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What Did Hillary Know and When Did She Know it?

I don’t get this.

The evidence that Hillary Clinton or her aides committed obstruction of justice is very straightforward. Why isn’t the MSM howling about this?

It’s simple. Thousands of Clinton emails were destroyed after they were subpoenaed by the House Benghazi committee. According to the latest document release from the FBI, the technician with stewardship over the emails was consulted by Clintons lawyer’s and then eviscerated emails. And then Clinton’s attorneys got back to the House committee and said, without irony, that there were no emails around that were responsive to their request.

Well no kidding. They’d been Bleachbitted into high-tech smithereens.

Here’s the only difference with Watergate. Hillary, as far as we know, did not have a taping system that would reveal whether she was aware of the coverup. That’s why Nixon was nabbed — because he recorded himself approving an effort to obstruct justice.

Andrew McCarthy has a good deconstruction of the case here at National Review, demonstrating how strange it is that the FBI failed to pursue this angle.

Until the FBI gets serious and investigates Clinton attorneys like Cheryl Mills and the techie at River Platte Technologies who wiped the Clinton server clean — and gets these rats singing against each other and Clinton in pursuit of plea deals — we may never know if Clinton approved the coverup.

But the FBI clearly was not serious. It might get more serious if Trump is elected and Chris Christie is the attorney general.

10 thoughts on “What Did Hillary Know and When Did She Know it?”

  1. It’s become clear that the FBI was told to back off by Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton.
    Obama and his administration are involved in a number of illegal operations.
    What better way to cover your butt but to hire a crook to be your SOS?
    Someone that holds your views on the military, law enforcement, and the international outreach that Obama has for years found it necessary to malign on the world stage.

    One that has used the system for years.
    One that has escaped prosecution for years.
    One that if elected could possibly pardon Obama for crimes that he has committed against the Constitution.

  2. Comey . He now has a disturbance in the ranks. He needs to bring in either Bill or Loretta Lynchmob to explain to his agents what was said at the impromptu meeting on the plane.

    Whatever was said on that plane dictated Comey’s response ever since. And anyone with any sense knows that. He may be teetering on the fence about just how far he’s willing to go. But for my money, he has cast his lot.

    And so like DHS, IRS, DOJ, the FBI is now an empty joke and a servant of the Democrat machine, whether it be led (by the nose) by Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. Obama is where all roads meet should anyone unravel the Clinton threads. He knew and allowed it.

  3. It there was a crystal clear video of MrsClinton holding the WashPost in her hand with the date perfectly legible as she tells her minions “Screw Congress, they’re not getting my private e-mails. Delete! Delete!”, the MSM and the Dems would insist it was faked and not true.

  4. Keith I read your article on Lifezette about this and love the analogy to Pulp Fiction and Hillary’s “Wolves”, a cleanup team for her scandals. All crime families need them! Excellent article!!

    Here is the link for other readers –

    Btw Powerline had a link to this article showing Team Clinton cleanup wolves were paying legal fees to Platte River likely to protect the co-conspirator who deleted the emails under subpoena and then salted the earth with BleachBit. This highly unusual arrangement also raises suspicions ($25k legal fees for a single month of August 2015??!) and does not pass the smell test. Since when do you pay monthly retainers of $25k for legal and $19k for PR to your own vendor? Only when you have something to hide.

    McCarthy article shows the corrupt Obama DOJ hamstrung the FBI’s inquiry to prevent investigation at the heart of the crime

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