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Clinton Ad Ties Trump to the KKK

Here’s what Hillary Clinton tweeted out Thursday. Maybe the Clinton campaign is more concerned about Trump than they’re letting on.

21 thoughts on “Clinton Ad Ties Trump to the KKK”

    1. Hillary Clinton is a sick liar. She can’t stop lieing, she’s pathological. She will lie until the day she dies. She damn well knows Trump is not a racist, but she will lie about anything and everyone to get her power and greedy money. I don’t know how anyone could believe a thing she says? She just keeps lieing. Very bad people, the Clintons. Thanks to Trump, the truth is out about her, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, etc. Very corrupt government now, just like a third world country, they lie, cheat, don’t follow the laws of the U.S. very corrupt, I hope we can get rid of all of them, and stop the corruption through Trump! The government protects the Clintons, there is no Justice Department anymore, just an arm of the Obama Admin and the Clintons. So sad. They also give away classified secrets for money. The Rosenbergs in the 1940’s were executed for selling secrets for money. What is happening that our government has turned so corrupt, so communist and so low-class and greedy. People are getting poorer and the politicians are getting richar, all of them.

      1. She is lecturing to the ignorant, just like Obama does.
        The democratic/progressive base is eroding and they know it.
        And it is eroding because of the fact that attention has been brought to the issue of the democratic policies that have decimated the inner cities and the poor in this Country.

        Slavery is not dead.
        The democratic party keeps it alive.

  1. Copying my post from another thread. Fits better here.

    Now that Hillary is trying to tie Trump to the KKK, it might be time to remind ourselves that Hillary had the highest praise for her “friend and mentor” KKK hero and Grand Kleagle Sen. Robert Byrd. The Grand Kleagle is the chief recruitment officer of the KKK. Oh, my, did she like Sen Byrd, as you can read here.

    And, of course there is the ringing endorsement for Hillary from the Communist Party.

    And let’s not forget the glowing support Planned Parenthood (and their $20 million contribution to Hillary’s campaign), which kills more unborn Black human beings in a month than the number of Blacks KKK killed in a 100 years. Hillary is the first Presidential candidate they have ever supported. Says a lot.

  2. They’re throwing millions in ads against MrTrump, everywhere we look is another negative ad.
    Still, he’s within the margin of error in the polls. Some places ties or leads. All of this without spending anywhere near what the Dems are using to trash his every , well, everything.
    Then, he came out with an overt move to the Black community asking….what do you have to lose…and the sirens went off at Dem headquarters. Sirens, lights flashing, a robot chanting “danger, danger.”.
    Now, they overreact, again, against a man for whom they have no evidence of a racial background, none.
    They can’t explain it, don’t know how to counter it except with ungrounded fear that he might belong to a radical group. MrT offered them a chance for a good job, not another handout. A chance to pay for college, not be another leech who has to game the system.
    A chance to gain some dignity, to move out of poverty – not with some imagined reparations, but with the money they earn with a job.

    You bet the Dems are scared. They know something we haven’t been told. Yet.

    1. You bet the Dems are scared. They know something we haven’t been told. Yet.

      srdem65 Something about HRC or something about DT? What do you think?

    2. What the Clinton people haven’t figured out yet is that they are playing checkers while the Trump people are playing chess. The Clinton people have the entire corporate press, the Dem elites, the Rep elites, the Hollywood knuckleheads, the talking heads on TV, the Glenn Becks and Marc Levin radio hosts—all talking against Trump, all aligned against him, all rattling on about his “temperament”, his “inexperience”, his off the wall comments, even, for crying out loud, his hair.

      And yet, and yet. Trump is still within the margin of error or even ahead of Hillary in the polls. After all that effort to mock him, to destroy him, cripple his candidacy, declaring Trump is really about to pull out of the race, that he’s not serious, that he’s a spy for Putin, that he’s a racist, a hater, a misogynist, putting words in his mouth, characterizing him as a nut, making a cartoon out of him, In spite of all that coordinated effort, Trump is still there, breathing down their necks. There is flop sweat flowing throughout the Clinton campaign.

