In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


Hillary’s Nixonian Approach to Government Foretells Abuse of Power

Like Nixon did, Hillary Clinton confuses her personal interests with those of the government. Voters fearful of Donald Trump might want to consider that giving Hillary power affords her the chance to use it for herself and against her enemies.

From a piece I did for LifeZette.

One of the least noted but most frightening aspects of Hillary Clinton’s scheme to safeguard her official emails and then try to erase thousands of them is the utter contempt she holds for the rules of governing.

The purpose of commandeering all those emails is as self-evident as the agenda of a six-year-old who hides candy under their pillow: She didn’t want anyone to see them.

Nixon was perhaps the most powerful political figure to completely confuse his own personal interests with those of the federal government — until the Clintons came along.

Such contempt can cause a lot of trouble, because it shows how willing a supremely powerful person is to employ the levers of government for their own purposes — and against their enemies.

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  1. Sort of on the topic….I was thinking about how a performance evaluation session would go with Obama and Clinton if we were to give them one. It’s been a very long time since I received one or gave one, so I had to remind myself of the issues one raises in those sessions. Issues like: WORK PRODUCT – The quality and quantity of work produced by the employee. Or, COOPERATIVENESS – Working with people. Or, SERVICE TO CLIENTS/PUBLIC. Those sorts of issues.

    So just for fun, I went down this sample performance evaluation form and answered the questions as they pertained to both Obama and Hillary. They would have both failed, and I would have fired them, based on the evaluation.

    Fun to go through. Make your own handy-dandy assessment of Clinton and Obama right here. ;+}

  2. I truly fear having this woman become our president. Her contempt for Americans is obvious. I’d like to also know why Hillary bought Blackberry’s from eBay? Was it to prevent any official govt tracking of her phones?

  3. America has never had a POTUS who used his influence AFTER he left office to enrich himself by positioning his wife as a potential POTUS while she is passing out favors at the State Dept.
    The faux charity is just a money laundering scheme to allow the Clintons to live like the rich elites they envied. The obscene payments by tax-free and tax-paying organizations for the privilege of having one or the other Clinton speak for 30 minutes is mind-boggling.

    IMO, MrsClinton was no more qualified to head the State Dept than I would have been. It’s to their shame that professionals at the Dept assumed she was aware of the constraints on the information she was given, and/or that she even understood them.
    The Clintons have set a case for limiting what a former President could or should do after he/she leaves office. The secrets they carry, the residual influence in many offices throughout DC make them a concern for the safety of all.

  4. Excellent article, Keith!

    Even greater than her ‘contempt for the rules of governing’ is this evil woman’s contempt for reporters.
    Caught a glimpse of her old imperialistic and disdainful expression as she smugly walked away from the fake ‘Presser’ this morning.
    She smells ‘victory’ in the air, and the ‘real’ Hillary is beginning to emerge from an eight year hiatus.
    She has not mellowed or lost her superiority complex. She is not remorseful for any of her crimes, only sorry that she was caught. She is an adroit, pathological liar and that will continue til her last day on earth.

    Neither of the two candidates is qualified or fit to serve this country.
    There is, however, a light at the end of the tunnel.
    If Trump is elected, Hillary will suffer her final defeat and Trump would most likely be ‘fired’ within 90 days if he doesn’t perform.
    On the not-so-bright side, we would end up with the wishy-washy Mike Pence. Not the greatest scenario, but it sure beats the alternative.

  5. Sorry it’s long but saw an article entitled “C” is for Confidential by Chris Deaton in the Weekly Standard. Inspired me to see if the other 25 letters of the alphabet could also reference Hillary. Here it is:

    A is for Abedin, as in my friend Huma. She tells me how to send faxes and helps me when I’ m “confused.”

    B is for Bill, my husband who really likes blue dresses.

    C is for Confidential – at least that’s what the FBI told me. I thought it was just a paragraph marking.

    D is for Drudge – the website that says mean things about me.

    E is for Email. The FBI wanted to read all of mine, but 17,000 of them were really hard to find.

    F is for Foundation, a great way to raise money.

    G is for Giustra, Bill’s good friend Frank, who needed me to help the Russians buy uranium.

    H is for Haiti, the island that gave my brother the only gold-mining permit issued in 50 years. Those Haitians sure are nice.

    I is for “I don’t remember” – something I told the FBI twenty-seven times.

    J is for Justice. That’s the Department where my friend Loretta Lynch works. She’s the woman who decides whether or not a person should be charged with a crime. Did I mention that she’s my friend?

    K is for Kazakhstan, the country where Bill took Frank to meet with the president – and sign a big mining deal. Remember? Right before Frank donated $32 million to the Clinton Foundation?

    L is for Libya. There used to be a guy there called Gaddafi but “We came, we saw, he died.” And then they killed our ambassador and now things are kind of a mess over there.

    M is for Monica. She’s the girl in the blue dress who did not have sexual relations with my husband.

    N is for Net Worth. Mine is over $30 million. But that’s nothing – Bill’s is over $80. But we’ve worked really hard for our money and we were dead broke when we left the White House.

    O is for Obama. He’s the guy I promised to be really open to about donations to the Clinton Foundation. Heh.

    P is for Putin. He’s the leader of the country I gave the Reset button to. Except that the button really said “overloaded.” Which is funny, because that’s how I feel right now with all of these investigations going on.

    Q is for Questions. The FBI asked a lot of them. But I had a hard time remembering because I fell and bumped my head.

    R is for Rodham. That’s my maiden name. Some people say it rhymes with Rotten, but that’s just mean.

    S is for Server. That’s the thing I used to send my emails – right before I wiped it with a cloth.

    T is for Tarmac. That’s where Bill met with Loretta right before the FBI decided whether to recommend that I be prosecuted. But they just talked about the grandkids. Did you know Loretta doesn’t have any?

    U is for Uranium. That’s what was in the mine the Russians wanted to get State Department approval to buy. And they paid Bill $500,000 to give a speech, so I thought, “Why not?”

    V is for the Vineyard – a great place for fundraisers.

    W is for Weiner, Huma’s husband. He’s an amateur photographer. And he has a really funny name.

    X is for X-ray. That’s what I had when I fell and broke my arm – before I fell and broke my head.

    Y is for Y’all. That’s how I say “you all” when I’m down south. I learned to speak Southern when I lived in Little Rock.

    Z is for zzzzzzzzzz, the noise I make when I take my frequent naps. Night-night.

  6. Top Headline from Drudge right now:


    From the story:
    “Concerns about Hillary Clinton’s health are “serious—could be disqualifying for the position of President of the U.S.,” say nearly 71% of 250 physicians responding to an informal internet survey by the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS).”

    This is a big story, and the Hillary people must have sensed it was coming, considering the “I’m very healthy” scenarios they’ve made Hillary perform on television in the past few days. They’re aren’t enough pickle jars to open on the planet to make Hillary seem healthy.

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