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Hillary Clinton’s Cleanup Crew

Here’s another piece I did for LifeZette, about the people who quietly — and even secretly — pick up after Hillary Clinton.

From the article:

You see, Hillary Clinton sometimes makes a mess. And the messes Clinton creates can make things very sticky for her. So the former secretary of state has her own Wolves, with their own cleansing formulas, ready to tidy up after the boss.

Last week’s dump of FBI materials related to Clinton’s email server drew back the curtain on a few of Clinton’s Cleaners.

We learned about Justin Cooper, technically an aide to Bill Clinton — Bill has his own cleaners, but that’s for another, much longer article — who made a potential high-tech mess go away in the most low-tech manner he could think of. He admitted, literally, to breaking in half or hammering to pieces two mobile devices that Hillary was finished with.

Have a look at the rest of the Clinton cleanup crew. Read the rest of the piece at LifeZette.

22 Responses to Hillary Clinton’s Cleanup Crew

  1. Not sure who these Clinton cleaners are, but they’re good.

    They aren’t Winston Wolf good, but then again Winston Wolf is a fictional character.

    Situation after situation, their hands are clean.

  2. Nothing to see here. These aren’t the Droids you’re looking for. Only peasants follow the law or suffer the consequences when they dont. Not cankles.

    • I can’t stand cankles! I can’t stand her wearing pantsuits every minute, with sneakers, it looked like no less and on the stage at a presidential debate program on MSNBC! The woman is a mental midget, a serial liar, lies about everything and gets caught in her lies and keeps lieing even after she’s caught! Dumb as dirt and a sicko liar, running for president of the U.S? How has we come so far down as a mean, liar, asshat, anti-American cross-eyed, biddy, criminal throwing out classified e-mails and regular e-mails after she has been subpoened? Please tell me how it is possible that this low-life liar fat biddy can run for President after the hundreds of things she has done against the law?
      Get her outta here! She is a total mess.

  3. Really good article, Keith. We probably also to have a “make-them-regret-it” crew working alongside the clean-it-up crew.

    For example, looks what happens when someone like Matt Lauer strays a bit off the “I Love Hillary” reservation as he did in his interview with Hillary recently. The pro-Hillary press named and shamed him with a viciousness usually reserved for Trump supporters, conservatives and crazed alligators. Lauer is one of their own, for goodness shakes, a genuine Hillary, born to the breed, rump-swabber who dared, one single time in his entire career, to ask honest questions of Hillary. No one is safe, apparently.

    “Moderators Under Scrutiny as Mainstream Media Attacks Matt Lauer”

    • Lauer getting what he deserves after years of bowing and scraping. And I love it when the Left begins to eat its own. The rest of the MSM is on notice.

      Totalitarian regimes, such as the one Barack Obama and the Democrat Left are fashioning , are known for using their Propaganda machine for making examples of those who step a bit out of line. A word of caution so to speak. Yes, no one is safe.

      As the country becomes less “civilized” the punishment will become more harsh.

      • There’s no greater joy in the political world than to see the enemies of freedom, the cast of characters who continually lie to us, the corporate America-bashers of the past 50 years eat their own. The beginning of the end for them? One hopes, but one remains realistic. It takes a lot of effort and planning to kill a vampire.

  4. You can add the WAPO editorial board who today shamelessly functioned not as the fourth estate but as the fourth branch of the Clinton machine.

    It always amazes me that they do so without an ounce of shame. Rather they preen.