      This is the best political campaign evah! ;+}

      Which candidate will win the campaign? No one knows. Those who say they do know are, at this point, howling at the moon. There are too many moving parts, shifting gears and unknowns in this campaign to forecast the result at this point.

  3. Reeks of desperation.

    And there is no sewer too deep for Hillary.

    I wish there would be a response ad with History of the Democrats and the KKK. But that gets us nowhere.

    What a whore she is.

  4. Ah, yes.
    The trusty, “In case of close election, break glass and use KKK smear.
    KKK, child of the DEMOCRATIC Party.
    But ingnorence is bliss.

  5. The Dems reek of desperation and will crank up their dirty campaign tactics to try and save crooked Hillary’s coronation. Hillary in her housecoat and jammie pants at the Nantucket fundraiser didn’t look ready to be president. She looked ready to check into a retirement home. No offense to people that live there, my in-laws lived in a lovely one.

  6. Uggg I see by the local news little Barry is leaching a ride to Hawaii next week to preserve some thing or another….ruining the travel plans of many in the summertime. What a guy

  7. I am a little confused but perhaps or apparently this whole racist thing is on purpose and meant to bring up this whole alt right thing.

    For those who are unclear on that (like me) the Daily Caller link is more like background on it and the Brietbart article by Milo takes it further.

    Sounds rather ugly to me. But this is where Obama has taken us and it probably rather pleases him that the national election discourse has taken us here.

    Looks like Trump’s addition of the Breitbart guy has contributed to this.

    Would be nice to concentrate on the economy, education, growth etc. but apparently we are going there this time around ….

  8. Off topic,but I mentioned before the burkini-ban in France. I guess you know what a burkini is, it is like a wet suit dress covering everything head to toes, used as a bathing suit by some Muslim women. Well, France is actually trying to enforce the ban, (you can imagine….), and there is a schizofrenic “debate” going on now. I think the prohibition is right, I get upset by these black ghosts, if they want to swim and bath like that, OK, but go to some secluded places please. not among us. Plus, it is not hygienic in a swimming pool.
    Anyhow, Mr Muslim Mayor in London disapproves of the French law ( naturally….) and thunders about it, ” no one should interfere with what women like to wear ! “. But, this is coming from a guy who banned the pictures of bikini-girls in the subways in London. Well, London really isn´t an English town anymore. Londonistan.

    1. It’s not about what women wear, or the religion one chooses to practice, it is about cultural conquest. As you well know.

      The London Mayor just reminds me of Barack Obama — change the culture. And from what I hear you are right. Londonistan.

      BTW, I hear about a lot of rapes and harrassment of Swedish women –and very little done about it. I also hear about people reliquishing their homes to Muslim refugees/ immigrants in Sweden. True or not?

      I assume there are pockets or ghettos of Muslims everywhere, even here.

      1. Grace, yes, it is about arrogance and about no desire to assimilate, it is about : here we are and we do as we please and you cannot do anything about it, move over.
        Oh yes, girls and women contact the police frequently about rapes and sexual offenses ( committed by MidEast/African men ). But remember, our laws are very protective of women, certain acts are considered as rapes that would not be it in other countries, I think Assange is bitterly aware of that. Our police is drilled into political correctness, for long these crime reports were denied. But now there is a debate ( at least ) but not much action. How do you stop it ? There is a real cultural clash between our feminist educated girls and these men from the Dark Ages. I believe we will get a very segregated society very soon. I also think that all girls should carry some kind of stinging spray in the pocket/handbag when they leave home.
        Relinquishing the homes, well, I would rather say that the local politicians are desperate for housings to their quota of migrants. So, housings for these people are often top priority and ordinary peoples housing problems are not. Many taxpayers are therefor very upset, young people have often big difficulties in finding apartments/houses.
        In short, the sudden enormous invasion of people ( mostly men ) with a totally different culture has turned our country upside down.

  9. Let me know when the father of an Islamic terrorist shows up – and is prominently featured – at a Trump rally.

    Then we can talk about associations with certain types, mkay?

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