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We Can All Agree: Nobody Knows What’s Wrong With Hillary

Now that’s something we can all agree on, right? Nobody knows exactly what her problem is. Simply put, because she lies and hides things. Everyone knows that.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign issued what is actually a quite uninformative statement that the Democratic nominee has pneumonia, needs some rest, and is on antibiotics. The very inadequacy of this ostensible attempt to be “open” suggests she is hiding something.

Many questions are left unanswered. Why was this not announced Friday when she was diagnosed? What kind of pneumonia is it, and how bad is it? How long has she had it? Why is she still mingling closely with people and giving bear hugs when she has what must be a communicable disease? She continued interacting with people even after she had just started antibiotics. Is the pneumonia secondary to some kind of underlying condition?

Not only do we not have enough information, but we also have with us the incontrovertible fact that Mrs. Clinton is a inveterate, and proven, public liar. Now — let’s be bipartisan for a moment: Donald Trump also has a very casual relationship to the truth. We can’t trust either of these two, and far less than we can trust even typical politicians. But we know Clinton has lied in major ways, and that statements from her and her campaign cannot be relied upon.

She told her daughter the night of Benghazi that terrorists were responsible for the attack while at the same time suggesting to the American people — and allowing others to state — that the attack was the result of an incendiary video. She offered up an elaborate story about incurring Serbian sniper fire, when nothing of the sort happened. She indicated she had handed over all her work-related emails from her time as secretary of state, when in fact, she had kept and destroyed thousands. She even lied and said all her grandparents were immigrants when, in fact, only one was.

I don’t think I have to go on trying to convince the average person, even the average Clinton supporter, that she dissimulates. Polls tend to show that about two-thirds of respondents find her untrustworthy.

Hillary Clinton trips on stairs

The first thing a candidate for president would lie about, even a relatively honest one, is their health. We’ve even seen it before. Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, and John F. Kennedy all attempted to hide or obscure major illnesses and infirmities.

Former Massachusetts Sen. Paul Tsongas sought the Democratic nomination in 1992, saying he had been free for years of the cancer that had ailed him, which he had not, and suggesting he was cured. By January 1997, he was dead from it.

Perhaps there’s nothing particularly wrong with Mrs. Clinton, and she just has a case of walking pneumonia and is otherwise healthy as a thoroughbred. But her history, and that of those who have come before, leads to the inescapable conclusion that we can all join hands in unity and say together: Who the Hell knows?

Until she releases her full medical records — which she won’t since she would have already — we will not understand what’s wrong with Hillary Clinton, though we know something is. And that should be disqualifying.

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  1. The Clintons distort, lie, re-lie, hide, twist, etc., let’s put them back in the White House.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if she has something fatal — this woman’s entire life will be in her eyes a failure if she doesn’t get the “First Female President” niche that she feels she alone deserves.

    1. Donald said this morning he has taken a psychical and will release the data.

      Hitlary is now totally screwed, everyone now knows she is sick. What lie will she come up with to cover Donald’s chess move?

    1. except secret documents…….
      We had the blue net for unclassified and it was hooked to the internet.
      Red net for classified and not hooked to the out side world. Not hack-able!

  2. Unfortunately, at this point, even if her medical records were released I am not sure I would believe them.

    We are taking the word of her Dr. Lisa somebody that she has pneumonia. Diagnosed on Friday, not mentioned until the episode on Sunday.

    It is confirmed she is on coumadin. Any fall, bump, slip that would result in bleeding could be quite dangerous to Mrs. Clinton.

    She is in precarious health. Unfortunately, for her and the Democrats, her episodes are unpredictable.

    For her own good, she should drop out. I do not see that happening. And if forced, the Clintons would mercilessly spill all the beans on Obama and others, including the candidate with whom she would be replaced.

  3. Haven’t seen a video to the picture Keith shows above. But looking at her left leg I wonder if she can bend at the knee. Before she crumbled Sunday it appeared to me (I know nothing) that her legs were fixed and rigid, she could not lift her feet from the ground. So, curious. That’s all. It’s going to be difficult for her to appear anywhere without being scrutinized.

