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Clinton at 2009 Confirmation: Donors Won’t be “in the atmosphere”

Turns out the Clinton Foundation donors were very much in the atmosphere, and truly stinking up the place.

From Clinton’s Secretary of State confirmation hearing in 2009.

In case you are still thinking the woman isn’t completely full of it, here’s some more from her confirmation hearing. I mean, there is simply nothing she says that you can trust to be the truth.

Of course, Trump’s not much better. But don’t ruin my fun here.

4 thoughts on “Clinton at 2009 Confirmation: Donors Won’t be “in the atmosphere””

  1. Neither is truthful. However Mr Trump’s stories are shall we say exaggerated and as of today have not had anything to do with national security or performing ones job as a top diplomat for this country. How any national security experts can overlook her very serious lack of judgment is mind boggling to me. I get not liking Trump or holding ones nose to vote for him. His personality issues are annoying but have not created the danger she has. Lord help us! This is all about power and privilege for the clintons.

  2. I just don’t get the lack of any enforcement or at least call about bad judgement here. I recall a few cases in my past work career… Once a purchasing agent for our company simply accepted a few Disneyland passes from a vendor since the vendor ended up canceling their family vacation. The purchasing agent was fired immediately – even though it likely was simply a friendly gesture, the employer had zero tolerance for anything that looked like corruption.
    Another case comes to mind where an employee used the company gas card to fill up his car until he got a chance to get to the ATM and get cash to reimburse the company. Again, fired immediately no matter his argument.
    I suspect most employers are the same about things like this – but us as Hillary’s prospective “employers” shouldn’t even be allowed to question this behavior???

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