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  1. In some ways, after 8 years of rule under the Emperor with No Clothes, some would have you believe that HRC does not have a health problem. No,it is the pollen.

    They used to say something similar each time Brezhnev was propped up on the viewing platform in Red Square.

    Not about the pollen, of course. :)

  2. Back to MrsClinton in Ohio:
    It was almost painful watching her cough and cough, trying to regain her speech during a rally. No one there stepped forward to give her a chance to regain her voice even though those on the stage were all professional politicians. They could have easily jumped in to give her a ‘moment’.
    Was if fear of interrupting the candidate, or something else.
    The people and staff around MrsClinton know if she’s ill and to what extent. Their silence is on the line of the “howard hughes” conspiracy that kept the insane man from getting proper treatment, only to protect their own jobs or future.

    • It’s irresponsible and dangerous. I heard/saw that she travels with a doctor, which is a good thing for her.


      “Hillarys coughing is the ghost of Amb Stevens sucking the air out of her, just the way he died”

    • Her not-so-bright VP, Tim Kaine, didn’t even look up at his boss. Just sat there clapping and smiling and looking around like an idiot savant.

      It’s time for Clinton’s personal Doc to hold a Presser. Enquiring minds would like to know….and deserve to know….what’s going on here. A second and third evaluation would also be in order.

        • Yep it really is obvious. Which is why the corporate press is trying to hide it. We are not seeing or hearing what we are seeing and hearing, you see. Maybe she’s got kennel cough? It could happen. There’s a shot for that, someone should tell her handlers.

  3. Morning all,
    Been out of touch last few days with family and travel but just got caught up on the open thread logs. Some GREAT stuff one and all.

    One thing that got overlooked last week with the media buried under its burden to demonize Trump and protect Hillary was the AP survey on the 72 mass graves in former ISIS territory and the unknown thousands of souls contained therein.

    I took it on in Sunday’s column and laid blame for many square on Obama:

    • In some ways the ISIS group resembles Germany’s Nazis during WWII. The killing of homosexuals, the rabid hatred of Jews, the massacre of whole groups, and their belief of being right.
      Most of the world has come a long way since the 1930’s, but the Middle East seems stuck in the 700th century.

  4. The Clinton Cough – am surprised that her doctors haven’t Rx’d Phenergen (promethazine-codeine) for it as it is a combo anti-histamine and codeine mix. The codeine is believed to affect the cough urge in the brain.

    It may be contraindicated with other meds she is taking though.

    • The cough medicine with codeine does work to suppress the cough but it makes most people very sleepy. Perhaps she is taking it but only in the evening or on her many days off. Who knows? Whatever she tells us is going to be a lie anyway.

  5. Gretchen Carlson settled for 20 million dollars from FOX for harassment and Greta Sustern just resigned effective immediately. WOW……It would have been cheaper to get rid of Ailes sooner than they did.

    • Greta was unhappy when they reshuffled their evening lineup to make room for “Miss Megyn” a couple of years ago…it was pretty obvious then she wouldn’t be staying past her current contract.

    • She is such a pathetic Hillary shill! I’ll bet she is hoping that her father and/or her brother will get a cushy job in the Clinton administration as a reward for her obsequious pandering.

    • If it were Reagan in ’80 or ’84, she’d be all for it. I could hear her now…”He’s clearly ill”…”There are legitimate concerns about his health, and the people have a right to know.”

  6. Interesting poll pattern revealed a in Real Clear Politics interactive graph. If you will notice in the graph, there are five clear “nodes” (they look like roundish or squarish patterns of poll results) of highs and lows in the graph. (You’ll see them when you look for them in the graph). Look at the “nodes” for Oct 2015-Dec 2015; Dec 1015-Jan 2016; Feb 2016-May 2016; May 2016-July 2016.

    The current node being created begins in July 2016 to the current date. Look at what’s happening. Trump is on a rise and Hillary is on a decline, as in the previous nodes. My guess is that the node will “close” around election day, and if the node pattern continues as the others have, Trump should be ahead in the polls around election day.

    I know it sounds weird, but take a look at the graph on RCP and see what I’m getting at. I think you’ll see the node pattern I’m talking about.

    You have to

  7. AS we know Hillary has a new plane emblazoned with the slogan Stronger Together that has enough room for a traveling press. Apparently an errant reporter failed to understand the slogan and this happened:

    “On AirBroomOne, Hillary’s communications director shuts down questions with Hillary when reporter asks about the CNN poll showing Trump up 2%. “

    • Didn’t see the ‘shut down’, but there was a very unfriendly looking guy standing directly behind Broomhilda during the fake ‘Presser’. At first I thought he was SS, but he must have been her ‘non-communication’ director.
      She is in ‘protective custody’ at all times – Protection from reporters and all media outlets, that is.