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Hillary Clinton May be Running to Stay Out of Jail

Donald Trump’s promise Tuesday to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the Clinton Foundation makes one thing clear: Hillary Clinton may be going either to the White House or the Big House.

Trump is suggesting that he will take charges of criminal wrongdoing by Clinton very seriously, unlike, of course, the Obama administration.

It’s not just the Clinton Foundation and possible influence peddling at the State Department that is ripe for investigation. Trump can easily revisit FBI Director Comey’s decision not to prosecute Clinton over her mishandling of classified information by using a private email server. Her attempts to cover her tracks could prompt charges of a coverup and obstruction of justice.

And congressional Republicans are already looking into whether she committed perjury before Congress. Obviously, she lied to Congress. Whether it ranks as “perjury” is surely something a Trump attorney general could look into.

And that attorney general may well be Chris Christie, a political animal who would have few qualms about going after Clinton.

Meantime, senior Clinton aides who had frequent contact with the Clinton Foundation while they worked at the State Department could also face prosecution under Trump.

On the downside, I’d note, we could start to look like a Banana Republic. Politicians prosecuting their political opponents is not something that normally happens in America.

But Hillary Clinton is not something that normally happens in America. Her potential crimes are so rampant and egregious, we may have little choice but to indict her if we want to uphold the principle that nobody is above the law.

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    1. Not necessarily. If anyone had the guts to actually see this thing through and she were found guilty, no way she would be jailed before Emperor Barack leaves the palace.
      The wheels of bureaucracy and all that…

  1. Couple of things that I’ve heard that I’ll pass along:

    First, expand the House. There is no magic in the number 435. 50,000 citizens per Representative, tops, and if that means establishing more Federal cities for them to work in, that would actually be a good thing (decentralization, security, etc.)

    Second, give the Electoral College some teeth. Electors should campaign locally for the privilege of having a direct say in who will lead the country; the current setup of national celebrity politicians is a joke. There’s no WAY Hillary would have any hope of moving back into the White House if the Electoral College were more than just a convoluted scoreboard for Election Night. Get back to what the Framers intended: groups of informed citizens, in each of the several States, convening for one purpose: choosing a President. That, together with an expanded House, would bring America back to its founding vision.

  2. The only hope I can see is Trump going after her during the debates. He should also spotlight her with her relationship with George Soros who has donated $30 million to her campaign. I think Soros wants to go down in history as the man who brought down the Bank of England and America.

    I see so many parallels between the Banana Republics down here to the US. I think we are already a Banana Republic.

    1. where are you? The Banana Republics “down here”.

      And yes, we are well on our way. In my reality the official portrait of the First Lady would be full out Carmen Miranda. Don’t know why — just seems appropriate.

      Hillary could be Eva Peron — hands down.

      Any historical skinny African dictators?

      As for Billy Jeff — he is almost standard fare with his sexual dalliances and perversions. Kind of a dime a dozen politician — except for the fact that we POTUS, of course.

      1. I thought I had posted before. I live in Panama. I lived a brief time in Nicaragua in 2001-02.

        All the countries down here (except Costa Rica) are members of the Central American Parliament (Parlacen). One thing it allows is for countries to appoint 20 individuals. They all enjoy immunity. When a president leaves office he or she is an automatic member and receives 10 years of immunity.

  3. In my dream world (you know, the one where justice is actually served, illegal immigrants are actually deported, crooks cannot run for office, the media does their job, instead of lying and shilling all day, every day etc.); I would love to see Chris Christie as Attorney General prosecuting that old bat, the Hildebeast.

  4. On the downside, I’d note, we could start to look like a Banana Republic. Politicians prosecuting their political opponents is not something that normally happens in America.

    We are well along the BR path thanks to Obama and perhaps prosecuting politicians is something we should have started long ago. As it is — Congress has failed us in every way.

    Fingers crossed that the Clinton Dragon can be slain and America repaired.

    Have no idea what to do with the millions of Americans who have been infected with the leftist progressiveness. Cleaning up the schools and courts would be a good place to start.

    What a nightmare.

    1. In LSU Law School in the 80s a Republican state representative gave a lecture to my class. In his opinion, at that time the only way for Louisiana to get out of the mess democratic governor Edwin Edwards had gotten the state into was to secede from the union, form a banana republic, and apply for foreign aid.

      When Edwards was a candidate he said the only way he could not get elected was if he got caught in bed with a live boy or a dead girl. Good times. Not.

  5. “On the downside, I’d note, we could start to look like a Banana Republic. Politicians prosecuting their political opponents is not something that normally happens in America.”
    It should happen in America. Politicians should not be above the law and prosecution. The fact of political cronyism is what has given rise to Donald Trump’s success so far.
    All the skeletons in the Clinton’s closet should be thoroughly investigated and brought into the light. The two of them are rank criminals that need a good dose of the slammer.
    Perjury: the offense of willfully telling an untruth in a court after having taken an oath or affirmation.
    Clinton took an oath and then she lied to Congress. There is no wiggle room here.

