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Obama Says Americans can be “Lazy” and “Insular”

From the Associated Press:

Laos — President Barack Obama says Americans can get “lazy” and insular, and he hopes his presidency has helped broaden their worldview. Speaking to a group of young leaders from across Southeast Asia, Obama says the U.S. “is and can be a great force for good in the world.” But because of its size, he says Americans “haven’t always had to know about other countries.” In the United States, Obama says, “sometimes you can feel lazy.” The president says he’s tried to change that by deepening connections with other parts of the world, particularly fast-growing Asia.

President Obama has really shown his true colors the last few months. Not that they were ever particularly hidden to anyone willing to look.

I mean, the guy golfs every weekend and takes a total of about five to six weeks off a year. And he’s calling Americans lazy?

And they accuse Trump of having poor reality testing.

Yesterday, Obama was supportive of 49er quarterback Colin Kaepernick sitting out the National Anthem, saying, “He’s exercising his constitutional right to make a statement.”

Of course he’s exercising a Constitutional right. But you’re the president. You embody this nation, on paper, at least. You don’t say nice things about people who give the country the finger. Unless in some ways that’s how you also feel.

Remember this? Obama, though a “public servant” for years, had to be trained to put his hand over his heart during the playing of the anthem.

I think Obama has very conflicted views about this country. I know many of you think that’s putting it way too kindly.

What he really cares about is his radical agenda. Otherwise, you learn instinctively to put your hand over your heart during the anthem long before you start running for president. And you don’t condone those who fail to even stand and face the flag that hundreds of thousands of Americans have fallen for during wartime.

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    1. I read in The UK Daily Mail that Malia was in Pennsylvania, following some of the same music groups as here in Chicago for Lollapalosa. We’re paying to fly a groupie around the country. An ungrateful groupie!

      1. They learned how to sponge off the taxpayers early — Mommy Mooch was the daughter of a Chicago ward flunky who kissed ass at city hall.

  1. As for the pledge, I was taught it isn’t necessary to place one’s hand to the heart. However, in video he seems very nonchalant about the anthem or flag.

  2. Today’s schedule:
    – Wake-up whenever
    – Watch ESPN – call-in using the fake name “Keith from LifeZette”
    – Walk around the gym – left some 2.5 pound Dumbbells
    – Receive Presidential Daily Briefing on iPad say around 10 AM – ignore mailbox “ding”
    – Reserve tee time for Saturday
    – Watch some more ESPN
    – Call it a day

  3. To level charges of “insularity” at the citizenry, when one can’t see Main Street from Air Force One, the golf course, or an armor-plated limousine stopping traffic on K Street, is a bit much.

  4. Who is this guy and what was he doing for the first 50 years of his life? Surely he heard about WWI, WWII, the Korean War, VietNam and all the other countries Americans had to “know about”. Perhaps someone might have mentioned the discoveries and inventions non-lazy Americans have contributed to the whole world, or our massive work product that enabled the US to send it’s money to poorer nations.
    Sorry MrObama, but you’re wrong. Americans are well aware of the European countries and their problems, of the turmoil in the Middle East, and the chronic poverty of sub-Saharan nations.
    Where the H*ll does this loser who never really had a job in the private sector get off calling Americans “lazy”.
    For Pete’s sake can we have a President who is proud of America’s contributions and culture?

  5. The president says he’s tried to change that by deepening connections with other parts of the world,

    And how this blackheart has done that is via in your face illegal immigrants, terrorists buried amidst the “refugees” and every manner of 3rd world criminal and scum that can ooze through the sieve of our borders.

  6. When it comes to laziness, Obama tops the charts!
    Admittedly, he spent his youth in a Choomer daze; his fellow Harvard Law Review members complained because he ‘worked from home’, rarely showing up on campus; his wife complained b/c he slept in every morning while she took care of the kids and went off to work; and what in the world is a ‘community organizer’ anyway?

