth. It’s Watergate redux, and yet Hillary Clinton remains a viable candidate.

Meantime, the dude who maintained Clinton’s private server, Brain Pagliano, ignored the call to testify before Congress altogether.

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    • I live in NM, an almost all Democratic state. Voting straight-line Democrat is they way they were born. Their parents were Democrats, their grandparents were Democrats, they are Democrats. It is like being born with A-negative blood. It is how you were born. They do not care about a candidate’s experience, education, values, beliefs. They are Democrats.
      Sadly, my vote will not count in this state. We MUST do away with the Electoral College. Every vote should count!

  1. Congress’ powers are limited. But I do sense that Chaffetz is becoming more aggressive and more willing to use what power he has to the full extent.

    That said, I think Pagliano was issued a subpoena and in the usual HRC thug like manner is thumbing his nose at the law. What is or are the consequences of failure to respond to a Congressional subpoena? They should be thrown at Pagliano.

  2. I wonder if Hillary paid for his travel and non-testimony as she did when he was interviewed by the FBI? It seems that would influence is willingness to testify.

  3. The IT nerd is afraid to tell what/who/when told him to destroy evidence so he invokes his 5th Amendment rights?
    If all he did was to follow a request of his employer to destroy/wipe data on their computer, he has no liability – even if he looked at or read what might have been classified information he had no right to see.

    If you pay me to bulldoze your garage where, unknown to me, you had murdered someone, I have no liability for being an accessory, or destroying evidence.
    What is this guy hiding – was it his idea to erase everything.

    Anyway, this whole secret server/computer/cell phone/classified or not documents being destroyed has gone on long enough. MrsClinton has already received her “get out of jail free” card and to punish her agents or employees for what she skates on is unfair.

    • Good points all. Unfortunately when HRC refuses to answer truthfully there is very little to do except begin the questioning from the bottom up. I do not think it unfair, and the 5th amendment is available to all to protect their rights. However, I do think if you are issued a subpoena by any legal entity empowered to issue them that you are legally bound to appear. Mr. Pagliano did not appear after receiving a subpoena to do so.

      It has gone on too long. But I am of the opinion if that’s what it takes that’s what it takes. My two cents.

      • He just forgot to declare he was completely, totally innocent before he plead (pleaded? plededed? ;+}) the 5th….as Lois Lerner remembered to do on the unusual (and illegal) advice of her attorney.

  4. I thought this guy was given immunity long ago. If I’m right, he must be refusing to answer questions because he fears “informal” retaliation.

  5. Send the Sargent At Arms to arrest these creeps and clamp their fat asses in a cell until they are ready to cooperate.

    A hard bunk and a stainless steel toilet will change their attitude in a hurry…