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Manafort Exits the Trump Campaign

Despite all the spin that came out of the Trump campaign about Steve Bannon and Kellyanne Conway being an “addition” to the operation, it’s clear that this was part of a move to ease Manafort out.

I mean, three competing big personalities at the helm? Talk about unclear lines of authority.

Look, there’s a certain bottom line here. Trump is down in the polls. He is being criticized for everything he does. He seems uncomfortable, talking about maybe not winning. And Manafort is increasingly in the news for his ties to Ukraine’s corrupt oligarchs and former leader.

There are less than 90 days left, and whatever Manafort was doing wasn’t making things happen.┬áSo, there’s the door.

18 thoughts on “Manafort Exits the Trump Campaign”

  1. Ok He is gone…at this point what does it matter.
    Trumps last 3 speeches have been spot on!

    Big Question is where is Hillary??
    She did a sit down with cops yesterday and now has nothing for 96 hours.

    What is she hiding ?? Sick, In hospital?
    Where on earth is the Beast ???

  2. Leadership: the ability to recognize talent as well as failure, to learn from it, to be honest, concise and straightforward in your decision making. No excuses. Embrace your own humanity.

    Failure of Leadership: blame others, seek cover, conceal, lie, deceive, and never take responsibility for your own decisions. You are never wrong.

    America, the choice is clear….


    1. Harv…Perfectly said. It’s leadership, responding appropriately to a situation, showing up when it’s important to show up. Obama doesn’t even bother to phone it in.

  3. Come on Keith. Down in the polls? LA Times a very Left news paper has them even! EVEN !

    Trump going up and the Beast going down in the polls thats what is real!

    Quit repeating the Dem lies!

  4. Polling data is problematic. Trump did have a spell of downward polling which seems to have turned around, depending on which poll you believe or look at.

    Good move to remove Manafort on the basis of too many big egos at the top leads to confusion and poor execution.

    Corruption in Ukraine. No one has a top position here — Bidens, Clintons, and other Dems and Repubs. The Ukrainian people surely have been taken advantage of on every front these last few years. But the Russians, the Americans and the elite of Ukraine have benefited enormously.

    It is a sad and obscene story.

  5. Kellyanne Conway is probably responsible for “softening” his speeches.

    Manafort’s baggage became exposed.

    Steve Bannon is a pit bull

  6. Too many chefs in the kitchen. In the final analysis, it is the candidate who should be steering the ship. Will the real Donald please stand up? Tempus fugit!

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