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  1. Good Morning, Re. Trump’s Mexico trip. Sessions, Priebus and Guiliani will be going with, but in re reading the Polizette articles I noticed this about Ben Carson — and Trump’s overtures to minority communities. So that’s where Doctor Carson has been. :)

    Trump surrogate Dr. Ben Carson laid out the key objectives Trump is pursuing in his outreach to minority communities.

    “He wants to find out from a lot of different sources what people perceive the problems to be and what they perceive the solutions to be,” Carson said in an interview with Michel Martin on NPR. “He also wants to hear about things that have effectively moved people out of the position of dependency and put them on a ladder to success.”

      • It is. I saw a comment somewhere that Trump’s trip to Mexico was/is a failure. Before it happened.

        It can go well or not. But being invited is a recognition of legitimacy. I also saw a comment that they both were invited (HRC DT) but again I don’t know. Don’t know much about the behind the scenes how it came to be, but I wish him well.

        • Yes, both were invited.
          WashPost claims MrTrump is going to Mexico because “he is losing”. uh huh.
          ot: a little
          Years ago when Mexican workers came to the US to earn money to take home, the Mexican economy was boosted. Then when the Mexican men came here to live, they sent billions of dollars back to their families, further boosting the Mexican economy.
          After the Mexicans arranged for their families to live here with them, no more billions were sent to the country, and the unskilled labor force that worked the farms, ranches, and factories was no longer available to the elites.
          Any country, not at war, that loses 12-20 million of it’s legal residents is telling the world it is a bad place to live and raise a family.
          IMO, Mexico over-played the migrant worker plan and is now realizing that Mexicans would rather be USA citizens than return to their homeland.

          • I agree. I remember when at some place of employment I know the Mexicans would always send money home, leave for extended holidays to see them, and return to work — and this was not limited to field workers either. I think Mexico is not benefiting from their own kind of “brain” drains and certainly diminished cash flowing into the economy.

            But they have to get a handle on their drug cartel problem.

          • Both Clinton and Trump were invited but of course, Clinton wouldn’t go — she won’t talk about anything She thinks if she keeps her mouth shut she can coast all the way to the Presidency, fat freaking crook and liar she wants to just slither into the presidency without talking to anyone, a real piece of work, like the snake that she is. What a coward
            she is, what a phoney she is, has no character whatsoever, just for the votes, she is, anyway crooked way she can get them. With her its open borders, everyone invited in especially the terrorists, what is it with this slob with wearing pants ALL the time? Looks terrible, does she leak and afraid it might run down her leg in a skirt? Can’t figure out how a woman can run for the highest office in the land and wear those stupid outfits all the time. she will not do a thing for Americans if she wins, no jobs, no nothing, she is being blackmailed by Obama to do whatever he says. These people care nothing what the people want, just what they want and thats just power and money. And they think they can rig the election for Clinton. the dems know she can’t beat Trump, so they will try to rob it and they may succeed if the American people just allow it to happen. I say if they say she won the election, its rigged and no one should accept her as president. Fight back, fight back, wipe out the liars and the corruption once and for all.

  2. Wouldn’t surprise me in the least if Trump ends up whispering in Nieto’s ear about ‘deal’ to build a Trump golf resort, hotel and casino, or even a factory to produce Trump ties and shirts, if things do not work out for him in November.

    The Trump ‘Brand’ is always first and foremost with the Donald. Politics seems to be nothing more than a hobby for him. He is promoting himself at all times.

      • Whew,right now he is promoting himself for the presidency, what do you expect him to do? You really hate Trump don’t You? Are you a friend of Jebby? and the other creeps who are so jealous they can’t stand it!

        TRUMP IS OUR ONLY CHANCE, DO YOU REALIZE THAT? OTHERWISE ITS CONTINUING DOWN THE SOCIALISM PATHWAY??? And if Trump wins, after he’s gone, socialism may win after all when he’s gone as there is no one like Trump anymore who can be brave and risk all like he is doing. But now we must have Trump, promoting himself and all, or else the country is ruined for always, thanks to Obama and Clinton and Soros — BETTER VOTE FOR TRUMP, that is, if you care at all about your safety ’cause Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are as close to treason as they can get.

  3. MrTrump in Mexico:
    Oh boy, MrsClinton is going to be screaming for a do-over.
    MrTrump sounds like, looks like, and is treated like he has already won the election.
    Go Trump!

  4. Got the most pathetic downer email from Ryan — oh noes, we are losing, The Dems have so much money — send money. It was beyond pathetic.

    I wrote and told him he had a lot of nerve asking people to give money to the GOPe who has never served the middle class and has not done its duty as an opposition party. I suggested he send his fundraising appeals to the BIG DONOR GOPe FATCATS who have petulantly slammed their wallets shut because #never Trump.

    Heck at this rate Trump will probably make a better deal for American business regarding immigration than they could have every dreamed themselves.

    A rant. Sorry. But I have almost the same reaction to Paul Ryan as I do for Hillary Clinton.

  5. Sessions (so happy — I am so impressed with Sessions and his support for Trump from the get go), Guliani, Pence gave really good positive speeches. Trump was great, focusing on America and Americans.

