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Veteran Faces Off with Clinton Over Mishandling Classified Info

An Air Force and Navy veteran Wednesday confronted Hillary Clinton during an NBC forum over her misuse of classified information, saying that if he did what she did, he’d be in jail.

The veteran, who was labeled as a Republican, noted that he had clearance to view highly classified information. And then he quizzed her.

Veteran: Had I communicated this information not following prescribed protocols, I would have been prosecuted and imprisoned. Secretary Clinton, how can you expect those such as myself who were and are trusted with America’s most sensitive information to have any confidence in your leadership as president when you clearly corrupted our national security?

Clinton: You know and I know, classified material is designated, it is marked, there is a header … And what we have here is the use of an unclassified system by hundreds of people in our government to send information that was not marked, there were no headers, there was no statement top secret, secret, or confidential. I communicated about classified material on a wholly separate system. I took it very seriously.

Well, she didn’t take it very seriously at all. First off, she’s lying, some of the information was marked classified. But secondly, she knew full well the possibility that classified information would be communicated informally, that in the course of a day classified information would creep into exchanges with a secretary of state. Which is exactly what happened, numerous times.

H/T Washington Examiner.

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          1. All is well. Had a sobering experience visiting the American Memorial Cemetary in Hamm – outside of Luxembourg – the burial place of General Goerge S Patton. Thought of you and many other vets…and shed some tears of respect and appreciation for all of us.

          2. “General Patton died on December 21, 1945 from complications following a car accident which took place 12 days earlier – a day before he was due to retire.

            His wife, Beatrice, was asked if she wanted him to be buried at the military cemetery at St Avold in France, where his company had fought or Luxembourg, which he helped to liberate. She chose Luxembourg and he was buried alongside his troops in one of 30 plots at the cemetery on December 24, 1945.”

  1. There is no better weapon or tool in the universe than truth. Easy to use for most. But cumbersome and very hard to handle for the elite in high status. Thus truth is embarrassingly avoided by far too many folks. All leaders, in fact all humans that rely on lies will stumble and tumble. Or, as said, the chickens will come home to roost. Hillary could have use the option years ago confessed it all. By now it would have been old news. Instead bound by her pride, the lies of upkeep will be her downfall.

    1. The truth is always easier to remember, good or bad.
      Lies are hard to keep track of.
      Truth is the same, over and over.
      A lie will always changes because one has to stop and think ” what did I say last time”?

    2. It is exactly the way you describe it, Cisco. The truth will always make you free (after you’ve done time for admitting to the bank robbery ;+}) But the freedom born of telling the truth is the deep, inner freedom that we all strive for when we finally admit to a wrongdoing, and stand ready to meet justice.

    1. Jonathan Swift is supposed to have said that laws are like cobwebs — they trap the flies and other small critters but the wasps and hornets bore right on through. I see Herself more as a dung beetle

  2. When will ppl get it that she is above the law? The rules are for the peasants, not the upper crust. She’s also the crustiest person I’ve ever seen. At least old Bill was say awe shucks, she just lies straight to ppl’s face.

  3. Further:
    The State Dept did NOT send classified information to MrsClinton, they sent it to a device she claimed was secure. No one knows who was holding that device when the info was sent, or if it was sent to one of the “lost” devices. Did the flight crew have access to the device, did MrsWeiner or any staffer read those e-mails and send replies without MrsClinton’s knowledge.

    There is ample evidence that the FBI knew of or has more knowledge of the risky and unprofessional handling of sensitive information that they would want publically known. If any J.Doe’s information or device could and is hacked by any evil-doer, and the DOJ, FBI and others were actually invaded then it stands to reason our Sec of State’s electronic devices were constantly monitored by those who wanted to know.
    Any prosecution of MrsClinton would reveal the truth behind the e-mail scandal- that the State dept is liable for any adverse reaction to the info sent on unsecured, virtually anonymous hand-held devices, most of which cannot be found and might still be out there.

    1. Good stuff as always. Looking at all this evidence, the many hands in the pot, the turtle pace of “justice” if it ever comes, the fact remains that having approved a private server for transmission and using unsecured devices and addresses, the buck stops with Hillary Clinton. Had she managed within the requirements of her position and the law this would not be, this. She brought it on herself.

      If she perjured herself and we can prove it, we can put her in jail.

      1. She will never be held to fault on the e-mails. It’s impossible to prove that she actually read any of them, or that she DID.
        The excuses or answers she gave to the FBI and Congress were generic and evasive. It’s hard to believe that she understood most of what was sent to her by the State Dept under classified status. How could she know and process info that the Dept was working on for years by real professional agents.
        If she was informed that “Abu Muhammed” said the moon is rising, she wouldn’t know who he was, why anyone cared what he said, and what did his statement mean.
        The FBI, the DOJ, the CIA and the State dept have circled the wagons to protect themselves, not necessarily MrsClinton.
        IMO< of course.

        1. You highlight a very important point–Hillary’s lightweight, amateurish, opportunistic, incoherent behavior (my way of saying it) as SOS. She wanted the title and the perks that go with the job (Madame Secretary), she just didn’t have the experience, intellectual curiosity, commitment to the needs of the country, discipline or motivation to make the job anything other than to promote her own self interests. She’ll bring forth the same self aggrandizing behavior if she ever becomes Madame President.

