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Report: Obamas Could Make up to $45 Million Writing Books

President and Mrs. Obama stand to reap tens of millions of dollars from book deals after they leave the White House, with the president’s portion ranging anywhere from $10 million all the way up to $30 million, according to the New York Times.

From the report:

All of those goals, serious or not, might soon be achievable if Mr. Obama and his wife, Michelle, sign post-presidency book contracts for what literary agents and major publishers say could amount to $20 million to $45 million — more than enough to pay the estimated $22,000 monthly rent for the nine-bedroom home they will occupy in the Kalorama neighborhood of Washington and foot the bill for flights on private jets.

“His is going to be easily the most valuable presidential memoir ever,” said Raphael Sagalyn of the ICM/Sagalyn Literary Agency, who predicted that Mr. Obama could earn as much as $30 million with a two- or three-book contract. “And I think Michelle Obama has the opportunity to sell the most valuable first lady memoir in history.”

Other agents suggested similar numbers, but publishers — who are the ones who actually sign authors’ checks — balked at such lofty evaluations, with several saying Mr. Obama is unlikely to earn more than $12 million and Mrs. Obama $10 million.

Of course, writing books is how Obama got rich in the first place. At least, writing books combined with running for president. Obama wrote a couple of autobiographies while still a young man and then reaped millions once he became famous seeking the White House.

Remember, these numbers do not include the $500,000 a pop – or whatever – Obama will get for showing up for half an hour and delivering some wisdom to Wall Street bankers and other fat cats he previously was trying to put out of business.

Looks like they may be able to retire early at 62 and survive on the reduced benefits.

29 thoughts on “Report: Obamas Could Make up to $45 Million Writing Books”

  1. Ultra liberal Facebook founder Zuckerberg had this to say, as some real story got thru…

    “To those who were forced to read a headline they did not agree with when they visited Facebook yesterday, we are deeply sorry.

    Maybe that was “Trump up by 2”

  2. The entire advance would end up as a write-down. If I ran a publishing house, I wouldn’t bid one red cent.

    Serious question: who’s going to buy it? Obama’s quickly running out of fanboys. Now assume Trump wins and starts ripping out his legacy root and branch, and Americans finally understand how bad Obama’s reign of error really was.

    Who will buy the memoirs of a fail president?

    Sir Golfsalot will laugh all the way to the bank; his eventual publisher will end up weeping all the way to Chapter 11.

  3. Despicable gutter grifters. No matter how much money or how glitter surrounds them or how many sycophants suck up they will always that.

    And nothing more.

  4. I say good for them. With all those millions, MrObama can live like the King he wished to be.

    What’s worrisome is the 20-25 years he has left on this earth – whatever shall he do with his time? One can’t golf everyday, all day long. He has no other interests that he’s shown us, so what could possibly get him out of bed in the morning?

  5. Economically it works out cheaper if we all chip in and pay the Obama’s tens of millions of dollars right now and have them leave. Whats a little bribe now days?

  6. OT…but revealing–and it explains a lot.
    As we continue to wonder why FBI Director Comey refused to forward charges against the Clinton Crime family to the Attorney General re their email caper, we discover this:

    “James Comey did not recommend federal charges in part because he is connected to the Clinton Foundation through the Swiss bank HSBC. Comey was appointed Director of HSBC Holdings in March, 2013. He became an independent non-executive Director and a member of the Financial System Vulnerabilities Committee. The appointment was set to expire this year.”

    And this:

    “All of this and more led Kit Daniels to conclude, “Comey may be on the periphery of Clinton’s use of foreign policy to raise money for her foundation, but his position at HSBC may explain in part why she received kid glove treatment while others accused of similar crimes were prosecuted. His connection, however tenuous, should be reason enough to revisit the case and appoint a special prosecutor, as Rep. Matt Salmon of Arizona has demanded.””

    I’m sure the mainstream corporate press will put their top reporters on this story. Get to the bottom of it. Any century now.

      1. Sure does, just based on what we already know about the Clintons. Just imagine what we don’t yet know about the Clintons about their lifelong adventures of lawlessness and corruption.

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