    Don’t know if Priebus was there or if he spoke. Trump congratulated McCain who I do not think was there . No visible GOPe support. Crazy. And I do not get how AZ can be this supportive of Trump and still vote in McCain and Flake. Don’t get it. But …. a great night for Trump….a really good night for America and Americans. And I don’t think HRC too happy. Expect MSM and Dem backlash to be loud, crude and filled with lies.

  6. Little Barry here in the Islands right at 5:30 pm,how considerite, glad I don’t live on that main island. Anyway his first paragraph of speech was about “rowing a canoe” . I am just a transplant here but you PADDLE a canoe you phony, and then he said it again. Shame. He’ll be jetting out to the Marshall Islands tomorrow but will jet back again before jetting out to China or somewhere. Uggggg

  7. In the absence of a Thursday thread, I’ll throw this in here, from Drudge—


    The Clinton people, who are spending 10 times more than Trump on campaign ads…..

    ….must be pulling their hair out. Hillary’s throwing more ashtrays and lamps at them than she threw at Billy in 8 years at the White House. The EMT’s must be standing by the Clinton campaign office 24-7.

    I’m still sticking with the Las Vegas betting odds—60 Trump-30 Hillary. Only election day will tell the truth, obviously. But it looks like Hillary is beginning her long slide into the loser’s circle.

    • Grace, this morning I was listening to an immigration lawyer (with 20 years experience in the field) talk about Trump’s immigration speech this morning. (in an interview with Chris Plante on WMAL in Washington). She noted that Trump was extraordinarily articulate and fluid with the key points on immigration law, the critical elements in the illegal immigration mess and how to address the issue effectively. She noted Trump clearly has a handle of how to fix the problem. That pleased me very much.

  8. Big big fan of Senator Jeff Sessions. And his former aide Steve Miller, currently advising Trump. If Trump wins, he will be well advised and staffed to move on Immigration.

    A lot of people think it will take time for Trump, an outsider to the complexity of the mysterious art of politickin’ to get started. Looks like Trump started early and well with Sessions and Miller on Immigration.

    Here’s an old article when Miller joined the campaign.

    • Trump has surrounded himself with excellent advisors–a good forecast of his approach to the Presidency.

      For example—he’s listening to Kudlow, Laffer and other supply-siders for economics. He’s talking and listening to John Bolton for advice on foreign affairs. He’s talking to Gen. Flynn and other similar experts on military matters. The list goes on. That’s what great leaders do. They surround themselves with high principled, intelligent and experienced advisors to develop effective strategies.

  9. About the Trump rally in Phoenix:
    Thousands of people waited in line to get in the venue for hours. Some came as early as 7am. The afternoon temp here was @104 degrees, but the people stayed.
    You didn’t see the “protesters” because there were only about 40 or so. A large group of people were photographed outside the venue, but they were watching a group of some SouthAmerican immigrants performing a native dance – in full costume.
    There were scalpers selling their tickets to get inside to see MrTrump.
    There were no violent or noisy outside protests, maybe a few shouters inside, but on the whole we can say that those inside the arena loved, LOVED, MrTrump and weren’t afraid to show it.
    His message: we’re going to enforce our laws as they were intended. The government’s main concern should be to secure Americans health, safety, and welfare, not invading aliens.

    • I have watched almost all of Trump’s speeches and last night in Phoenix the crowd was pumped up!! The speech was excellent and his delivery was spot on. He knows when to speak softly and he knows when to show anger and the crowds love it. I love when he uses the words extreeeeme vetting, extreeeeme vetting, believe it!!

      • Well, it was hot outside, but then AZ people are used to it, so let’s just say that because the AZ Governor came with his state police security, the Maricopa Sheriff came with his deputies, and of course the Trump security forces might have been a deterrent to any violent protest or anyone who thinks waving a Mexican flag is a good idea.

  10. ISIS tied 9 Iraqi youths to a pole and chain sawed them in half……this is so disgusting you just want to cry…just think what the last one who died was thinking when he saw the eight before him get killed this way.

  11. Mr. Trump sends his regrets. Or at least he should.

    This is supposedly a “forum” on Commander In Chief, hosted by Lauer of NBC and MSNBC and a fairly liberal veterans organization called the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans Association.

    Looking through the IAVA site and blog they do good work for vets it appears. However,that said I remember this:

    JYLD • 26 minutes ago

    Not only is Lauer like all members of the media anti Trump but the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans association is led by an anti Trump democrat. When Trump skipped fox debate to raise money for vets the moron running the IAVA said BEFORE Trump’s event that he wouldn’t accept any money from Trump. So expect the live audience to be packed with every anti Trump military they can find.

    The forum is not a debate. They appear alone. Clinton would never debate Trump if she didn’t have to. So, one love fest. And one tar and feathering.

    What are Trump’s advisors thinking. I support Trump and he loves America, but this has no win written all over it.

    And this is one of the things I really really hate about the liberals and the Democrats. They use the military to make it seem as if they support the military. And they don’t. Really pisses me off.

    You may disagree.

    A rant. Apologies.

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