As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

28 Responses to Open Thread || Friday, September 2, 2016

  1. Vil du sælge din bil ?

    Vi køber din brugtebil

    Vi Køber alle slags biler, uanset alder og stand.

    Skal du have solgt din bil her og nu, vil vi gerne give et uforpligtende bud.

    Ring eller udfyld vores formular ,det er helt GRATIS at få et tilbud.

    Har du prøvet de store portaler: Bilbasen, Biltorvet, DBA, Accept Auto o.s.v.. og ikke fået solgt din bil, så PRØV os.

    Er der i forvejen et lån i bilen, er det ikke noget problem idet vi sørger for at guide dig med at indfri lånet når bilen handles.

      • Bonnie, it’s Danish, and I translated it for giggles and tickles. It seems to be a coded message from Julian Assange asking for pizza and beer ;+}. Here tis:
        Do you want to sell your car?

        We buy your brugtebil

        We Buyer all cars, regardless of age or condition.

        Should you have sold your car here and now we want to give a non-binding bids.

        Call or fill out our form, it is absolutely FREE to get a quote.

        Have you tried the big portals: Bilbasen, Biltorvet, DBA, Acceptance Auto o. P. V.. and not been able to sell your car, so TRY us.

        Is there already a loan in the car, it’s no problem because we make sure to guide you to repay the loan when the car is traded.

        • I’m getting that he will give you a free (gratis) auto because he now needs to use a guide dog to get around.
          However, the “free” is only possible if you send him the funds to ship the car overseas.
          A play on the Nigerian Prince scam. Clever, but, no so.

    • Whoa! She’s a clueless at Skrotbil. Wrong adjective. Corrupt as Scrotbil.
      When is this going to disqualify her?
      Maybe “Clueless Joe” can step in?

      • Wow! Hillary actually told the FBI that she relied on her staff to NOT send her anything that was classified????? She threw her entire SOS staff under the bus with that statement. Plus, as Catherine Herridge notes, Hillary signed the security documents/papers thus witnessing that she had indeed been trained/briefed on how to handle secure materials. Jaws dropping all over the country on this one. Like you, I was briefed/trained on handling these materials every single year I had a clearance, and I had to sign a statement to that effect or else lose the clearance right then and there on the spot.

        • The blame game again.

          The excuse stating “I can’t recall” should immediately eliminate her from holding any public office with access to secure information.

  2. She didn’t know what “(C)” meant in her e-mails while she was Sec of State.
    She doesn’t remember important details of what she did, or what she was informed.
    She had at least a dozen devices, most of which are missing or have been destroyed by her aides.
    MISSING devices? They did not evaporate, they are out there and someone has them.

    After her serious head injury and resulting brain blood clot, it’s possible that she not only lost her memory, but also the ability to talk or lost control of her limbs. MrClinton revealed that it took 6 months of rehab for her to regain what she has of good health now.

    Among all these revelations, the most shocking is she didn’t know if learning the time, location, and subject of a drone bombing was or should have been “classified”.

    • “Mr Clinton revealed that it took 6 months of rehab for her to regain what she has of good health now.”

      I remember when Billy said that. My first thoughts were:

      I don’t remember her disappearing from her job for six months of rehab or anything else.

      I don’t remember news stories about her long, difficulty recovery.

      I don’t remember news reporters asking, “Hey, where’s Hillary? We’ve haven’t seen her for months”.

      I don’t remember anyone being named as acting SOS for six months.

      I don’t remember news about her “returning to office after six months of a difficult recovery”.

      There was no mention anywhere in the press of a six month difficult recovery for Hillary. Except for Billy’s comment.

      Something stinks in that story.

      • This is their last desperate attempt to regain the highest office in the land and pay off the people that are relying on them to make sure that the debts they owe are paid.

        The Clinton’s owe a lot of people a lot of favors.
        And some of those people will not take lightly reneging on the debt. owed to them.

  3. Can you imagine rapidly the deteriorating Hillary, as President of the United States, in charge of the Department of Defense, the Justice Department, the State Department, the National Security Council, the Office of Management and Budget, the Council of Economic Advisers, the Council on Environmental Quality, the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative, the Office of National Drug Control Policy and the Office of Science and Technology Policy, the United States Postal Service, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the Environmental Protection Agency, and the United States Agency for International Development?
    And yet, she can’t remember what she did or said yesterday, last week, a year ago.

    • She’ll be a figurehead…others (staff insiders, Soros, et al) will be running the show.

      As for her public appearances, it’ll be like “Weekend at Bernie’s.”

      • Sounds about right. She’s become even more of an empty suit dependent on others to accomplish the simplest tasks. And the strings holding her up are more visible day by day.

        And we can safely assume Hillary and company would be spending the weekend at Bernie’s $600,000 house–the one the Clintons just purchased for Bernie to get him to shut up about her corruption or at least sing a few Hillary praises from time to time.