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Saturday Open Thread || September 10, 2016



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  1. On last Saturday’s Open Tread Nellas informs us about a charter school operated by the Lutheran Church in East St. Louis, Missouri. I thank her for posting. I found an 18 minute You Tube about the school. It will be worth your while to watch it. Please share with others. I saw some future Dr. Ben Carsons there.

    Promotional Video

    srdem65 replied to Nellas that parents and teachers have to regain control of schools on a. local level.. Amen.

    A few years ago I was in Florida. They had a big bowling alley/entertainment center. I went there to have a beer and eat their food at the sports bar they had. A couple guys were talking about the schools. One said his sister was a principal at an elementary. He said that when a teacher disciplined a student the kid would talk back, telling the teacher he did not have to pay attention to her. He would report her to the child abuse authorities.

    When I went to school when someone acted up the teacher would make the student go outside and sit down in the hallway until the class was over. It didn’t take long for students to know who ran things.

    • I attended a Lutheran elementary school from 4th to 6th grade.
      We did not talk back to our teachers because we were told to respect authority.

      After that, I went into the public school system.
      It was different.

      • My public school system was pretty great. I was way behind academically after transferring from a Catholic school in 3rd grade. I caught up quickly.
        We always respected our teachers. In 6th grade, 1972, I got a swat on the butt from the principal for being bad. I deserved it & that only happened once.
        In HS, per the non smokers pleas for a smoke free bathroom, they made a smoking area on campus. (Can you see that now?!?!) everyone was pretty well behaved and we did respect our public school teachers & administrators. Mostly everyone came from two parent middle class homes & went to church, even if only on Christmas & Easter. I’m friends with most of these fellow students on FB, we are spread around the world & all appreciate the years we spent together during our school years.

    • It’s sad, but a fact of life – the poor will always be with us.
      Some personal observations:
      There are no jobs on remote Indian reservations, soooo….
      If the fishing is bad at one location, then common sense dictates that fishing be done somewhere else.
      If immigrants can’t find work in the US, then maybe it’s time for them to go back home.
      The question is what will make these people happy – a good job? better health care? a nice home? more government money?

      • srdem65, articles like this don’t tell the whole picture. Frustrating to me.
        For example, how did the fire occur?
        If certain abodes are provided by the government, won’t the government provide another? Was insurance coverage in place?
        The insinuation is that USA citizenry are a selfish bunch. Haves vs Have Nots.
        Frankly, I’m not sure any of us know what being poor is due to circumstances beyond our control. We would do well to recognize that financial security based on government dependence is a slowly eroding source of income.
        Perhaps I am wrong, but entitlements make people believe they are…entitled… to “stuff” just because they breathe.
        I don’t think anything will make government dependents happy…when you get something for nothing, you don’t feel a sense of accomplishment or pride or fulfillment. All of which lead to happiness and contentment.
        And there are innumerable sources of help of all kinds available to everyone who is jobless or homeless or single parenting – both governmental and private.
        I know someone who could not find a job. This person is a recovering alcoholic. This person lived in CA for many years. After the only child began college elsewhere, the person decided the cost of living in CA was too expensive. So, person, pets and stuff were piled into car to relocate to Washington. Discovered that the weather was not conducive to someone who is now disabled with mental problems. Then, drove car to a southwestern state. Government vouchers provided hotel stays along the way. Staying with family until disability benefits kick in and housing can be provided…etc., etc. etc.
        I could go on and on with stories of life and benefits on the reservations, etc.
        And frankly, I am inclined to believe there is a debt to the American Indian.
        I am old so maybe I just don’t get it any more…but frankly, articles like this are at the very least, a one sided viewpoint.

        • Good points. Yes, we treated our native tribes terribly. Still do in some locals, so we learn.
          The Tribes that live around Phoenix are prosperous, live in nice homes, have access to free higher education and are still able to save their culture as they wish.
          Of course, when compared to the poor in India, sub-Saharan Africa and some Pacific islands, American poor are blessed with free food, free medical care, and can always find a roof to protect them from the weather.
          Complex problems with complex solutions, for sure.

  2. Question.

    Anyone know of any good video hosting sites? I have a small group of like-minded people, and we’re trying to put a vlog together, but we can’t find a good fit.

    We want to be able to say what needs to be said…even if that includes words that would give the FCC the vapors. Trouble is, truly free speech doesn’t exist online: every site I find either has content restrictions/censorship, or else wants a tidy sum up front.

    Any recommendations?

    • I don’t know about video but if you ever go on “the crawdad hole” Some of them participate in a call in type radio site that gets crazy fun I hear…Anthony and Venus I believe. Good stuff

  3. Thoughts and prayers on 9/11 for all the fallen and friends and families and all the heroes who came to their aid. For the brave and courageous military who keep us safe. And all of us who mourn and continue to fight in our own way for this country. God bless the United States of America.

  4. Good morning. I was thinking — what is it about Hillary Clinton that makes her so dangerous to America?

    I think because it is personal. Richard Nixon was a good President in many areas, but he was paranoid that people were out to get him. Ding Hillary Clinton.

    Nixon aside. Obama hates this country and Americans. He has an enormous chip on his shoulder. Everything is about Him. It is intensely personal. And America offends him at his core. Also he has a grand sense of entitlement. Nixon did not, Hillary does.

    Clinton is unbalanced in her quest for the Presidency. She believes in her black heart that the Republicans, the conservatives, the Right are out to get her — personally. And she has a big big need for payback. She will plan and implement revenge.

    Nixon loved the country. And to spare us,and perhaps himself, he resigned. Assuming responsibility for his actions.

    Obama and Hillary do not. They would never put the country before themselves. And they assume no personal responsibility for anything.

    That’s it. Have a great Sunday. If you pray, please include all the victims of 9/11 and the country.