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After Eight Years, Obama Fails to Win Two Wars

Today’s news that Afghan forces trying to hold a provincial capital have been surrounded by the Taliban brings to mind an astounding fact: President Obama has been in power eight years, and he has failed in that time to win the two wars he was handed. To the contrary, Iraq, which was basically peaceful, became a war again and expanded into Syria, Libya and elsewhere as the opposition morphed into ISIS under Obama’s watch.

Afghanistan, which was supposed to be the good war in Obama’s opinion, remains besieged, we remain involved, and the war will simply be handed to Trump or Clinton.

The Taliban attack on the provincial capital “has exposed how thinly stretched Afghan security forces have become as they try to contain Islamist insurgents in other areas of the country,” according to Reuters.

I thought after Vietnam we were going to fight wars to win them, or not fight them at all. Obama’s vow was to “degrade” the Taliban. It was a half-measure.

His goal was not exactly to win the war. And in that, he’s succeeded.

Obama Bagram Afghanistan

Meantime, Russian jets are fearlessly buzzing ours, China is claiming the South China Sea without apparent repercussions, North Korea is expanding its nuclear capability, and Iran has been granted its own nuclear arms. And of course, al Qaeda is still very much around.

And Obama has gutted the military, with the latest report that he plans to delete another 25,000 soldiers from the army. Because, well, he’s made the world so safe! We can now focus our resources on recruiting food stamp recipients instead.

Is there any commander in chief with a worse record than Obama? No wonder we’re not respected around the world.

At least in eight years he fixed the economy.

Oh, wait, he didn’t do that either.

8 thoughts on “After Eight Years, Obama Fails to Win Two Wars”

  1. My opinion is that yes he has been the WORST by a wide margin. More frightening is my belief that if Hillary is elected she could surpass that distinction.

  2. The liberal dream is alive and well. Piss on the military while telling them it’s raining. While the chosen one tells us the war is over and we are all safe due to his due diligence. The world crumbles and he’s smiling and golfing. Idiot.

  3. Yet the media says he is a better leader than Putin.

    Why? Because of his health law that has increased my monthly cost, out of pocket payments, etc. A law a majority of Americans didn’t, and don’t support.

    People aren’t worried about character. Todays world is very troubled. We need a strong president to take charge, and is willing to put America first again.

    America has always been great because of its workforce, it’s people, and character despite its leadership- at times.

    Time to make it respected again.

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  5. Not only did Obama not win two wars, he did everything in his power to inflame more wars in the ME, to create more chaos, to generate more refugees, to fully arm our enemies with both conventional weapons, but also in the case of Iran, to ensure the crazed Ayatollahs had a broad, all expenses-paid path to acquire deliverable nuclear weapons. And, boy, are the Ayatollahs happy about that. Obama’s the best friend they ever had.

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