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Here’s Why Trump Has a Good Chance to Win

From a piece I have running today in LifeZette and on RealClearPolitics:

It looks grim for Donald Trump. So say the bellyachers in the Republican Party and the early celebrators in the Democratic Party — and the media.

He’s down 10 points in some polls! Somebody get Hillary a good real estate agent so she can rent out her Chappaqua digs!

Well, Hillary may be measuring the drapes in the Oval Office, but it’s hardly curtains for Donald Trump. For many reasons, Trump is in far better shape than he seems — and is actually in an excellent position to win.

The big, scary polls showing Clinton ahead by 10 or 12 points tend to get the most attention. But as of Friday, Clinton was ahead of Trump by only 6 points in the RealClearPolitics average of recent polls. When you factor in Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson, and Green Party candidate Jill Stein, Clinton is ahead of Trump by only 4.5 points.

Yes, all this drama for a 4.5-point lead in August.

Read the rest of the reasons Trump has a good chance of winning on LifeZette.

38 thoughts on “Here’s Why Trump Has a Good Chance to Win”

  1. It is not grim for Trump, at all. Despite all of the pounding and propoganda, he is making good inroads with non-traditional voters and minorities. I am a minority and I have supported his movement from day one; I do not understand all of the anti-Trump hysteria. The left sense defeat and they are pulling out all of the stops with the nonsense. Even if Trump does not win, Hildabeast still inherits a terrible economy and foreign policy which she herself has contributed to; her supporters refuse to acknowledge how absolutely rotten and corrupt she is, because power is all they are interest and they want to complete the task of destroying the country. She will be at most, a one termer, because I believe that she is in very bad health and they are propping her up to get her through the election. Trump challenged her to release her medicals and he will release his….I believe he is in good health.

    1. Your right…..goggle Hillary sick….tons of stuff about her stokes and brain fade during speeches.

      She is sitting it out because she is sick big time.

      1. hrtblaze nailed it!
        I hope our WHD fans used the link.
        The American people want JOBS, which gives them pride and self esteem.
        I cannot recall anyone ever saying, “oh, I’m on welfare”
        But ask someone, “so what do you do”?
        “Man, I got me a job”
        Even J. Jackson Sr. said, before he discovered there was money to be made in corporate extortion , “Welfare takes away the dignity of men”(People)

    2. These “polls” are full of it! I used to believethe polls, but I don’t now — the Clinton grifter are trying to keep people from voting for Trump by saying that she won already, but if she wins then Trump is right, ITS RIGGED IF SHE WINS. The bellyachers are lying just like Clinton does, So many thousands, maybe millions of people run to his rallies, while Clinton is in a room alone, afraid of the people that might ask her questions because she is full of guilt and won’t take any questions, she is coasting and hoping that the crooks in the dem party will rig it for her. The Clintons and Obamas have brought this country down so far. I hope we can get up, but as long as these Clinton grifters and anti-American Obamas are in Washinton, along with the Bushes, and others rooting for Clinton, we will all go down the tubes towards socialism, the democratic party is now a bunch of racist communists who care nothing about America, want to ruin it for all the filthy commies and Congress does nothing, the Republicans are only interested in money and perks, along with the commies. If Trump gets in, maybe we have a chance, but the future of America is not good with all these terrorists coming in and illegals fighting against America along with Black Lives Matter who are responsible for murders of policemen. We are becoming a third world country filled with criminals and haters of America. Thanks a lot Republicans, democrat communists and Congress, etc. You should all be ashamed of yourselves and you will reap what you sow.

  2. I read the whole LifeZette article… that’s a really good piece of writing, Keith.

    The hysterical anti-Trump collaborators have all ganged up and are singing hourly and daily funeral dirges for Trump, and it’s not working for them. It’s over for Trump, they sing.

    Reminds me of the Truman-Dewey and the famous headline in the Chicago Tribune, “Dewey Defeats Truman”, when Truman actually won the election. Whoopsie.

    From the story cited below:

    “The polls and the pundits left no room for doubt: Dewey was going to defeat President Harry S. Truman. And the Tribune would be the first to report it.”

    “Like most newspapers, the Tribune, which had dismissed him on its editorial page as a “nincompoop,” was lulled into a false sense of security by polls that repeatedly predicted a Dewey victory.”

    What the political snowflakes on both sides of the aisle really don’t like about Trump is that he calls them as he sees them. Sometimes he’s right and sometimes he’s not. But no one doubts what’s on Trump’s mind at the time. How refreshing. Again, they criticize Trump for being blunt, insensitive, politically incorrect, etc. He gives them hell and they don’t like it one bit.

