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Obama Schedule || Friday, August 26, 2016

10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
3:10 pm || Visits with wounded warriors; Walter Reed National Military Medical Center; Bethesda, Maryland

All times Eastern
Livestream of White House briefing at 11:30 am

26 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Friday, August 26, 2016”

  1. I don’t know how many WHD’s still watch Morning Joe (I do because I must but I get combat pay for it) but I’m waiting for the video clip link to be able to share with the world that absolutely despicable treatment Pastor Mark Burns received this morning from Mika and the panel. I would say that Sharpton, Wallace, Meacham, Barnicle and Robinson should be ashamed of themselves, but to have shame, one must have a conscience and at least in this instance they showed to the world, they don’t have one.

    1. I will check it out, thanks Geoff. Nothing surprises me anymore. I still believe in public comments and pressure against such treatment. To be silent is pretty much to accept it.

      1. Burns tried over and over to get out even just one complete sentence on Trump’s desire to give students and parents choice in schools and they just kept interrupting over and over and over with “but what’s his policy, where’s his policy?”
        They are so consumed with Hillary hysteria that couldn’t even realize that School Choice IS A POLICY!

        1. Indeed it is. And one of his better ones also.

          I think Hillary hysteria, especially when they gang up like they apparently did here, might do more damage to the MSM than they they think. Especially on shows that are considered to be more “lean to the left but teetering on middle of the road” like MJ.

          But I must say wherever Al Sharpton is the stupid shines.

          1. Grace, breaking news, just happening, France top administrative court overturns burkini ban.
            So, France surrendered.
            Sarkozy has described the burkini as a provocation. I agree, that is what it is. And they won again.

          2. swedishlady says:
            August 26, 2016, 10:03 am at 10:03 am

            Gotta run — will check out your comment later. Thanks.

            The French doing what the French do best — surrendering.

          3. swedishlady says:
            August 26, 2016, 10:03 am at 10:03 am

            Thanks for taking the time. Is deportation an option? I ask seriously.

            We need to consider options for getting illegals, and improperly vetted people out of our country as well.

    2. You deserve the combat pay Geoff! The show is so bad now, I rarely watch. Mika and Joe must have psychological problems, their chemistry is brutal.

      Re today’s show, I flipped it off the second Sharpton’s misshapen head flashed before my eyes. Mika must have been in her glory since Joe was not there to interrupt her every other second. What a bitter woman! Her contempt for Trump is visceral…and unwatchable.

      1. I’m definitely down to only DVR these days and a LOT of fast forward. I had to leave before the Hillary fest came on but the pack attack against Pastor Burns for doing nothing but being a black man willing to go against the Dem plantation mentality was a low as low gets.

      2. I heard her “words matter” rant (while sitting next to arch race baiter Sharpton). Seeing this convinces me that Mika is at best unhinged. She made no attempt to keep the utter contempt and loathing off her face. Creepy to put it mildly.

    3. We know that Mika gets her talking points from the White House–there are lots of sites which have noted this. Here’s just one, as an example:

      ‘Mika Brzezinski: I’m working with the White House on oil spill talking points”

      Oh, heck, I’ll add another one:

      “Pathetic: Mika Brzezinski Again Reads White House Talking Points on the Air”

      The good news is that his ratings are horrible…something like 850,000 “viewers”, counting those asleep in nursing homes, or .0025 percent of the population. 99.9925 population of the country is not watching “Morning Joe. Why are they still on the air?

  2. OT: Clinton’s servers and e-mails.
    Why? A rough count shows that over 65,000 e-mails were sent to and from MrsClinton’s devices. The question is Why?; did she not accept phone calls, not even from her daughter, but forced everyone to ‘put it in writing’.
    There doesn’t seem to be a paper trail that is normally expected from an agency as complicated as the State Department. No documents to file, no phone calls to be logged, just a strange texting system.
    Is it logical to assume that MrsClinton was not up to the job and dare not take a call from anyone who would realize she didn’t know what she was talking about; that by texting every communication, she was able to have others respond in her name?
    The other question is Why? didn’t she destroy her servers and all of the questionable information in the years after she resigned from her position. There didn’t seem to be any point or reason to archive anything as she believed, so why not take a hammer to it all?

  3. OK all,
    Here’s the Morning Joe link. It’s a little over 12 minutes but worth it for 3 reasons:
    1. It opens with the latest Trump ad using Clintons’ own words from 2008 to expose their hypocrisy
    2. The OMG I just saw a puppy killed look on Mika’s face immediately following
    3. To be used as a reference to share with each and everyone you know as to just how low the establishment can go. I can’t say the left because Wallace is involved in the attack as well.
    Spread this far and wide, people need to know the despicable way Pastor Burns was treated.

    1. Like you Geoff, I used to pride myself in being able to watch Morning Joe. It was an exercise in mental strength, withstanding the trash talking and insanity that came out of their mouths. But then, Joe went on a Trump overload, tirade day after day after day. Not even two seconds into the show, Joe would blast Trump. Mika smiled, the panel jumped aboard the Trump hate train, and life was good for that team.

      I haven’t watched MoJoe since and as much as I appreciate your effort to still watch and to post the video, I’m going to take your word for it that it’s bad.

      1. I took a deep breath and watched it, with all its sick sick sick Mika and Al Sharpton abuse to the pastor. Mika is vile, she is disrespectful, she’s arrogant, she’s condescending. But she’ll get praised by her lib friends for taking down the pastor for being a black Trump supporter.

        I did the clip better than sending it to my few Twitter followers, I emailed to my 98 year old mother who, with her circle of other nonagenarians, are all Trump supporters, will pass this among each other quickly.


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