    1. My friend said the same thing that her legs were fixed rigid? And also, her head rolled a lot like a problem with her brain, but I may be wrong about that. There also is something wrong that she said we are all psycho because we love Trump. Obama must have told Clinton to say that garbage about Trump supporters being all racists. Clinton seems to be off her mind in some things she says, either that, or she’s just plain stupid and we never knew it until now. Actually, when she spoke like that saying we are all racists and crazies to like Trump, she sounded like a Nazi, Hitleresque. I think there is something definitely off about her mind. Who talks like that? Only communists, Nazis or socialists.

    1. We have this video because of a citizen. Not because of the media.

      Even Hillary’s travelling press was unaware. And even if aware, would they report it? That’s how untrustworthy the reporting is today.

      How much would we know, or would we know anything, without this and other citizen videos?

      1. Yes. Thank you to the citizen who was brave to post it. She was approached on Twitter by 10 plus national and international news outlets for permission to use video… Why would the press”obey”her staffers and not blow right past to get the story, any story.
        What have we missed?

  4. Drudge has a different video up of Hillary taken at a different angle….it is so obvious if you watch her legs on both videos that she cannot walk or stand on her own. Her legs are like rubber. She either falls into that van or she is pushed into it by her helpers…..this is something serious and I don’t believe the pneumonia story.

  5. So long as the Clintons and the Dems refuse to reveal any credible information on MrsClinton’s health, the public is free to guess, estimate, and meld their collective intelligence on certain illnesses.

    The majority has decided that she is suffering from Parkinsons, and the coughing, the involuntary muscle movements, the blue-tinted eyeglasses, and the snap diagnosis of pneumonia are all evidence that they’re right. Those who are familiar with this tragic disease understand how a sufferer can be at once physically disabled, unable to stand on their own, and an hour later seem to be perfectly fine.

    Once again, the political scene is thrown into the unknown arena by people who have had their fill of lying, scheming, and deceptive politicians and made decisions on their own.
    Welcome to the new world of politics, MrsClinton.

  6. Because she won’t release her medical records and refuses to be candid and truthful about her health, the rest of us have to guess and what is ailing her. It’s not fair, but what else can people do as they observe her health situation? She knows what her health issues are, and her doctors know, but they aren’t talking. This is an enormous disservice to voters and the future state of the nation, but that’s not important to Hillary.

    So we are kept guessing. My theory (worth about a nickle) is that she has at least two medical issues: neurological and cardiac. 1. Neurological because of her concussion and the ensuing blood clots and subsequent powerful medications needed to address the formation of clots. 2. Some sort of cardiac issue which is causing a buildup of liquid in her lungs (hence, the coughing fits). Thus, her medical issues are complicated, from both a pharmaceutical and a health stability protocol. Whatever the health issues with Hillary, the treatment to date doesn’t seem to be helping much. She’s collapsing in full public view.

    At any rate, her first debate with Trump is two weeks from today. If she really has pneumonia (which I don’t believe for a second), she would not be in a state of health to prepare properly, and certainly not physically healthy and psychologically (cognitively) ready enough to hold her own on debate night. It could be a complete disaster for her and, likely, her advisors are extremely worried about it.

    So, is she preparing to pull out because of poor health? Is she thinking about it, are her handlers planning for it? It would seem to be the one reason she would allow as a reason to exit the race. And if so, in comes Kaine as the candidate. Then what happens? Total confusion.

    This is going to get even weirder in the next few weeks than it has been up to now.

      1. Thanks, that was a good read. Chaos, here we come. I’m stuck on the name of one of the candidates mentioned in the article: Evan McMuffin. ;+}.

  7. I was just listening to Hermann Cain on the radio. He said this is how the Republicans would do it according to their laws.
    If Trump had to pull out for some reason the RNC chooses a person to take his place for the presidency and then the people (us) would go to the polls and vote.

    Hermann said he thinks that is how the DNC works also but he can’t be sure. So the DNC right now might be choosing a person (probably Biden) to take the sick one’s place in case she has to pull out of the race.

      1. I would think if it is not the Old Socialist with the half million dollar house on the lake, Bernie Sanders supporters will throw a fit and perhaps a kink in the plans.

  8. I don’t buy the pneumonia story…
    You or one of your buddies in the media need to get an FOIA request rolling that asks if (and/or when) Hillary received her two pneumonia vaccines: PCV13 and PPSV23.
    Regardless of the answer, it would be important information.

