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Bill Clinton: “Make America Great Again” is Racist

Look at this nasty old race baiter, Bill Clinton. He knows perfectly well what he’s doing here.

“If you’re a white southerner, you know exactly what it means, don’t you?” he said of Trump’s slogan. “What it means is, ‘I’ll give you the economy you had fifty years ago, and I’ll move you back up on the social totem poll and other people down.'”

First of all, listen to him. He’s slurring his words, and he’s not drunk at the moment. And yet he’ll be helping run the country, as Hillary has suggested. What about his mental capacity?

He knows full well that Trump is not talking about going back to the 1950s. Any idiot knows that. And yet, for the purposes of getting elected, the Clintons are happy to divide the nation along racial grounds and stir up racial anger. And unlike Trump, when he slimed Mexican illegal immigrants as “rapists,” the media will not hold Bill Clinton accountable.

Because they like it.

31 Responses to Bill Clinton: “Make America Great Again” is Racist

  1. Speaking of Billy CLinton’s racist remarks, remember this one:
    “A few years ago, this guy (Obama) would have been getting us coffee,” Clinton is quoted as saying in “Game Change,” by John Heilemann and Mark Halperin.””

    And from the same article:
    “Obama doesn’t know how to be president,” Clinton told friends and political advisers last year, the article added. “He doesn’t know how the world works.”

    And this:
    “Obama advisers had tried to keep the former president (Clinton) off the big stage this week, according to Klein, wanting to relegate him to a minor, nonprime-time speaking role. But Bill Clinton threatened to boycott the convention unless he was given a prominent role, the article said.”

    No love lost there, is there?

  2. Bill and Hillary’s assumption? We are all stupid, so stupid we need the Clinton’s to take us by the hand and lead us to safety. What a crock of bovine.

  3. Some people were just made for each other — Bill and Hillary Clinton are an example.

    They are liars at the base and from that everything flows. She has always stood by Bill as he humiliated her beyond any self respect. Apparently he is prepared to do the same.

    May their fall from grace be public, messy and as debauched as they are. Also they are both just plain creepy now — old and haggard.

  4. I’m a white southerner and I have no idea what he is talking about.
    More importantly, neither does he.
    They are both completely out of their minds.

    • They are both completely out of their minds. I don’t care if Bill Clinton was a Rhodes Scholar, I think he’s flipped his gord, talking trash that Trump and all his 100 MILLION OR MORE SUPPORTERS ARE RACIST. In your dreams Bill, you two white trash perverts are the racists that belonged to two all white country clubs and we won’t let you forget it. Years ago, Bill Clinton taking hard working taxpayers’ money to start their criminal “foundation” while Hillary Clinton went around the world begging foreign countries for money promising them favors using her position as “Secretary of State” If this empty pantsuit becomes President, the people will never accept her as President, she isn’t good enough and you can bet they will try to steal the election too, like everything else they stole.

      • Your reference to Billy Clinton’s Rhodes Scholarship draft-dodging adventure reminds me that he never completed the program which his mentor Progressive and Leftist J.William Fulbright helped him acquire. In fact, Billy rarely attended his classes at Oxford, preferring a life of partying and womanizing. He eventually dropped out of the program, or was asked to leave by Oxford (I’ve read both versions). While at Oxford, he visited Moscow twice and participated in anti-American demonstrations (this was in the era of the Vietnam War) with Communist student demonstrators. While in Moscow, Billy visited friends enrolled as students at the Patrice Lumumba Peoples’ Friendship University. Among other goals, the university trained foreign students from developing countries, particularly from Africa and the Americas, to be well trained Communist political leaders.

        Ah, yes, we know what the young Billy Clinton was all about. It was a very easy decision for him to, when he was President, give secret missile guidance technology to Communist China.

