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Email Server-Wiping Firm Brags it “Stifled” Clinton Probe

The company that disappeared Hillary Clinton’s emails is bragging on its website that it helped her block the FBI investigation into her actions.

“BleachBit stifles investigation of Hillary Clinton,” reads a headline on the company’s website, as reported by the Washington Examiner.

Bleachbit wrote:

The IT team for presidential candidate Hillary Clinton used the open source cleaning software BleachBit to wipe systems “so even God couldn’t read them,” according to South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy on Fox News . . . Perhaps Clinton’s team used an open source application because, unlike proprietary applications, it can be audited, like for backdoors. In response to the Edward Snowden leaks in 2013, privacy expert Bruce Schneier advised, “Closed-source software is easier for the NSA to backdoor than open-source software,” in an article in which he stated he also uses BleachBit.

Ah yes, justice denied. Good for business.

Meanwhile, the White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest avoided a question about the appropriateness of the Secretary of State using BleachBit to erase emails that properly belong to the people, claiming he had no idea what anyone was talking about.

22 Responses to Email Server-Wiping Firm Brags it “Stifled” Clinton Probe

      • Bleachbit?(spell) proves that the e-mails Hillary Clinton deleted WERE NOT PERSONAL AND NOT ABOUT THE WEDDING, ETC.) The ugly B. made sure that the e-mails were gone as she had everything to hide. Talk about guilt, she used Bleachbit or whatever it is called. She is just money crazy and can’t stop lieing, a real mental case. she’s been doing things, having scandals since the 1960’s and if she wins the Presidency she will look to steal more money from people for her time. The Clintons should be jailed, thats the only way to stop them from money laundering. They won’t stop. Money crazy Clintons. Never enough and they put their daughter right in the middle of it too.

  1. The Clintons should have piled all the servers in their backyard, poured gasoline on them, set them on fire and roasted marshmallows.
    She would have faced some technical garbage from someone, then she could pull out the “Clinton Free Pass” card and we would only be talking about the real issues we all face.

    The real story is at the Clinton Foundation and the pay-for-play or money on the come, not the e-mails on the illegal servers.

  2. I thought this was outrageous. And who was the one who bleached the emails?

    Huma’s correspondence sent to Congress almost 100% redacted. Obama Administration — hello Josh — still refuses to reveal sources of Iran ransom to Congress.

    • She will not be held accountable by the present administration because they are deeply ingrained in the lies and the deceit that has fundamentally fueled one of the most corrupt eras of American history.

      She has to be beaten at the polls, by a landslide.

      This election can’t be close.
      If it is, the Hillary camp will steal it through fraud.

      Obama and Clinton have a lot to lose if they lose to Trump and they know it.

      No more comfy cozy media.
      Oh my goodness, no place to hide.

      • I’d love to be an optimist, but the current state of the Electoral map is discouraging…so I’m preparing myself for the worst in November. Never thought I’d be rooting for Julian Assange to come up with something devastating to ruin Chairman Hillary’s campaign.

      • If Hillary wins, the Clinton Foundation continues with Chelsea running the scam and beholden to Hill and Bill, and with some pretend firewall set up. If Clinton loses, they just continue the scam. Either way, Hillary wins something.

        They are corrupt to the core and don’t care.