    Again, we look at Truman’s response when someone in the audience he was speaking to in the 1948 presidential election yelled at him, “Give em hell, Harry!” Truman’s perfect response was: “I don’t give them Hell, I just tell the truth about them and they think it’s Hell.”

    Sounds familiar. ;+}

    1. x2 on that article Keith. Nice work.

      Also I just got a “fundraising” email from the Trump campaign. Something you will not see from HRC for sure.

      I emailed you to let you know that

      “I am going to personally match every donation made up to $1 million by my supporters until the end of August.”

      Then again HRC has CFF and CF funds.

  3. Don’t trust the polls and trust the media even less. It is difficult to assess the political scene when the data is manipulated.

    This is where people like Keith come in handy. Cut through the BS.

    As for Hillary and her communication with the press or the public beyond ads, someone had this thought.

    It’s clear that the only way Hillary Clinton is going to hold a press conference is if the DC press corps donates $1 million to the Clinton Foundation.

  4. The fact that Hillary is not making any public appearances until debate night speaks volumes.
    Her surrogates, Bill, Barry, and Biden, will be on the campaign trail.

    As everyone knows, it will take a village to get HRC elected – she is the least likable of the two nominees. She is the quintessential woman everyone loves to hate!

    This election is a two-man (woman) horse race; one is a broken down old nag, the other is the unbridled long shot.

    ***Breaking News:
    Huma and Tony are separating!

    1. He should be arrested- not for sending someone a photo of his penis, but for exposing his erect penis while a child is laying next to him in bed.
      If any man was to publish a photo like that, the implication would be he had done it before, and the child was part of whatever he planned to relieve his desire.
      It’s not funny, not smarmy, not a political thing, but a child abuse matter.
      He should be arrested.

      1. Yes, he should have been arrested on the spot, and Mrs. Carlos Danger should have left him pronto.. with the child in her arms.

        It’s beyond sickening!

        1. Edit: Mrs. Carlos Danger should have left him with child in arms after the FIRST incident of sexting a year or two ago. He has been the sole caretaker of that child all of this time!

          1. My thoughts are different on the separation. This jaded NYer thinks the separation idea was all Hillary’s doing. Hillary sees Anthony as a campaign liability, people wondering what Huma tells Anthony etc.

            If Huma really wanted to leave Anthony, there were a million previous times she could have. I think she loves the guy, faults and all. I would have found more credibility in Huma’s statement had she said “Anthony is seeking help and once his treatment is over, I will reassess the marriage.”

            Also, think about this: The truer indication that the idea was hers and not Hillary’s would be if Huma files for an immediate emergency sole custody or removes the child from the home. That would make more sense to me than announcing a separation. What good will a separation do if he’s still the primary parent caregiver?

            Something is rotten in Denmark and it smells of Clinton politics.

          2. Given the wackiness and corruption of the characters involved in this story, Huma and Hillary probably field tested and focus grouped the impact of leaving/not leaving Carlos Danger on Hillary’s campaign.

          3. Funny, I was thinking about Wiener the other day, remembering what a jerk he was (pre-scandal)…and now, after all this time, how he’d be able to easily worm himself back into power of sorts (via his wife) if Hillary was elected.

            Glad he got busted again!

      2. Yes he should be arrested at a minimum. If it were my child, I am afraid my reaction would be more extreme than just “separating” from my spouse.

        1. I don’t think the Muslim Huma will leave the Wiener. Hillary is so desperate to change the subject from her scandals she would use the filthy route and use Huma to change the subject. These commies are desperate now. I doubt she’ll leave him, no way. Maybe, maybe not, Hillary using Huma and Wiener now, Always rotten news and chaos from the Clintons and Huma disgusting all of them, not only Wiener but Bill is/was just as bad. they are using Huma and the Wiener to get attention away from their Bonnie & Clyde crimes of stealing money from the State Dept.

          1. LOCK HER UP! LOCK HER UP!

  5. Hillary is running a commercial on PA TV. I do not see the reasoning for it. Her economic plan is to install 500 million solar panels during her first term. I do not understand why she wound promote solar since Obama been such a failure at promoting it. And she said it was to be done during her first term as if she already knows she will have two terms.

    Another uphill battle she has is more and more information will come out about the relationship between the Clinton Foundation and the State Department. Here is a new story I had not seen before.

    1. From the decision to leave Weiner looking like a political ploy as much as anything else and now this stupid ppd excuse for email deletion — the Clinton machine has a remarkably simplistic and superficial view of women and their serious issues.

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