  6. Interesting take on MrsC’s motive for the WhiteHouse.
    tin foil hat time:
    There’s no way the honchos at the State Dept didn’t know she was using an illegal e-mail system, no way they had no clue that donors to the Clinton foundation were getting special access and favors from her, and if not the State Dept, then the NSA, the FBI or any other snoop in the federal government knew what she was doing and the amount of money that changed hands.
    What the Clintons did after Bubba’s term was up was NOT to form an humanitarian entity to help others, but to find a way to funnel money into their pockets. When MrObama offered her the Sec of State position, the opportunity to raise millions became a possibility.
    They depended on the Dem/MSM to cover for them as they had in the past.
    What they didn’t count on was the internet and the popularity of cable TV that wasn’t controlled by the Dems.
    ot: sorta
    Why ARE the Clintons so insistent on moving into the WhiteHouse when they are not well, and seem to have secured enough money to live a comfortable retirement. Had MrsC declined to run for office, we would never have heard about her e-mails, her pay-for-play at the State dept, nor would the scandals of yesterday be brought out into today’s light.

    1. Power is their drug and their lust and addiction to it is their Master.
      And, they think they are above the law. In their minds, they can rationalize away anything they get called out on.
      This has been their way of life for decades and the American people have let them slide on their crap, time and time again. If a Republican president had done what Bill Clinton did, he would have been forced out of office, just like Richard Nixon was. Hillary was in on that too.
      They are like Vampires, they keep coming back to haunt us.

    2. What is amazing to me is how large the cooperation she is getting from People, actual people with names that we can investigate, at DOS.DOJ, FBI — it is beyond the personhood of Hillary. It is the institutional criminals as well. The people who knew, know and continue to cover up and obstruct.

      1. They are protecting a corrupt system that has made them rich and kept them out of jail.

        Trump is going to have to win in a landslide because there are many “powers” that are determined to keep their power and money.

        Trump scares them.

    3. The Clintons’ are on a perpetual ego trip. The history books will reflect their dazzling and historical presidential family trifecta: a two-term (impeached) prez; the (crooked) wife’s presidency; and the FIRST WOMAN to occupy the Oval Office.

      History will not, however, reflect how Mrs. Clinton barely edged out her Socialist foil, Bernie Sanders, and had the lowest approval ratings of any candidate in history, with the exception of a real estate magnate who opposed her.

      The fate of the First Daughter (Chelsea) is yet to be determined.

      1. If the heat on this issue really gets turned up on Slick Willy and Hillary (in a Trump presidency, for example), the Clintons will throw Chelsea under the bus in a heartbeat. It will be all her fault.

      2. History will not, however, reflect how Mrs. Clinton barely edged out her Socialist foil, Bernie Sanders, and had the lowest approval ratings of any candidate in history, with the exception of a real estate magnate who opposed her.

        Yes but,….she’s even in the polls.

        The polls are correct right Girly1?

        We all take the polls as rote.

        Chant after me,….
        The polls are correct,.. the polls are correct.

        Chelsea will be just fine.
        I’m sure she is surrounded by rich crooks just like her parents.

        1. Which polls, AFVet? LOL. Sounds like Michael Cohen, no?

          RCP has Trump at 41% approval vs. Hillary at 48%.

          I do not ever remember Trump leading Hillary in the national polls.
          Hillary also leads in the electoral votes – Trump has never had the lead.

          Trump is a lost cause, AFVet, unless there is a seismic change in the status quo.

  7. Can she be pardoned, if she hasn’t even been convicted, or pled guilty?

    Either way, she’d have to be charged first, which would all but guarantee Trump wins, and TNGH.

    1. Obama, for the moment at least, has pulled off the possibility of Hillary being charged for her breach of security crimes–The spineless Comey and the moonbat Loretta Lynch have their marching orders from Obama/ValJar. We are in a Constitutional/Department of Justice crisis thanks to Barry and his gangsters.

      1. I think that Obama is into this deeper than what we could imagine.
        He knows that if Hillary is convicted, she can ruin his legacy.

        And Hillary will spill everything just out of spite.

        The clock is ticking.
        Run out the time.
        Stonewall everyone.

        1. AFVet – have heard over and over that the Clintons and the Obamas hate each other.

          If so, what if Obama set Hillary up – knowing full well that she was mis-using SofS rules and regs, working off of a private server … or rather whoever’s running ValJar (who runs Obama) knew and is popping the celebratory champagne right about now?

          Why, yes, my new tin hat fits quite well.

          1. It may be more that they–the Clintons and Obamas–are jealous of each other. One family is in the White House and the other one isn’t (and wants to be again)–that sort of thing. And there may be a racist component involved, going both ways. Maybe they do hate each other, but they share an ideology—Progressive, Alinsky-like, wacky Leftists, paranoid, Big Government types—that whole bag of nonsense. And for these types of politicians, ideology rules over personal animosities. Oh, there are exceptions, but that’s the general rule of thumb.

        1. Probably true. You remember the time some big shot TV host asked Obama whether he ever made a big decision without asking ValJar about it. Obama got this blank look on his face and answered, “No.” Everything gets approved by ValJar, you can bet on it. She’s the boss of him, as the kids express it. Everybody’s figured that out a long time ago.

        2. While we’re on the subject of ValJar and Obama, it’s a good time to remind ourselves about the connection between ValJar’s family and that notorious nutjob and self-admitted pedophile Frank Marshall Davis. They were all politically connected (in the same time frame) via their memberships in Chicago’s Communist party community. They were all out to overthrow and destroy the government of the United States, as Obama is today. It is no accident that ValJar is Obama’s handler, and why she gets a free ride from the press. No accident at all.

          There’s lots more to the Obama/ValJar/Davis/Communist Party USA connections, which you can read in the following sites.

          And many, many more sites.

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