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Saturday Open Thread || August 20, 2016



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  1. MrTrump challenges Black voters with “What the hell do you have to lose?” in a recent speech.
    Nice try, but the leaders of the victim coalition are afraid they won’t be the focus of a Trump regime, nor a coddled group of the Trump DOJ.
    They lose their bullhorn, their protection from existing laws others must obey, and they aren’t going to give that up easily.

    A writer for the Boston Globe has his opinion on why Milwaukee is racially segregated and Blacks are left unemployed. Of course, the blame is placed on White legislators and GovWalker for not building or providing bus or rail service into the suburbs where he claims all the ‘good’ jobs are located.
    He claims that Black people don’t have cars, or if they do own one, it’s not a very good one and would probably break down so that they wouldn’t be able to hold a job miles from their homes in the inner city.
    Eye-rolling drivel, racial profiling- all meant to blame someone else.

    These kinds of excuses are what holds some Blacks from being all they could be – they “it’s not your fault” is always a depressing hammer against someone’s self- awareness.

  2. I am surprised how many people are criticizing DT for coming to LA. We live in a nation of some seriously deluded people…bordering on mental illness.

    • I’m from Louisiana. While I no longer live there, I know Louisianians. A hug and a handshake go a long way to demonstrate caring and compassion. Trump did the right thing to go there and show the people that someone cares.

      I doubt that many people in Denham Springs will be impressed by the time the golfer-in-chief shows up. It will be too little, too late.

    • It is critical to determine WHO is criticizing Donald Trump.

      Are they the ones that are afraid of his victory?

      Could it be that they are terrified of the demise of their grasp on power and the media?

      Could it be that they are afraid of their voter base eroding to the extent that they no longer have the power to influence low information voters?

      Donald Trump has them clutching their pearls.

      Common sense is on the rise and the history of the progressive movement is being exposed and they don’t like it.

      Trump has awakened a segment of this Country that were put to sleep by the MSM and the democratic party.
      Add to that the RINOs.

      The TEA Party is not dead.

      Given the attempts many politicians and talking heads on MSM tried to tell us that it was just a right wing radical movement that should be dismissed, we proved them wrong.

      Along comes Donald Trump, and his massive rallies demonstrate that the TEA Party is still alive.

      We The People are speaking.
      The silent majority is no longer silent.

      Our voice will be heard.

  3. And, of course, the sewer rats come out to protest, shove, and spit at Trump supporters at a fundraiser. And the MSM is mute.

    The Muzzie Sharia loving Keith Ellison thinks this is pretty much ok.

    Pretty soon non Muslim Americans not of color will not be allowed to enter the compound of Minneapolis.

    I will speak about them in the way they deserve.

      • Remember that this element of society also spit upon returning Vietnam troops returning into the US.

        The troops were only doing their duty to the Country.

        • Your speak the truth.
          I had a Vietnamese friend many years ago. She married a serviceman and accompanied him to the USA.
          She told me many stories of her life. Sometimes, they were difficult for me to comprehend – not because of her poor English, but because I had no experiences like she had. I could not comprehend at my young age.
          She told me the Vietnamese loved Americans because they built roads and hired locals.
          Our servicemen were dishonored by their countrymen and I am mightily ashamed of that disrespect.
          Same group of people now – those who disrespect the electoral process, etc. I am even more ashamed of them.
          I shun them.

          • I came back here through Travis AFB.
            They generally targeted Army troops.
            But that was in civilian airports.
            I was wearing my Air Force uniform and didn’t have any trouble.

            Got out in ’73.

    • Minnesota is so screwed up that the Minneapolis portrayed in Marcus Wynne’s “The Sword of Michael” may as well be the real McCoy.

      (It’s a sizzling good yarn, by the way. It reads a bit like something Tom Clancy could have written, if he’d been sequestered in a New Age book shop for a month.)