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18 Responses to Sunday Open Thread || September 4, 2016

  1. Today is an important day here in Europe.It is Landtagswahl ( regional election) in Mecklenburg/Vorpommern, Angela Merkels old constituency since 26 years, her old backyard. Polls are showing heavy losses for her Party, CDU. Instead the AfD ( Alternativ für Deutschland ) is expected to win big. It is an anti-establishment, anti-Muslim party. The party says ” Islam does not belong in Germany”. Even if it is only a regional election the outcome is of great interest. Will Merkel finally lose after 10 years ? Will the new winds in Europe sweep the Continent ? With the Brexit, a new government in Germany and a president Trump in the US we will see great changes, exciting times. Hopefully the EU will slowly dissolve and the TTIP never happen.

  2. On the German regional election. The exit polls show that local ruling SPD wins even if they are losing many voters. AfD is second, stunning 21 %, and Merkels CDU is third. Means that SPD and CDU can continue in a coalition but, the big news are that AfD beats Merkel in her own district, in spite of her aggressive campaigning there. Very important. AfD is celebrating today.

  3. Was listening to “Automatic” by VNV Nation–my go-to musical cure-all–and something I’d never really thought about made me sit up and take notice.

    On the track “Goodbye 20th Century,” VNV opens by sampling heavily from “Futurama”–the 1939 World’s Fair exhibit, not the show named after it. The passage that I’d been completely overlooking the whole time goes something like this, and I’m going from memory here:

    The greater, and better, world of tomorrow, that we…are building today. Whereby individual effort, the freedom to think, and the will to do, has given birth to a generation of men, who always find more fields for greater accomplishments…”

    Emphasis mine.

    The album “Automatic” is, at heart, a vision of futures past. Where is the 21st Century they promised us?

    If we take that passage on its own terms, it’s not that hard to figure out. If greater accomplishments require “individual effort, the freedom to think, and the will to do,” then if those go away, so will the greater accomplishments.

    And with the will to do being subjugated by the siren song of succor from the State; the freedom to think being pummeled and pounded by political correctness; and individual effort being catcalled as contra the communal good, is it any wonder where the “greater accomplishments” have gone?


    • Bill Gates once stated that in today’s regulatory environment he could never have created Microsoft.

      The onerous regulations that small companies and entrepreneurs have to put up with are proving to stifle the creativity that exists among the people of this country.

      Remove the throttle that is imposed by a government that has grown far too big and too intrusive for our own good.

      • Oh, they’re still around–doing a dozen 20-year gala performances around the US and Canada next month, in fact.

        I’m hoping to catch them in St. Petersburg, but a few dominoes still need to fall just right in the next week or two.