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Hillary Never Visited Louisiana at All

With the focus on President Obama’s late arrival on the scene, the media have forgotten that Hillary Clinton never bothered to go to Louisiana at all.

It’s far easier for the media to go after an outgoing president than the women most hope will replace him. Definitely don’t want to tarnish her.

What’s more, she is out in California taking money from Hollywood celebrities while not even bothering to stop by the scene of any of the massive, destructive fires that consumed sections of that state.

Below, Ellen Ratner, who is not a conservative, notes that Clinton has been on a fundraising tour for herself while not bothering to commit any funds to Louisiana. Donald Trump gave money to the victims, funds he presumably could have allocated to his campaign.

29 Responses to Hillary Never Visited Louisiana at All

  1. Of course she didn’t visit LA. She was, as Keith notes, counting cash at a fund raiser in California. That’s what’s important to Hillary. Cash, baby, cash. In her pocket. And we know that not a nickle from the Clinton Foundation will make its way to the flood victims.

    Anyway, here’s the front page photo on today’s NY Post which summarizes Hillary’s priorities.

  2. Anyone hear how much Trump donated to flood relief in Louisiana? He also sent a semi full of much needed supplies.

    I’m betting that neither Hildebeast or the Clinton Crime Family Foundation make any effort to help.

  3. The Queen Bee does not mingle with the little people. First of all, she can barely walk without the help of her staff. ‘Travel’ for HRH is limited to cruising around in her private jet while downing her vodka martinis, and picking up wads of cash from her donor base.

    The Lady is a Tramp!

  4. OT, but because we talk about polls all the time, this might be interesting, in the light of the hourly corporate media blaring that Trump is so far behind Hillary in the polls, he can’t possibly win.

    And, so, a quick look at the 1980 Reagan/Carter race and the polls of that race is worth a review.

    Reagan was behind, and sometimes by a lot, (62 Carter, 33 Reagan in the earliest days of the campaign) until June/July 1980 (37 Reagan-32 Carter). Then Reagan fell behind again in early Oct (40-44 and 39-45) and finally pulled ahead (47-44) just before the election–like a week before. So it was going to be a tossup, the smart set let us know. Carter might win. Would win, they told us.

    However, actual election results showed Reagan won over Carter 51-41. The pollsters completely missed it.

    Here’s the Wiki results so you can see for yourselves. Look down to the 1980 election.

  5. IMO, she can’t go to LA. She can’t walk around, she can’t stand for long periods of time and there’s no way she’s going to step in front of the camera while someone provides her with a chair or a arm to aid her.
    Her mind might still be sharp, but her body is betraying it’s weaknesses.
    She’s overweight and weak. She sits in awkwardly because she can’t raise herself from a normal sitting position.
    She might have the MSM covering for her, or she might be able to fool young people, but she can’t fool us seniors – we know what we see.