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Obama Schedule || Monday, August 22, 2016

11:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
12:30 pm || Lunch with Biden

All times Eastern
Live stream of the White House briefing at 12:30 pm

42 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Monday, August 22, 2016”

  1. Poor Dictator Imam Obama. He’s just exhausted you know from his grueling golf marathon and hard partying vacation at taxpayers expense and today his Majesty really needs some rest and quality alone time with his ancient, court jester Joe Biden.

    He is really pissed off that he is being forced to make a perfunctory visit to those cracka’s down in Louisiana who are under water. The gubmit needs to paint the slogan “I’d rather be golfing” on Air Force One before the trip.

  2. This is all Barry has on today’s agenda, after being on vacation for two weeks? When I worked, I’d find a desk full of urgent issues after a holiday. I used to wonder if it was even worth going on vacation, as it always resulted in unpaid overtime when I got back!

    1. @I’mNoDhimmi; same here. I have given up trying to take a proper vacation. I just snatch a few days here and there, so I do not go completely crazy. Even then, I am still checking work email.

    2. You didn’t have ValJar running the shop.
      I would think he might have time to take some golf lessons. Golf is not a self-taught game. It takes lots of work to play the game well (we know he is work adverse) and he really sucks at it.

  3. Oh, my……nothing before 10am. I was at my desk at 8 this morning, as were most people who work for a living. This is laziest, most useless administration in the history of the presidency. And the boot lickers in the media and their drug addicted supporters are just as lazy. Obama could pee on their granola and they would say that it tastes great.

    1. Ever since 2008 to today I BLAME the “media”… and especially this USELESS, WEAK, SYCOPHANT “WH press corps” for covering up how lazy, arrogant, corrupt & ignorant ‘Barack Hussein Obama’ and his evil regime has been.

  4. Now that he isn’t needed to campaign for Hillary, what is left for him to do? His legacy is secure, he has crooked Hillary to finish his agenda, and everything will always be George Bush’s fault. End of story.

  5. My rebuttal

    Truman also had a low approval rating. We now see he was a pretty good president.

    The economy is flush with money being printed by the government. Putting it in the stock market is the best option for investors because they are few other options. China used their surplus money for building ghost cities because they do not have a stock market.

    Gasoline prices. The US did a lot of drilling and brought lots of new oil and gas into production. Give the drillers the credit for bringing down the gasoline pump price. The Saudis got upset and lowered their crude oil price in order to shut the drilling down in the US.

    The unemployment rate is not valid. Those who can not get a job and stop looking are not counted. There are 94 million who are not in the workforce

  6. You forgot little things like terrorism on the rise and the rest of the world in flames.

    Oh, and I thought the stock market only benefited those evil “one percenters” – according to Obama and his lackeys. He and his defenders also pointed out the president has “nothing to do with gas prices”…when they were well over $4.00 a gallon.

    Coal industry and many lives ruined under Obama.

    And don’t even get me started on the unemployment numbers charade.

  7. I was just browsing around and saw this. No big deal except if you look click the Cernovich internal twitter link and look at the picture of her walking you see the black medical guy ? at her side yet again. I do honestly think she is not well and he is there –perhaps as a privately employed medical on call person.

    Calls for a nominee’s medical reports are standard fare. But I think Clinton is ill to the point she is not fit to run. But, just a guess.

    1. Your facts are limited to the point in time when other facts refute them.

      And as for your business I’m guessing, using your vocabulary as a possible indicator and not a fact, “Adult” Videos and Entertainment.

      But, ya’ know, ignorami.

      Oh, by the way, here’s a clue. Resorting to “racist” always reeks of desperation.

  8. Another true sign of ignorance is calling someone ignorant when you know nothing about them.

    “The true sign of ignorance and ignorant’s,or ignorami; such as yourself gracepc is that you choose to live in a bubble of confirmation bias.”

    You might want to clean this up a little bit.

  9. Bush: my savings account got 4% interest .
    Obama: I may as well bury my savings under a rock for the 0.03% it gets in the bank. My CD gets 2% only if it gets tied up for just under 5 years.

    Taxpayers lost nearly $11 billion on the auto industry bailout. But GM is doing great!

    Price of hamburger under Obama vs Bush up 25%.

    Income: stagnant.

    I won’t even go into the war he helped start on law enforcement.

    Obama has done wonders for we little folks on Main Street. That’s why smart people are voting Trump.

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