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Libertarian Gary Johnson: What’s Aleppo?

This was pretty funny. Of course, if Johnson is damaged, it hurts Trump since he seems to be pulling votes from Hillary. But Libertarians are non-interventionist. They’d probably prefer Johnson not know what Aleppo is.

6 thoughts on “Libertarian Gary Johnson: What’s Aleppo?”

  1. I have been thinking about this. I don’t have a dog in the fight. He should have known. But he didn’t — whether because of a brain freeze or ignorance. He explained himself. And look the POTUS himself says there are 57 states , so ….

    What surprises me is today’s relentless, slightly hysterical media response. A full attack — worthy of their attacks on the Donald, who must feel as if he got a reprieve today. And all to keep the focus off Hillary Clinton. The MSM will go after anyone or make a mountain out of any molehill to avoid questions regarding HRC. It is astonishing.

    Nothing he said deserves 1/8th the coverage this has gotten. It’s pretty amazing. I hope it is over.

    And I hope that Johnson and his supporters have learned a good hard lesson about the MSM.

    I have concluded that they are beyond whores. They have graduated to incest. That is the relationship they have with HRC and the Democrat machine.

  2. In reference to Aleppo, I always think of the old quote from Sir Mark Sykes (later of Sykes-Picot fame) in his travel book “Dar-ul-Islam”.

    “The road from Damascus to Aleppo has seen nations rise and fall, vanish, revive and die out; many have trodden it’s dusty paths and there are more to come.”

    Sir Mark Sykes, 1904, Dar-ul-Islam

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