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Live Stream || White House Briefing – August 25, 2016

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  1. Joe Biden is in Sweden today.He praised Sweden for its “leadership” etc and commended us for receiving so many “refugees” last year, around 163 000. Well, it wasn´t really the people that said welcome but our crazy politicians. We, the people, could do without these guests and Bidens false praise, we understand that there is a little hitch somewhere that will hit our wallets somehow, even if our, not so bright, PM shone like a sun, standing next to Biden.
    But Bidens real message was, try to stop Russian Gazprom from building North Stream 2 in the Baltic Sea. Russia is already selling gas to Europe via North Stream 1, now they want another pipeline.
    I really dislike that the Obama government tries to intervene in European economy. Many countries are already suffering because of other sanctions against Russia. They exported a lot to Russia , dairy foods, agricultural products etc, now they cannot because of Washingtons order. What´s in it for Europe, I ask ? Nothing. We should not put up with it. I am certain that Trump, if elected, will end this mad escalating conflict with Russia. But with Hillary, the globalist servant, it will go on forever and get worse.
    I read that Mr Brexit, the eminent Nigel Farage, was in Mississippi on a Trump meeting. He wants to join forces with Trump in the fight against the globalists. Trump and Farage, great guys !

    1. Sending Biden to speak on anything, domestically or internationally, is like having Daffy Duck lecture us on the mysteries of the Universe.

    2. Obama,Biden and Hillary:
      Let this be a lesson to all you peeps! Ideas are very dangerous things! You are mindless, soil-shoving losers, put on this Earth to serve us!

      Yes Master…….

    3. Thanks for the update SL.
      We can always rely on you to keep us informed of the goings on over there.

      BTW,…Biden is an idiot, and the constant efforts of this administration to shape and manipulate other countries is becoming tiresome.

      Hopefully Brexit will start something that needs to be done.

    4. No offense SWL. But, (and I am not supporting Russia or slamming Europe) sometimes you have to take a stand. Europe cannot just sit back and expect either the US or Russia (whatever their motives and their are motives) to be the some kind of saviour to Europe. Europeans have to fight too. The Exit was a good move toward regaining sovereignty and independence but the European globalization efforts gone wild do nothing to help the US or Europe and European reluctance to solve or at least be more aggressive with its extremist Muslim and terrorist elements is also not helpful.

      Unfortunately with Obama as our President the American government carries a very large part in world disruption.

      1. Grace, agree, the Obama administration carries a big part in world disruption, after all they were seen as “leaders”. But the Quislings of Europe must share their part of responsibility too. They agreed upon killing Khadaffi, they started a war to get rid of Assad. As a consequence, Europe is now invaded by migrants, mostly Muslims, among them murderers and terrorists. Biden was here to tell us about the “Russian threat” to make us cooperate in Washingtons intervention politics, however, most of us realize that the absolutely biggest threat to us, to the entire West, is the Islamists. There, we should all, including Russia, cooperate to destroy them. I agree, Europe could do more, much more. We should not facilitate life for Muslims in our countries, we should enforce our laws, we should demand respect for Western lifestyles, demand assimilation. I am glad that France, for example, is now enforcing the “burkini ban” on the beaches. A small detail but still.

        1. The world will be a better place without Barack Obama in the WH. If HRC wins it could be worse. If Trump wins, at least we have a chance.

          This Europe Has To Do More For Itself is relatively new thinking for me. Back in the day I could understand our relationship, but ever since Europe went on the Leftist/Socialist Spree it has become increasingly less “dependable” I guess. Sort of like our own entitlement class.

          I am saying this badly. But we all — the US and Europe — have suffered from this lean to the Left, from this multi cultural globalization BS, and from leaders like Barack Obama. Time to right ourselves. And standing up to Muslims, Sharia law, terrorism and the take over of neighborhoods and culture in contries where they have emigrated to has to stop.

          Be well. Guess we are all in this together. I suspect there is a lot going on in the US that we are not being told about as well. And when we do hear of it, nothing substantive comes from it — like the rape of a 3 or 5 year old girl awhile back. That’s dead issue now.

  2. This Administration is border line traitorous if you look at it in terms of our national security at home and abroad and our treatment of our “friends” and “enemies”.

    Behind very closed doors and in the dark Obama throws money at Iran to help them develop devastating nuclear power and wants to wipe us off the face of the earth, and then sends Biden to tell the Kurds to back off or we will not support them. Instead this Administration supports Erdogan.

    Joe Biden, stopped being a patriotic American when he hooked up with Barack Obama and the Democrat Party took a hard Left. Now he is nothing but a dirty old man and a useful idiot to this corrupt Administration who fails our friends and encourages our foes.

    Sometimes you think we’ll be lucky to get out of this alive.

    1. No longer borderline Grace.
      They crossed that border with Fast and Furious.

      Blame the MSM and the complicit congress for the extent they have gotten away with it.

      1. About that. I no longer trust this Administration to not throw people in jail for what they say in public online. So, I am careful.

        This Administration perverts the Constitution and the Law — that is why our limp wristed constitutional law adjunct teacher can dance so quickly on immigration laws, the constitution , and anti terrorism and Homeland Security.

        If people in this country think that Obama and Clinton are beyond punishing you for what you say and soon think, they better wake up.

        As for the ability to commit these treasonous acts — yes the Republican elite and the MSM are absolutely complicit.

          1. Ok. I was going to tell you about one episode of an Australian show that I was watching — English professor, trying to make a point about the use of words and language, ends up going to jail under the Terrorism Securities laws. Total perversion of the law. Not a real case, but can see it happening and probably has.

            Remember the maker of the Benghazi video. He went to jail. Now he went for cause not related to Benghazi, but the Admin had pinned it on him and I think they would have found some reason to put him a way related to Benghazi if need be.

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