  5. All the talk of clean-up crews or smashing electronic devices is a brilliant smoke screen for the ugly truth.
    First – it is extremely difficult to read a document on a cell phone, even a smart phone. Considering MrsClinton’s health and eye concerns, the odds are that she did not read any or even some of those documents.
    Second – Cell phones and laptops don’t get lost forever – they do not evaporate or slide into the abyss. Someone has these devices, maybe holding them for blackmail or how about selling them to an interested party.
    Third – The only way to totally delete anything sent by electronic means is to erase all evidence on the sender and the receiver. A device can be rendered useless by simply taking out the SIM card or hard drive. The physical phone does not need to be smashed, and the smashing would be in vain if the SIM isn’t destroyed, too.
    Fourth – Anybody and anything can be hacked by clever people. Banks, police files, hospital records, government offices, military records – are all vulnerable to hacking.
    Last – They’re all lying to us. They don’t want us to know what MrsClinton was doing as Sec of State and how much money changed hands.
    They don’t want us to know how our CIA is involved in the Middle East, who we are supporting and why.
    Almost all of our government agencies are operating and/or making policy and laws without the knowledge or consent of Congress or the people. It has taken on a monster shape that no one or no group seems able to control.

    • Clarifying #3:
      All the e-mails from the State Dept to MrsClinton are on their own server.
      A search engine could find every single document sent to her in the four years she served. If they were classified or not, they would be identified as such. If she didn’t turn over the ‘found’ e-mails then it is proof that she deleted them in violation of the law.

      • You are quite right. We have access to all the evidence we need.

        We do not have someone who is willing to act. It’s clear that no one in government — any of the branches — or the bureaucracy will stand up and act with courage and truth.

        At the moment, whether we like it or not, the only person counter attacking is Trump. And if he wins, we might have a shot at cleaning house and getting back on track and re instituting the rule of law.

        One thing is clear. If HRC wins and the Democrat Left remains in control this country will be in ruins.

        It appears whether we like it or not we have one shot at this.

    • Love your post SRdem. So true, everything you said, from Clinton’s weak eyes to her health, you nailed it! She probably couldn’t read most of those documents with state of her health and eyes! I’ll say it again, you nailed it, so they threw it all away, killed it so to speak. What kind of country have we become that Obama and Hillary are giving our country away to the our enemies? Obama called us lazy? maybe he’s taling about himself and the “wife”, they are the lazy ones, living high on the hog as they never did before, with Americans’ money. Surely Trump and his supporters are not the lazy ones.

    • You’re correct, of course. There is no hiding of the emails and other documents. They exist somewhere. Assange and his Wikileaks, for example, is set to release 100,000 pages of documents and emails next week. ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND. There is no longer a secret place for Hillary and her third rate co-conspirators to hide their nefarious efforts. Well, there is one place–the hysterical efforts of the media and their ilk to hide or underplay the soon-to-be-released Wikileaks evidence (and that’s what it really is–evidence). We need to watch them carefully. But they’ll get out eventually. We’ll learn what’s in them.

      But there are only 59 days before Election Day. That means we have to read 1695 Wikileaks pages every day to read them all in time for the election. We’d better get cracking once they are released. ;+}

    • Has anyone ever asked the administration if they were running guns through Libya and all involved were sworn to secrecy as the bully says “or else”.
      I think that’s what was happening there and why Ambassador Stevens was there.

  6. It’s going to take a hazmat crew to clean out all of the skeletons that have remained in the WH closets since the Clintons’ unceremonious move 16 years ago.

    • I am almost at the point where defumigation appears feeble and it might be more patriotic to burn the vermin infested edifice,a symbol now of those who tried to mount an internal revolution against this country, and start a new.

      Everything is soiled. Almost daily institutions and people are revealed as corrupt and compromised. Comey and the FBI, Lynchmob and DOJ, Lerner and Koskinen’s IRS, that horrid little man Jeh Johnson at DHS. Barack Obama is bad and Hillary Clinton is now beyond words.

    • If Bill is correct, Obama once again is injecting himself into the election process.
      He is terrified that his legacy will fall to fallow ground and be destroyed by Trump.

      No one should be exempted from the law.

      If she loses this election, don’t be surprised if Obama pardons her.

      • IIRC Obama will start actively campaigning for HRC in October. It will be insufferable in every imaginable way. I will assume Trump will prepare as best he can.

        He has to pardon her. If he does not she will share the linkage of her email and other exposure of national security and Obama’s knowledge of it. They are intertwined and I hope they go down together.