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Investigative Report: Clinton Pickle Jar Opening was Staged!

Now it can be revealed: A team of investigative journalists at the Washington Free Beacon with time on their hands reveal the truth about Clinton’s “test of strength” demonstration in which she opened of a jar of pickles on the Jimmy Kimmel Show.

13 thoughts on “Investigative Report: Clinton Pickle Jar Opening was Staged!”

  1. Funny. Sad. True.

    The WFB has had some good articles recently. But they are not as much fun as Keith — he has a full service comment section, complete with Mod Jail with a fully stocked bar with snacks, including Cheetos.

    That said, just scanning through the Internet I am getting the impression that some MSM sites are somewhat critical of Clinton and the Foundations — the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Family Foundation. I am wondering if this might be a back door where some truth about the Clintons might filter down to LIVs and Democrats or Independents “on the fence”.

    Have a great day in Obamaland guys.

  2. C’mon, there’s no way they would allow MrsC to be humiliated on national TV by not being able to open a pickle jar. Not only was the pickle jar previously opened and resealed, but MrsClinton was aware of the coming skit. All that hilarious acting was just that – acting.

    How many times have fit/healthy people been forced to pound the lid on a hard surface or reach for a ‘helper’ to open a jar? geez.

  3. You can bet good money that not only was the pickle jar tomfoolery “fixed”, but that every question Kimmel asked and every response, gesture, and horselaugh Hillary gave was written, tested, pre-screened, vetted, and approved by the Clinton handlers.

  4. OT but curious if anyone else who used to get updates when Keith posted a new post on WHD had them drop off recently? When I started getting “cut to the news” in my inbox the WHD new posting notifications stopped? I thought he was just taking a break. Definitely a glitch somewhere just trying to figure out how to get my notifications back.

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