    • There is a lot scary about this election. The corruption and collusion between government departments like the DOJ and IRS with politicians and with the Democrat Party. The corruption and collusion of the media. The ever tightening hold on what can be said. Lots of scary if you think about. Bill Clinton’s resorting to Racist and the media broadcasting is just the tip of the iceberg.

      But it helps that he looks like an old man, slow on the uptake, formerly twinkling blue eyes beady and mean.

  5. OT, but just looking at RCP polls in some battleground states Clinton vs Trump”

    Ohio: Clinton up 1 percent
    Florida: Clinton up 0.3 percent
    Penn: Clinton up 6.2 percent
    Virginia: Clinton up 5 percent
    Iowa: Trump up 0.8 percent
    North Carolina: Clinton up by 0.8 percent

    Getting much closer compared to just a few days ago. 59 days to go. The current trend favors Trump to win by election day. We’ll see.

    • Heard one analyst say that Trump needs to win FLA, Ohio, S.C., and PA. If he loses just one of these states, his only path to victory is to win Michigan, Iowa, and NH.

      Waiting for the next Wiki leaks!

    • Bill Clinton is most famous for the little blue dress and his life-long career a a notorious womanizer. As far as we know, all of those women were ‘White’. Could be called ‘racial discrimination’, no?

      Seriously, this pervert (and his aider and abettor wife) should not be allowed anywhere near the WH again!

  6. Remember Biden and “They wanna put y’all back in CHAINS”!! Every time I think a Left-wing, Democrat, Progressive, Commie-Pinko, subversive has gone over the top, another one one-ups them!!

    • “They wanna put y’all back in chains” yeah, they do, like Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton and all the rest of the Bonnie & Clyde gang of the United States of America. Do it!

    • HA! The other day Bill made disparaging remarks about the “coal people” who voted for him, but are no longer voting for Hillary or the Dems.

      And apparently yesterday, HRC referred to Trump supporters as “basket of deplorables”….

      And, of course, Barry thinks we are lazy.

      This is our “ruling class”. The elite.

        • One csn only hope.

          Speaking of hope, hope Matt Lauer did not suggest this phrase. If he did, even more would rain down on him. Terrible being thrown out of your club, tribe, etc.

          The Left eating its own .

          • As Nazi Germany was falling apart, Hitler lamented on how the German people did not deserve him as a leader.

            When you are doing what Bill, Hillary and I-work-hard-golfing-and-you-are-lazy do it shows that they are feeling the pressure…and it also shows the contempt that they have to people — people who love this country — have stories of ancestors who did amazing things to contribute to this nation and then to be called these names or to be made to felt like this is the very reason that people are drawn to Mr. Trump.

            The truth is that a ruthless capitalist — if Trump is that — is forced to provide VALUE to his customers in order to be successful. This ethos of GIVE to GET is what makes people like Trump.

            Note too that the GIVE is from himself either in his time (he has other things to do) or his own money which is a true GIVE to GET. There is no honor in the giving of other peoples’ money as the aforementioned group of people so famously do.

            To GET a great country, we need to GIVE and for you that is you have to give a bit of discomfort and move out of your comfort zone and ask people to vote for either the best candidate or the lessor objectionable one — although I see that really is a better candidate (but if you need to protect your ego — go with the “He’s the lessor…” line.

            Thank you for caring about America more than you care about yourself….

    • Billy Boy doesn’t even bother to fact-check himself! Could be the onset of Alzheimer’s, who knows.

      Trump needs to put this lttle bonfire out pronto. Loss of memory is not a good thing, especially if you are the co-president!

  7. William (Bill) Jefferson Clinton (BJ Clinton) is a lying Sacagawea!

    Shillary is a lying Korruptnikunt!

    Two squirts in the same pile of steaming buffalo chips!

  8. The problem with bill’s comment, though, is it’s damning southerners. They understand the racial innuendo, right? They be the racists then. I am a northerner and quite frankly I didn’t pick up on the meaning at all. The clintons – both of them – are certifiably nuts….imno (in my “northern” opinion)