    The Obamas’ could write the handbook in how to become the ultimate recipients of affirmative action without lifting a finger.
    They will leave Pennsylvania Avenue with a $20T pile of debt; billions of dollars in personal expenses, a disastrous healthcare system, and millions of illegal aliens and refugees to feed, clothe, educate and medicate.

    A fitting end for the ingrate Obamas’ would be to throw their clothes out on the front lawn of the WH on Jan. 20, 2017 and give them a one-way bus ticket back to Chicago! Good riddance!

    1. Semper Fi Marine.
      I got out during the Nixon administration then had to deal with Carter’s economy.
      Buying a house was tough due to interest rates.
      Thank God Reagan showed up.

      1. The longer this mooching bum hangs around sucking the life out of our economy, and using the Constitution as TP, the less I worry about how he judges me. Because being despised by the despicable is in itself a worthy thing.

  7. Remember he always tell us “that’s not who we are”. Guess who we are is a bunch of lazy no gooders. Glad that got cleared up. Guess I’m too lazy living it up on my portion of white privilege to notice all of the third world s***holes that he wants the United States to turn into. Bring us down, not them up. Keep on chastising the ppl that provide you with you and your families lifestyle you piece of garbage.

    1. Amen, preach it Big Dave. We have had it up to our ears with Muslims, Illegals, lies, put-downs, white privledge and lectures, lectures and more lectures.

  8. Had good conversation with staffer on House Oversight and Government Reform Cmte (they do answer the phone and questions for what it’s worth — 202 225 5074). Anyway, Chaffetz did send the perjury request to Comey on July and did today file the same requesting an investigation for obstruction of justice.

    But, in fact, they do not, as we know, have enforcement authority.

    So, I suggested that even though it will come to naught (see the turtle pace of the Koskinen impeachment) that impeachment charges be brought against Comey as well. Yes, it is not doable certainly in the amount of time we have left and the Party we have. But it will go down on the record and it will forever be part of these men’s official biography.

    These people are directly responsible for the choices they have made regarding corruption and perjury.

    1. I’d like to see a Nuremberg Trial-type event with Obama and all his collaborators, Cabinet and fellow travelers on public trial for high crimes against the State.

  9. “Americans don’t know about other countries?” I’m not a Mensa member, but I know we fought the Brits in The Revolutionary War, we fought against German fascism with The Brits, French, and Russians. I know Austrians don’t speak Austrian and perhaps, most importantly, I know Hawaii isn’t in Asia. How I wish Obama would be GONE! The man is a traitor and should be behind bars. Never in my life could I imagine having a President that hates us so.

    1. Well, Obama doesn’t know, like or honor anything about the United States. So there’s a weird sort of ying-yang going on in his head right there.

    2. Hillary is just as bad if not worse.
      She denigrated the military when they were in office.
      And she hates the police.

      I can see nothing worse for this Country than see her elected to office.

    1. Exactly. Obama has lived in la-lad land, a bizarro world his entire life, and his statement just adds more evidence. There is something truly, really, actually not right with Obama. He proves it every day.

  10. It was my pleasure serving. 24 yrs from 1985-2009 and was a Force Recon and then MARSOC Marine and served/fought on every continent except Antartica, certainly not a REMF. I served every CINC from Reagan to Obama and you can figure out the ones we respected. Not to beat my chest just letting you know the Warriors I served, fought and bled with that are still in are dreading are dreading a Hillary Presidency. I pray for them.

  11. You must remember that when a liberal condemns others, it is usually because he/she is doing the very thing, but has not been caught. In this case, our lazy president is really speaking for himself. He is an embarrassment to America. He does not and has never represented the average American mainly because he is below the average American.

  12. I remember that, and other videos, of obama not holding his hand over his heart during the National Anthem. However, as Commander-In-Chief, isn’t he supposed to salute the flag during the playing of the National Anthem?

    Can someone who understands the nuances of Government protocol shed some light on this?

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