As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || Obama Statement from Baton Rouge, Louisiana

The statement has concluded. Here’s the rerun.

10 Responses to Live Stream || Obama Statement from Baton Rouge, Louisiana

  1. His real thougths

    “I came here to make it look like I care. I am really thinking about the 8 th hole where I made a bad putt.
    Sure a lot of Junk piled up along the street. I will make a token jesture and then get the hell out of this rat hole.

    I DVR’d some basketball, and I need to get back to watch that. Maybe I will call some of my buds to watch it with me.”

  2. Well we all know what this will amount to.
    Just another photo-op.

    Keep in mind that the Dem Governor commended Trump for keeping a low profile and delivering a semi load of needed supplies.

  3. Totally agree with AFVET….”fake sincerity”….president also has his “y’all know” pandering accent on. Wish I was a fly on the wall in Martha’s Vineyard to see how his accent juxtaposed with this one. One just needs to look at him to know he can’t wait to get back on AF1 and leave these whining hicks behind. He’s not even pretending. So sad.

    • And they media will portray Obama as the savior of the flood victims, the one who lowered the water, the Prince of Caring. We’ve all seen the movie. Too many times.