As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

19 Responses to Sunday Open Thread || August 28, 2016

  1. Just watched Meet The Democrats….er Press…….

    David Plouffe was on and Future WH Director of Communications Chuck Todd was talking about how Clinton has 269 Electoral College votes and the campaign is over….

    Why would they do this ? Are they falsely shoring up the campaign to give the Dem’s confidence when absentee voting starts next week? If your a voter and you know your candidate is going to win……would you stand in line for 4 hours?

    • It’s all propaganda.
      Unless it’s already in the bag for Hillary, I see it as an attempt to dissuade Trump voters from going to the polls.

      It’s not going to work this time IMO.

        • You can see it on Facebook. Because of the abuse we get from the left, the pro Trump crowd won’t necessarily respond to our unenlightened friends’ Trump bashing posts because almost inevitably they resort to name calling and hard feelings ensue. But that doesn’t make us less passionate.

          On blogs however, oh the fun we have letting them have it, in the nicest possible way. You know what wins the argument every time? Ask them what Hillary has accomplished besides staying out of jail and you hear crickets.

  2. Speaking of the astonishing level of corruption now being revealed about Hillary’s behavior as SOS, the e-mail scandals, pay-for-play deals, etc, I just finished reading this week’s Judicial Watch Weekly Review of her mind-boggling careless, self-serving activities. It’s at the point where mere words can’t describe how corrupt she is:

    With these Judicial Watch developments, and the continual flood of Wikileaks revelations about her behavior (and much more to come, apparently), why isn’t she in jail?

    • She just received her first security briefing this weekend.
      I find it appalling that they even went through with that.

      Why isn’t she in jail?
      She’s Hillary Clinton.

      They will never jail her, we have to beat her at the polls.

      • PS.
        Anyone of us that held security clearances, the clearances would have been revoked for one tenth of what she has done.

        She should be in jail and stripped of her pension.

      • HRC briefed, despite the fact that the one thing that Comey said about her was that she was careless.

        She probably sent Huma an email with all the relevant security information so she could pass it along to interested parties. And I am pretty sure Sidney Blumenthal was briefed by HRC as well.

      • On Tuesday, it will be 270 days since she had an actual press conference. Right during the critical months of her campaign when she’s trying to peddle herself to the voters. Something very, very weird about that. Obviously.

  3. Was reading a book thread and a discussion of the causes and events leading to the collapse of the Roman Empire.

    Someone made this comment:

    “And we haven’t had some fey emperor who made his horse Secretary of State!”

    Considering the POTUS we have and the Secretary of State, I am not so sure I would agree with that. :)


    • Amazing!
      Great catch AFVet.
      I would have missed that.
      Very encouraging, and we need that.
      Well I do, after watching the so called msm do their day ration of Trump beating.
      NBC,ABC,CBS…Propagandist, all of them