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Latest Clinton Ad: Is it to Help Trump??

I don’t know. This is supposedly an attempt to paint a nasty portrait of Trump. But I’m finding a lot to like here . . .

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    • Wow…a nominee who means what he says. How is that bad? Like the mainstream media, Hillary makes no distinction between illegal and legal immigrants. But we voters do!

      • True. The “no borders” people lump all immigrants–legal and illegal–into one category: immigrants. Then they can peddle the idea that if we want control over who comes into our country that makes us “hate” all immigrants. And the corporate press carries the same message. We’re all “haters”, you see. ;+}

  1. “Demonizing”.
    No, enforcing immigration LAWS!
    Putting Border Patrol back to work, enforcing those laws.
    “Deportation force?
    We already have one, it’s called ICE, in place along with Border Patrol ready to be allowed to fulfill their duties.
    Obama had them stand down, Trump will put them back to work.
    Yep, ad is all positive to me, and Hillary paid for it.

    • Agree completely. What Trump is saying is exactly where the American people are at on the issue. Hillary and her people are exactly where the American people are not!

  2. What is it that Democrats don’t understand in “ILLEGAL” immigrants, NOT undocumented workers. Stop all remittances from Mexican workers to their families in Mexico. E-VERIFY. Fine employers that do not conform. Whats so hard about this?

  3. What’s not to like about terminating illegal executive orders or speaking English? Not a great ad for Hils.

    But what is great? For Trump, not Hils? Mike Rowe.

    And is it me or are there actually more reports of media bias? Donald Trump has done a lot of bring into the light much that is corrupt in America, and the media is one of those things.

    • That old sick crooked lady better not be president. It will be the first time that we have a president who created a scheme to enrich herself using the office of the Secretary of State to travel the world and charge world leaders a fee for meeting with her and for doing favors for donors of monies. Isn’t this a form of espionage like selling government secrets? How has our country sunk so low as to allow a grifter to run for President who is a greedy money hungry underhanded liar and crook in America. How does an ex-President and his wife now have $100 million when they don’t have a company or a business? They are selling their time and favors to foreign donors, thats how. how. The Rosenbergs in the 1940’s were executed for dealings with enemies of the country. Why hasn’t the FBI and sleeping Congress done anything to stop Hillary Clinton from running for President when they know she has lied under oath about deleting government e-mails and having a Foundation that has enriched the Clintons for $100 million dollars?

  4. OT, but not by much, given the election season ;+}

    One of the great mysteries in our nation’s political life, is why the corporate press doesn’t expose George Soros for the criminal he is, for his financial contributions to the Clinton Foundation, for his record of currency manipulation to enrich himself, for his collaboration with NAZI’s hunting his fellow Jews to send to the concentration camps during WW2, for his attempts to topple governments, for his attempts to illegally influence elections, his efforts to corrupt voting machine counts etc. The MSM will just not expose this guy for the rat he has always been.

    Thinking about that, I came across this article published yesterday in the Jerusalem Post. It’s a no-holds-barred expose of Soros and his antics, and ought to be on the front page of every newspaper in the country. Obvious it won’t be because he’s got too many reporters, editors and publishers in his pocket. He owns them. Anyway.. here tis:

      • I meant to add that with his $30 million donation to Hillary’s current campaign, he is the largest single donor she has. So when Soros calls her to tell her he wants XYZ done, if if she becomes POTUS, her only possible response will be, “Yes, sir, Mr. Soros. I’ll do that immediately, if not sooner.” He will own her lock, stock and barrel. He probably already does. Hillary understands the rules of play for pay very well.

  5. On Hillary’s FB page (I post against her often) She is saying Trump wants to drop the Estate Tax so his family can make 4 million dollars. I know she does not post this stuff but seriously…all the Trump supporters start saying “Hey, that money has already been taxed several times, why should we have estate tax”. And… Her own supporters are starting to hit her on the Clinton Foundation with things like, couldn’t he bury his money in a Canadian Chairty, like you?

  6. I being somewhat of a amateur business buff, was thinking, I know it hurts, but I am addicted. Was thinking if “Foundations” could be franchised? I like the “Clinton” model. Seems tons of bucks could be made in the “Foundation Business.” Living in the free enterprise system, everyone should have the great opportunity to run his/her own “Franchised Foundation.” First you need a Magnetic Name for your Foundation. A name that pulls money like a magnet attracts iron. Borrow a historic name, like Gandhi, or Einstein, maybe Newton. You know a real catch and don’t release name. Then we just go fishing for Sucker Fish, which don’t bite on a hook, but are scooped up with a net. Yes this may have some potential. A little twerk tweeting on some paperwork and we should be in business!

  7. I don’t understand why illegals having productive sex lives while in our nation means that they shouldn’t be deported. So what if they birthed kids who want to grow up in the U.S. The kids can go with Mommy/Daddy back to where their parents are legal.