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Open Thread || Thursday, September 1, 2016



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  1. Anxious to read everyone’s thoughts on last night’s Trump speech. I’ll be first to say, I thought he was right on target. Can’t wait to see the latest polls. My guess is Hillary’s camp is rightfully very worried.

    • Hillary’s camp is rightfully scared.
      Trump is preaching common sense, and it is refreshing.

      The Obama administration and now Hillary are telling us that nothing will change.

      That should set the bells off in anybody’s brain that pays attention to the condition we
      are in.

      Trump laid out a solid policy to fix the problems we are faced with.

      He also is putting together a great team to make it happen.

      He has been said to be a great listener, and then a doer.

      This election should be a slam dunk for Trump.

      I have no problem voting for him.

    • Unfortunately it probably doesn’t matter. The majority of voters are uninformed voters and are not even paying attention to any of this. However, they are watching “Celebrity Match Game” where they cracked a Trump joke for one of their questions. Trump is the new Palin for the entertainment industry.

      The one thing Trump has going for him is that he had a public image before he ran for president. Let’s hope it’s enough.

      • Have faith everyone. The American people don’t want to give away America to losers like Clinton and Obama who have no love for the country. They are determined to bring the U.S. down for what reason? I say its because dumb and dumber is running the show. They are using people like Obama just for the sake of tearing us down. Don’t let them do it. Fight for America, fight for our rights, the longer we diddle daddle about having these poison snakes run thing, the less freedom we will have.

  2. Hillary’s frumpy, dishevelled physical appearance at the American Legion event two days ago should be a clear sign that she is in very bad shape. It was, in fact, shocking.
    It is no wonder that she is sending her surrogates out while she takes 3 weeks off before the debates.

    Trump, OTOH, looked vigorous after spending one day doing a rally, a trip to Mexico, and the immigration speech.

    Hillary is too old and infirmed to lead this country. Period. End of story.

    • Yup, and he’s more than a year older!

      Time — and the Clintons’ “one-step-ahead-of-the-law” lifestyle — has not been kind to her.

    • Well now, what have we here?
      Girly1 may be seeing what we have been seeing for months now.

      So Girly1, did you like Trump’s message to the American Legion?

      Did he sound like he was in it for himself?

      Is she in it for herself?
      Can she be trusted?

      Who do you think loves the Country more, Trump or Hillary?

      Everybody is entitled to their opinion, however, I will vote for the one that wants to take this Country back from the liberal policies that are eroding Her.

      The American Spirit is not dead, it never was.
      It has been suppressed and ignored by people that promote PC.

      The colleges and the universities are imposing PC on the students and charging them exorbitant amounts of money while wreaking havoc on their thought processes.

      The youth of this Country are being programmed by the left to reject any conservative policies, when conservative policies have been proven in the past to strengthen the Nation.

      So, Girly1, what do you reply?

      • Just calling certain things as I see them, AFVet.
        My core position hasn’t changed: I do not support either one of them.

        Yesterday Trump showed signs of reconciliation with Mexico until he returned to Phoenix and gave a barnburner speech that, once again, alienated Latinos. My hopes were dashed.

        He is now totally dodging the mass deportation cornerstone of his campaign.
        He can’t have it both ways.

        I still believe he is in it for himself – that’s why he holds all the rallies. He loves to hear the roar of the crowds, and his ‘base’ loves him! It’s an ego trip!
        Unfortunately, there aren’t enough ‘white guys’ to help him win.

        As for me, I live at Ground Zero in L.A. Hillary has it locked! I will vote down ballot, and that’s it.

        • My core position hasn’t changed either Girly1.

          I want what’s best for this Country, and Hillary Clinton is not it.

          He has already said that the mass deportation of 11 million people, or however there may be here, is out of the question.
          Granting them amnesty however is not on his agenda.

          The automatic citizenship of illegal migrants without following our laws that are on the books is amnesty.

          What needs to be done is to streamline the process the people that want to be American have to go through.

          Trump has said, you want to live in this Country?
          Go through the process of becoming a citizen.

          I see nothing wrong with that.

          The government hurdles put up to actually achieve citizenship in this country are horrendous.

          Ask anyone that has gone through it.

          And the money it costs them to get through the ordeal.

          Now they want to grant amnesty to who knows who with a stroke of a pen.

          I don’t think so.

        • Girly 1 I have always admired and certainly agreed with much you have said…but my concern with Hillary getting elected is with the Supreme Court! If she chooses the justices and we all know that the congress will probably not reject her choices, we will be a nation of liberal decisions and I don’t think that is what most Americans want or at that point can control. I know this is a poor reason to vote for Trump but I guess looking at the future, it is!

