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Video || The Democrats Have Gone to the Dogs

From a little while back, but thought you’d enjoy.

H/T to theronniebuss.

8 thoughts on “Video || The Democrats Have Gone to the Dogs”

  1. I think that it is clear at this point which candidate will keep the status quo, or worse, and which candidate truly loves America.

    One, when in the White House told the Marines to serve them dinner in full dress uniform.

    One denigrated the Secret Service who were assigned to protect them.

    One chastised the police for doing their duty.

    One ransacked the White House when leaving it.

    The decision as to who to vote for in the upcoming election is very clear to me.

    It is amazing to me that anybody would vote for Hillary Clinton given her record and the recent information of her and her staff on the handling of classified information.

    1. I enjoyed the You Tube. Thanks.

      AFVet.. Your comment
      “It is amazing to me that anyone would vote for Hillary”

      Dud you see that the Dallas Morning News endorsed Hillary today? That was a big surprise. I would expect that from the Ft. Worth Star Telegram and the Houston Chronicle but not from the Morning News..

      1. OldTimer, I have long ago given any credence to the print media.
        This election is essential to the beginning of the effort to turn this Country around.

        Let them sell their papers,… or try to.

        Bottom line is this, if Hillary wins we are screwed.

        If Trump wins, we have a chance.

        I’ll take a potential win over an obvious defeat any day.

  2. I have a dog that snores like that dog.
    And lays on his back like that dog.
    The resemblance ends there…
    Have been trying real hard to tie HRC into the previous observations…I bet she snores and lays on her back, too.
    Sometimes, she just pushes me into making these snarky comments.
    She is seriously physically ill…popular opinion is Parkinson’s.

    1. This was funny. Thanks Keith. One of my dogs, Jack, watches TV. Loves reruns of Johnny Carson’s monologues. Enjoyed a lot of the Olympics. He sits mesmerized watching Trump. Leaves the room and heads to the kitchen whenever Clinton comes on. He may be the smartest dog I’ve ever had.

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