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Earnest: Iran Payment Shows Obama’s “Tough Diplomatic Strategy”

Wow. If paying ransom for hostages is Obama’s “tough diplomatic strategy,” I’d dread seeing what his weak one is.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest today said that in fact there were not two “tracks” to the Iran negotiations, as we had thought all along, but three. One to give the Iranians nuclear weapons, a second to settle an old “debt” that we had previously decided to keep BECAUSE YOU CAN’T BE INDEBTED TO PEOPLE WHO TAKE YOU EMBASSY PERSONNEL HOSTAGE but now we’re paying it back, and a third to arrange “a mutual prisoner release.”

I know, it’s confusing, but these people are much smarter than you and me and don’t worry, they’ve got it all sorted out.

8 thoughts on “Earnest: Iran Payment Shows Obama’s “Tough Diplomatic Strategy””

  1. Obama is the Monty Hall of deal making. Door #3: the permanent ‘revolving door of Prisoner swaps and/or cash payments’.

    The families of the two new American hostages have revealed the deal: cash payment or prisoner swap.

    Perhaps NBC will pick up the new ‘Let’s Make a Deal’ show starring Barack Hussein Obama.

  2. There have been several presidents that have refused to release that money to the Iranians.
    Obama is paying it back plus interest.

    Just a few more months, and he will be gone.

    Hard to say what he will do in that time period.

    I read also that he is going to launch a major push on passing the TPP while he is still in office.

    Congress had better wake up and stop it.

  3. He has been in bed with Iran this whole time. This is another lie… This was his idea to cover up giving them the money. The truth will come out.

    1. The truth coming out has no consequences. When the justice department turns a blind eye, nothing will happen. Ie Hillary Clinton.

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