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Open Thread || Tuesday, August 30, 2016



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  1. This is chilling. Remember David Seaman, the Huffington Post writer who recently got fired from the HuffPo for daring to write an article about Hillary’s health? The HuffPo has now erased all of his articles from HuffPo. He’s been banished, erased from history, the writer who never existed, as far as HuffPo is concerned. They are going to teach him a lesson for wandering outside of the approved Progressive talking points re Hillary.

    Anyway, it now appears he is in fear of his life for what he wrote about Hillary. Here’s a YouTube video he just posted, saying that he is not suicidal, not depressed, and that if anything should “happen” to him because of his article about Hillary’s questionable health, it is not of his doing.


      • Grace and Darkangel…..the question arises: does the Progressive Left, cultish and fascist as they are, use shunning, intimidation and other similar means to control their messages, keep reporters in line, and maintain the approved narrative? Looks like they do, as this young man reveals to us. He’s obviously in fear of his life, and he’s likely not the only one who is haunted by the repercussions of daring to deviate from the approved message.

        • Frankly, I think that’s why Trump has already got a going-away, landslide win already locked up.

          “Mustn’t say that” has become the dominant diktat of discourse on current affairs. Whether it’s imposed from without, or self-employed from within, it is the most pernicious enemy America has ever faced.

          We did not defeat the German PEOPLE in World War II: we defeated the Nazi IDEA. We did not defeat the PEOPLE of the Soviet Union in the Cold War; we defeated their ideology.

          America is an idea, and by allowing censorship in the name of equanimity, we have sown quite an ill wind in our politics and culture.

          American voters are seeing this. How many of them go to the polls, will determine how high Clinton’s rubble bounces.

          • Yep. Managing the information flow, intimidating the messengers, declaring that only the government, the candidate or the tyrant speaks the Holy Truth, is a hallmark of every pernicious, dictatorial, evil empire in history. And here we are. This is what we face if Hillary or anyone like her is elected.

          • And as you guys know, in almost all physical revolutions everywhere seizing the means of communication — all communication — is a Must

            Here we just have a revolution from within. Which the opposition party was afraid to fight.

        • Yes, they do. The pull back on speaking freely is everywhere. It won’t begin to turn around until more people expose it and start to speak up everywhere. But once they start turning it on their own AND those people start speaking out, which requires considerable courage, then even more progress can be made.

          It is one thing for Alex Jones ask that Hillary not kill him and quite another for a reporter from HuffPo to speak up.

          It’s a drip but it’s a start.

          I really never did believe in my heart of heart that actual physical harm came from the Clintons or other Leftists in power. Now I have changed my mind. I believe it.

    • Not surprising in the least. CNN and Huffpo are owned lock, stock and barrel by the Clintons’ and Obama.

      CNN (HLN) has also cancelled the Dr. Drew (Pinsky) show, after six years. He also questioned her health.

      If Hillary’s bizarre facial antics are simply ‘Hillary acting silly’ kind of stuff, then why doesn’t she put the rumors to bed by giving us all another demonstration.

      As far as her health is concerned, she does not look well! She is barely ambulatory, and looks worn out. This is irrefutable.

      I do recall an emergency mtg with the Nat’l Security team shortly after Benghazi when she ‘overslept’ and was a NO SHOW! Everyone was flabbergasted when she called in @ 10:30 to say she wouldn’t be there.

      This woman definitely has enough mental and physical problems to be deemed ‘unfit to serve’! Many of those problems have been life-long, i.e., her explosive temper and lack of empathy. Alcohol probably plays a big role, also!!!

      • The Dr. Drew firing was the first indicator that the questions about Hillary’s obvious health problems was impacting her campaign—probably verified by her campaign’s internal polls, which are never made public. Now we have the trained seals in the media declaring that it’s all just a silly notion, dirty tricks, that she’s fit as a fiddle, could run a marathon tomorrow if she chose to do so. Remember a few days ago she was on TV opening a pickle jar and asking the host to take her pulse, etc. This health thing is hitting them where it hurts and they’re trying to hide it. It’s not working.

  2. Reports are that MrsClinton is seriously prepping for the upcoming debates with MrTrump.
    She has to be terrified of the prospect of facing off with someone who can think on his feet, takes no prisoners, and can throw back anything.
    She says he’s a “racist”, he says she’s a “crook”. He flip-flops, she’s a proven liar.
    If she freezes, or if she starts coughing, it’s all over for her.
    Popcorn time, for sure.

    • Also, there have been reports of those little “mini stroke” moments and then there is just her physical mobility. If she appears standing at the podium fine, but if she has to enter and exit stage and cross over to shake hands etc. people will be watching very carefully.

      And according to the comment above from the Huffpo writer we know what can happen if the issue of her health comes up.

      It could be treacherous indeed for HRC.

    • My thinking–such as it is–runs like this.

      Trump did not NEED to run for president. He was already a household name, rich, successful, take your pick. But he’s seen America going downhill long enough, so he wants to go to Washington to change things from the top. Not that he has to; he just wants to. Judging by his many public pronouncements, he evidently sees the presidency as a means to restoring American greatness. That’s his political pole star: American exceptionalism.

      Hillary is running for personal enrichment. She sees returning to the White House as the ultimate get-rich-quick scheme. Other than that, what IDEAS does she have? And proposals are not the same as ideas: Hillary can PROPOSE spending all the taxpayer money in the world, but she can’t give an empirical reason why. Redistributionism does not, has not, and cannot, work, so why try again?
      Because it sounds good, and it gets her votes; that’s all she cares about.