          • No question, Nellas! The Justices are FOREVER, and this is the most important issue in this election.

            As I have said before, I will not be disappointed if Trump wins; just scared. But on the issue of the Court, I have faith in him to appoint a Conservative.

            If my vote in Kalifornia counted, I would prob vote for Trump for that reason, too.

    • Hillary looks like she’s ready to be admitted to an assisted living home.

      Physically, she’s a wreck, and seems to be getting worse before our very eyes. She’s no more ready to be POTUS–physically, psychologically, temperamentally, lack of appropriate values and principles, character–than the man in the moon. There is just no reason to vote for her. There, got that off my chest. ;+}

    • Girly 1 heard from so many people that she looked very poorly at that speech.

      I respect your anti Trump position. I must say, however, the damage done to national security and even individuals working for the US with her emails and the absolute graft and corruption and influence buying via the Clinton Foundation that is becoming more and evident as the days go on is astonishing.

      I expected some but not this.

      The ultimate irony would be if the hacking of the DNC which they are trying to pin on Russia (and Trump) found a way in via her emails.

      Good luck voting your conscience.

      • Trump would fare better if the media spent more time covering Hillary; however, she is in hiding now.
        By the time the debates roll around she will have had her team of make-up artists and staging crews working overtime to create an optical illusion.
        “I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. De Mille”!

        I think we all agree – no one is more corrupt than the Clinton crime family.
        Heard today that the Foundation paid for the server in her home!

        If I didn’t live in loony Kalifornia, I would probably hold my nose and vote for Trump.
        Thankfully, I do not have to cross that bridge.
        My conscience is clear.

    • From what I can tell, Hurricane Hermine is huge with lots of bands. I was in Florida (1969) when Camille hit. Then, back for a class reunion when Andrew blew through. Two very different storms. Camille may still be the all time killer storm.

      • Just did some “hurricane homework”. It seems that the one that hit Galveston (no name on record) killed between 6000-12000 people. What a difference there is when we have good science and advanced warnings. My guess is that the tide took care of many of the remains. How tragic. My prayers go out to all that are in Hermine’s path.

      • Was driving to Louisiana in 69 to start law school at Tulane. Drove all through the devastation of Camille. It was the first time I saw anything like that — the coastal road in Biloxi etc. amazing damaging. Old stately homes with only the front steps left.

        Mother Nature. And good Americans rally together and rebuild. That is what we do.

      • AFVet, it is so beautiful here, too, today. Mid 80s, bright sunshine. I just finished mowing the lawn.

        Now tomorrow is a different story. We will head over to the beach to see the ocean churning.

        The power of nature is fascinating!

    • I’m here in Florida facing the hurricane right now. It rained all day yesterday but not a hard rain….I took 4 inches of water out of the pool last night at about 10:00 but it stopped raining right after that. Today it has rained non stop since about 9:30 this morning…..we are getting the outer bands and it is supposed to continue all day tomorrow. The county up from me is going to get hit hard with rain according to our local news reports. So far no damage here. I have plenty to eat and drink and the cat sleeps all day so I’m not worried. I am about 45 minutes north of Tampa.

  3. A little Friday Feel Good. Looks like the media is not going to have such an easy time smearing the Trumps. The Donald confabbed with lawyers and The Daily Mail published a big old retraction at their “suggestion” that Melania Trump might have been an “escort” or worked for some such service.

    The NYT and WAPO also published that there was a retraction.

    • Very, very interesting. What the media and the rest of the hysterical anti-Trumpers are learning is that Trump and company are not putting up with the smear campaigns and innuendos the media is famous for peddling when they are trying to destroy a candidate they don’t like. He fights back and kicks hard.

      I’m looking at the band of fools who have been selected as “moderators” for the Trump/Clinton debates–at least the first debate. Could you possibly come up with a snarkier, pro-Hillary bunch of compromised anti-Trumpers? But you know what? Trump will teach them a lesson they won’t soon forget, I venture to say. And he’ll do it right on national television, to the great applause of us who know the media is corrupt to the core.

      • Are you talking about the first real debate or this bizarre commander in chief forum thing that’s going to take place with Matt Lauer and the Iraq Afghan Veterans group with the leader who came out and said he would not vote for Trump — blah blah blah.

        If the debate please do not let it be miss megyn or juan williams or some fox creature who is no more fair and balanced than Georgie S.