  9. The Enquirer knows! Standing in line at the supermarket, eyes flickering over the trashbloids, I saw that the Enquirer says she has Alzheimers and poor liver function due to alcoholism. There were two other maladies so am sorry I was lame enough not to write them down and just rely on memory – and a good laugh. I didn’t know the Enquirer was also geared to the medical profession.

    1. Parkinson’s was one of the other maladies I think you’re speaking of. Have also heard a form of dementia or Alzheimer’s. I’m not a medical person so not sure but licking lips and all the other symptoms they’ve mentioned are part of Parkinson’s.

  10. There are two anti-pneumonia bacteria shots and the newer is slightly more promising than the older one.

    Why didn’t Hillary’s doctor see that she had had both? You can still get pneumonia, but the damage is considerably lessened.

  11. If Hillary had pneumonia, why in the world would she go to Chelsea’s abode and ‘play with her grandchildren’? And why would she hug the little girl that just happened to be walking down the street in front of Chelsea’s place?

    One thing she doesn’t have, IMO, is pneumonia. Whatever she does have appears to be very, very serious and she should pull out of the race…NOW.
    Since know she won’t pull out of the race, a team of independent specialists should evaluate her condition…NOW.

    1. She could have some form of non communicative pneumonia as a result of being worn down or perhaps a weak immune system. But it doesn’t really matter as the pneumonia is only a half truth. Assume it is true, when it clears (they only bought themselves a week or so), Hillary and the Democrats are left with the same problem. She is sick. What is it?

      As long as they continue to cover it up with the usual half truths or lies …. it’s not going to go well. Pneumonia or no, they cannot predict what will happen when she is out and about.

      1. the reason they took her to Chelsea’s is that they KNOW what is worn with her; otherwise, they would’ve taken her to a hospital. They’re not fools – they’re all protecting her.

    2. I totally agree! At the rate she’s going, she may not be around for long if she doesn’t take time off and heal what they’re calling “pneumonia” – which I think is another cover-up. Pneumonia doesn’t make you stand stiff like a statue (outside vehicle Sunday 9/11) prior to falling into the vehicle to go to Chelsea’s apartment. No head movements – all very strange! I agree with you! Trying to pretend everything is just okey dokey now is so false! Would be nice to get the whole truth now – before it’s too late!

  12. Keith your equating Trump’s penchant for exaggerating with Clinton’s colossal history of lying? Trump didn’t leave people to die in Benghazi and then lie about it, he doesn’t have a history of associates suddenly dying under questionable circumstances and he does not have a visceral hatred of this country. Trump may not be perfect and he wasn’t my first choice, however he will get my vote because I love my country.

  13. They’re hiding something. She was stiff as a board, no head or neck movements, standing like a statue, no animation whatsoever (when she’s been trying to act very animated) when she went to get into the vehicle Sunday at the 9/11 affair. The security guys were holding her up; legs buckling, body stiff, she fell into the vehicle; shoe fell off and carried to her in a different vehicle; why would she go to her daughter’s place instead of a hospital – at a hospital she’d have gotten immediate care! Lots of strange and weird circumstances. They’re always lying and trying to cover up things – from years and years ago; what makes anybody think that behavior is going to change overnight?! Trying to pretend everything is just fine and she’s okay and hugging a little girl outside when she came back out and taking pictures. If she has pneumonia, she has no business hugging children or anyone; they give antibiotics to bacterial pneumonia …..

  14. Keith Koffler – What makes you interject Donald Trump in your piece today and call HIM A LIAR TOO??? We all have proof that Hillary Clinton is a liar, she’s even lieing about having pneumonia now? First she said it was heat prostration at the 9/11 when it wasn’t even hot on 9/11 and now its pneumonia since Friday? and she’s hugging and kissing everyone and she has been with dozens and dozens of people when she could be contagious!
    But getting back to Trump your inferring Trump lies? Show us the proof. I am sick and tired of hearing that Trump is a liar. Just because its popular to put Trump down (when all of us couldn’t shine his shoes for being smart and courageous) you shouldn’t join the club of the jealous ones that lost to him like dumb Jeb Bush and the slobby Ohio governor and the other insignificant government cheats that talk about him out of jealousy. Trump may be our only savior from communism/socialism, unless you like socialism? Please, I am shocked to see you infer that Trump lies like Clinton. How could you?

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