      But now that she’s going to go on stage with Donald Trump, a man who she knows will not give her the kid glove treatment she would have gotten from Jeb!, she’s in deep doo-doo, and she knows it. She’ll have to explain herself, for the first time in her life. And she has no explanation. Even more, she’s going to have to defend herself against someone who knows how to throw a counterpunch.

      She’s already Spam-in-a-can, and now that she gets that it’s all over but the tabulating, she’s doing her rendition of Carmen, Act 3.

  3. Remember this: No country is immune from terrorism. It’s easy to terrorize. Government and law enforcement have to be correct 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. But if you decide one day you’re going to be a terrorist and you’re willing to kill yourself, you can go out and kill some people. You can make some noise. Perhaps the media would do us all a service if they didn’t cover it quite as much. People wouldn’t know what’s going on.

    An ignorant statement from the very ignorant John Kerry, who in my book, is a traitor. “People wouldn’t know what’s going on”.

    Terrorism is easy because people like John Kerry and Barack Obama stand around with their hands in their pockets, playing with themselves, and pontificating. They are a two man wrecking ball when it comes to national security.

    • Yes, we wouldn’t know about things happening if the Dems were totally in charge of the press.
      Since they only have partial control, we don’t hear about the terrorism in Chicago that happens every day when non-combatants are shot and killed on the streets.

      • Baltimore is catching up to Chicago.

        I believe that the Obama Administration is following the Soros agenda for a federalized police forces in the states and I also think that Baltimore is the Pilot Case. We do not pay enough attention to this.

    • “An ignorant statement from the very ignorant John Kerry, who in my book, is a traitor.”

      Evidence is plentiful:

      “Senator John Kerry (D-MA). Kerry jumped into the pro-Sandanista pool himself in 1985, when he traveled to Nicaragua to negotiate with the regime. He wasn’t alone; Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA) joined him. The Christian Science Monitor reported that the two senators “brought back word that Mr. Ortega would be willing to accept a cease-fire if Congress rejected aid to the rebels…That week the House initially voted down aid to the contras, and Mr. Ortega made an immediate trip to Moscow.” Kerry then shilled on behalf of the Ortega government..”


      “As for the success of Kerry’s anti-democracy protests and his leadership of the VVAW and association with Fonda’s Winter Soldier Investigation, General Vo Nguyen Giap, Vietnam’s most decorated military leader, wrote in retrospect that if not for the disunity created by such stateside protesters, Hanoi would have ultimately surrendered. And further..
      “Kerry, by his own account, violated the UCMJ, the Geneva Conventions and the U.S. Code while serving as a Navy officer, and he further stands in violation of Article three, Section three of the U.S. Constitution.”

      Many more such incidences can be listed.

      • He’s going to China soon I believe or wherever the G20 or G 7 (don’t care) will meet.

        China has accused an Asian American businesswoman of spying. She is in jail.

        By now the world knows that the US pays ransom for hostages and payouts to Iran to build capability to destroy us and money to countries to take Gitmo prisoners who will return to the theater to kill Americans. Yeppers — why not start grabbing Americans right and left.

        Kerry is hoping everyone will obey his new policy on terrorism — ignore it. And ignore Administration payouts also.

  4. Keith’s away — so I have my special tin foil hat on.

    Comey, talking about hacking and the elections.

    I think this is the beginning of a set up in the event of a Democrat loss. They can claim fraud, the FBI and DOJ and whatever cronies they can marshall will attest to that and Hillary will demand, demand I say, a Do Over.

    I can see no other reason why Harry Reid would be concerned about fraud of any kind unless the Democrats were in jeopardy.

    And I have no use for Comey. Loretta Lynchmob says jump and he asks how high.

    • The Dems always b*tch about fraud and “disenfranchising” folks…yet, historically, they’re always the cheaters on election day.

      It’s just one of their things to complain about preemptively, whether it becomes an actual issue or not.

      • True. But this time around I see them challenging the national election if HRC loses. And the machinery of this government will do whatever is necessary to make sure the Democrats hold power.

        There is the secondary element of a foreign power, an enemy, Russia and an effort to connect Trump to that. To a rational American that’s insane, to a desperate Leftist Democrat Party it is a strategy.

        Different players this time. Higher stakes. And I say again, since when has Harry Reid ever been concerned with fraud.

        The irony and the hypocrisy could not be higher.

      • To my point, new Drudge headline. DHS to take charge of US elections. Jeh Johnson should have been impeached on day 2 as a traitor for undermining national security and he reports to Loretta Lynchmob. Does not sound like same old same old to me.

        • That article is just speculating…not likely DHS could “take over” in any sort of meaningful way 60 days out.

          As I stated, it’s just more of the usual whining and crying from the Dems.

  5. Interesting article on Real Clear Politics site asking the question: when do polls become predictive?

    If you look at the historical chart in the article, you’ll see the polls, this far out in August, September, are not predictive (we have seen this phenomenon in the Reagan-Carter race, for example). As we get closer to Election Day, the difference between poll results and actual election result gets much closer–particularly in the final days. I suppose it’s because people—mostly Independents, previously undecideds, and the squishy voters– finally make the final decision on their vote. It’s not an astonishing bit of information, but it’s interesting to see the actual data laid out on a graph.