As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

39 Responses to Labor Day Open Thread || September 5, 2016

    Well, Marcus, the G 20 meeting in China was not a success for Barry either. No red carpet treatment, he had to leave Airforce One via the emergency exit. It was interesting to watch how president Xi greeted the guests.It was obvious that Putin got the star treatment.Putin looked very pleased all the time, while Barry looked somewhat lost and pathetic. China was out to really insult him, it was pay-back time. I guess that Barry will need that book deal to continue the luxury life he and his family have gotten used to because I do not think that many outside the US will be interested in listening to his endless speeches anymore. Definitely not to pay big money for them.

    • China and Russia (who have historically had a love/hate relationship), have been currently acting as allies working against the interests of the United States through trade deals and “mutual support” agreements. The Obama/Hillary Clinton/John Kerry statecraft catastrophes have created this mess. A Hillary presidency will only continue this sad story.

    • He was a complete failure. And he was treated as the incompetent that he is. Without the United States, Barack Obama is totally meaningless and empty. He will wonder the world — the ex Emperor still with no clothes.

    • Let’s hope that President Trump reinvigorates our navy and makes it known to China. If Trump is elected I do not think the US President will be as disrespected as he was here.

      And yep, I believe in a strong military presence. Peace.

      • Grace, Trump will be respected, I am sure. He is a man of his own. I guess the other world “leaders” have seen through and found out Barry for what he is. Just a puppet reading speeches, keen on appearing in entertainment shows , possibly still not out of the wardrobe. ( Oh, I am sure they are gossipy.) And very much interested in living the luxury life of the 1 %-ers ( = easily bought ). Oh, I am not saying that some of the others are not receiver of bribes too but we are now talking about the leader of the free world, he/she should have some character and some spine.

        • in sheer physicality Trump is a commanding figure. What I never liked about Obama’s Presence so to speak, is that he slouches, he is limp wristed and unless he is shooting daggers his eyes wander and shoe no emotion. Its no big deal, but I believe a lot of respect and power can be accorded by the way the one “presents” — enters and leaves, stands etc.

          To say nothing of character or intelligence.

  2. An e-mail from the Trump campaign shouted in capital letters “FREE CAMPIGN PACKAGE” – signs, bumper stickers, a hat.
    Clicked on and discovered that it is only “free” for a $50 donation to the campaign.

    Not only do I not have an extra $50 for anything, I stop at donating to any billionaire who wants to do, well, anything.
    MrTrump could liquidate one of his billions that he could never spend and finance his campaign without me or anyone else.

    • While I basically agree with you , at this point in the campaign, i do not begrudge Trump this. Although it should not have been advertised as free.

      As for the billionaires (and millionaires) they should all self finance for any political office.

  3. Contrary to the roots of Labor Day , enjoy the fruits of your hard earned labor or simply the long weekend that it has turned into. Enjoy.

    A long but interesting expose on the take down of Roger Ailes. What I think has value is the information and discussion as to the changes in conservative and leftist broadcasting and communications …. Breitbart, Trump, the possibility of Rhodes from CBS to Fox etc.

    As for the rest, these were all well compensated, educated, worldly men and women. I have sympathy for none and doubt whether Gretchen Carlson would have sued had her contract been renewed. And from that ….But to each his own.

    Catherine Herridge had discrimination claims as well. She took them head on, dealt with them legally, got her contract renewed and has done excellent work, undisturbed as best I can determine.

    Anyway, there are some interesting nuggets in here and a lot of BS. Consider the source.

  4. Just finished a closer (with underlines and !!!!! marks ;+}) of the FBI’s interviews with Hillary and her aides re the email/private server affair. Holy sweet jumping jackrabbits. What a convoluted mess that story is.

    Can’t list all the eye popping revelations here. There are too many. One thing that comes through clearly: Hillary and her aides (the aides’ collusional role in this caper come through clearly) were all in this together–Mills, Sullivan and the very peculiar Mrs. Carlos Danger. They all resisted FBI and State Department IG efforts to come clean on this.

    Weird fact revealed in the report. Hillary had 13 cell phones, none of which the FBI could find (if I’m reading the report correctly). In fact, Sullivan actually destroyed several of them with a hammer after they were requested for forensics examination by the Feds.

    And, frosting on the cake–Hillary had five IPads, only three of which were found by the Feds after they requested them. Where are the rest? No one knows. It’s a great mystery, you see.

    For sure, the FBI makes clear all of them– Hillary and her aides– routinely mixed their work at the State Department with the Clinton Foundation affairs. All the time. Constantly.

    And Comey sat there like a lump and DIDN’T recommend charges against her for all this, in spite of the revelations reported by his own FBI. Says a lot about his character and perhaps little secrets the Obama administration knows about him.

    • Something is seriously wrong with her. She coughed, off and on, for over 10 minutes.
      She had to cut short a rare visit with the press because she was coughing on the plane.
      How in the world is she planning on speaking for 2 hours at the debate this month?

      • I usually don’t watch these. This time I did and was amazed at how long it went on and how really out of control it was. None of the mannerly or health gestures given to prolonged coughing — no stepping away or back. covering her mouth etc, If it had gone on much longer she might have had trouble catching her breath. Don’t mean to make more of it than what it was — a long spell or unproductive coughing.

      • Hillary actually had two such extended coughing fits today, according to the Breitbart story. She’s having more of these spells lately, and they appear to be long coughing periods, uncontrollable once they start, not easily relieved by water or lozenges. Not good.