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American University in Kabul Under Attack

American University in Kabul is under attack, according to various reports. There was at least one explosion, and gunmen reportedly stormed the campus.

CBS News is following the story closely, and you can find updates here.

UPDATE: At least one person is dead and 18 wounded in the attack, which was carried out by one or two gunmen. Hundreds of students and teachers were reported to have been trapped on the campus during the siege.

8 thoughts on “American University in Kabul Under Attack”

  1. Another Benghazi……let us see if anyone in the state department or the white house is going to get of their collective lazy asses and do anything. Or, are the progs going to blame Donald Trump for this.

    1. Obama will learn about it when they read the newspapers tomorrow. Won’t be any statement until then. Expect the Obama and Hillary criminal gangs to blame Trump or some video produced by Trump.

      1. @Marcus….just listening to a news update; it is chaos and there a women on site who are hysterical and scared (understandably)…a couple of people escaped before the heavier action; but this is some serious shit. Where is the lazy ass president and the Hildebeast? she wants the job, where they hell are they. These people are begging for help over their cell phones.

        1. I’ve been watching the coverage of the earthquake aftermath on France24, which has a reporter and camera crew on site. It’s just a major catastrophe for these poor people, and we should do all we can to send in every kind of help we can. If Hillary thought she could get votes by sending support, she’d already be sending aid from the Clinton Foundation–which, after all, is what they always pat themselves on the back for doing in a catastrophe. Haiti, et al. As for Obama, he is, as usual, clueless.

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