          1. All of this implicates Obama and his surrogates. They knew of this arrangement and did nothing to stop it. Any correspondence between Clinton and the WH/Obama was likely compromised as well. Comey unfortunately was not willing to recommend indictment since the trail would ultimately lead to the President.

          2. Cooper, you are correct. Obama is right in the middle of this mess in some way. He knew about the private server, we now know. He communicated with her via her private server, he knew exactly what she was doing.

  4. I was glad and proud for this moment. HRC did not disappoint, nor will the media in its lack of coverage of it. Although I have to say I was surprised it was allowed at all.

    I didn’t see the forum but did see clips and read. So, she left the armored pantsuit at home I think. I haven’t seen a full shot — where did the jacket stop? I also heard and saw a tweet from James Wood “Ear piece?” showing an earwig and also followed by an email leaked comment from Huma asking if HRC was bringing her earpiece or should she.

    Finally, saw a line on Drudge that HRC warns media of health coverage. So, if journalists “disappear”….

  5. The best thing about all this is that when Assange drops the emails in next few weeks there’ll be even more Hillary lies that will be exposed. The more she talks the more she lies, the more deep doo-doo she gets in.

  6. Oh yes, Assange. He was interviewed in Swedish Television yesterday. He is of course a very bitter man. He is actually imprisoned in the Ecuador Embassy since 6 years.He has really learned the hard way what the politicians lofty speeches about asylum rights and freedom of speech are really worth. Even if the “rape”-case is dropped he can not enter the streets of London without being arrested because the Obama government has cooked up some mendacious extradition case. But in spite of Assanges predicament he will release more damaging material on Hillary. I guess he thinks that Hillary would be the worst person possible in the White House even from his perspective, he must do what he can to stop her. She is a mean and vengeful and murderous person and will go for his throat. Can anyone of you really honestly say that Assange has not done us a great service, providing us with all this information ? He is a journalist, for heavens sake, taking his mission seriously, doing what every journalist should do but often haven´t got the courage to do ( well, I sometimes understand, the price can be too high ). But, most journalists today are really lap dogs. Of course I include Keith among the minority of serious, honest journalists.

    1. I don’t have a clear opinion on Assaunge. He could have anything on anyone and release it or not release it or maybe have nothing at all. Or maybe he’s negotiating with Clintonistas behind the scenes to suppress information that he has and gain his freedom through a pardon. Who knows?

  7. Last night was the first time I heard about a “separate system”.
    If that is the case, why were 13 hand held devices destroyed?
    Why was bleachbit used to destroy files on her personal server?

    1. Hillary and her co-conspirators int he State Department purposely created a very complicated secret world to hide their corrupt behavior. It’s slowly unraveling now, before our very eyes. All the corrupt, behind-locked-doors-late-at-night activity Hillary and company engaged in to hide the evidence of their self-serving schemes seems to be failing them. If the corporate press would actually do their job of reporting the news, Hillary and her co-conspirators would be in jail by now.

    1. Hillary even lies when telling the truth about something would better serve her. That’s the kind of whack job she is. That’s how far gone she is.

  8. What I don’t get is when is ANYONE in that pathetic press pen going to bring up Executive Order 13526 and the fact that header or no header, as Secretary of State Hillary was one of but a few in the entire federal government given authority to classify information on the spot!

    The “header, no header” is a running squirrel. She was supposed to know no matter what the markings were.

    1. All true. Hillary is doing what she always does when she gets in a corner–blame everyone else for what happened, and throw them immediately under the bus. If need be, she’ll throw Huma and her own daughter Chelsea to the wolves if she thinks it will save her skin. She won’t even give it a second thought. No remorse.

  9. Also keep in mind that if you only have clearance for confidential information, you do not have access to secret information or top secret information.

    When I was in training, I had a secret clearance.
    I had to wait for my top secret clearance to come through before I was assigned a duty station.

    The schematics that we used to repair the equipment were deemed top secret, because with them you could essentially duplicate our equipment.

    It has been stated that Hillary’s lawyers had no clearance and where tasked to read the e-mails and destroy them if necessary.
    That is a breach of security protocol.

    1. Exactly! The “lost” devices didn’t evaporate. The could have been used or sold – sold to a foreign concern who could then use the IP address to just listen in – or even change facts to suit a purpose.
      The lawyers claimed to have overseen the deletions were never named, nor was it ever revealed who or by what criteria the e-mails were chosen to be saved.

      We’re supposed to believe that actual lawyers, not their clerks or associates, sat to read tens of thousands of e-mails and on their own authority deleted some, saved some.
      The only way to cull the e-mails was to examine ALL of them. If @30,000 e-mails were deleted, then how many in total did the erase-crew actually view? 100,000?

  10. The big picture is that HRC has accepted money from so many shifty and potentially dangerous entities that she MUST win, or there may be serious repercussions. There is a good chance that she is just trying to save her leathery skin. I don’t feel sorry for her.

  11. Anyone know anything about the earpiece reputedly used by Hillary last night? And the email Huma sent Hillary about “Did you remember to take your earpiece”? Rumor? True?

  12. Hillary Clinton will chew broken glass if it puts her into the history books as the first female President. And I would suspect that the Clintons have enough dirt on Washingtonians that they will do everything necessary to see she gets that title.

  13. What is sad about this exchange is Hillary gets the final word. She knows he will not get to continue questioning her, and will not challenge her answer. The news makes sure of this. Privilege is her calling card.

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