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Obama’s Compassionless Vacation

President Obama is one of those types, often seen among liberals, who care deeply about abstractions and are angry about the “oppression” of the have nots by the haves. But when it comes to the person right next to them? Meh.

For Obama, what gets him going are the social justice issues that he started getting angry about in his dorm room at Occidental, particularly racism, which he thinks is still endemic in society.

I think the biggest thing the drives Obama, politically, at least, is anger. I guess if I grew up black in a society where there was still plenty of racism at the time, and with two parents who mostly — and in his dad’s case, completely — ignored me, I’d be a little angry too.

And yet, whatever the cause, the result is this president.

Anger is a passion, but it is a passion of aloofness, one that separates you from others. That’s why Obama gets so worked up when an unarmed black man is killed by a cop, but he hardly seems to notice — or at least never remarks upon — the thousands of young African American men being killed in our society by other black men. Because the cop killing feeds into his view of the world, which is driven by anger at injustice, not by compassion for the suffering.

How else to explain that there are massive human tragedies occurring in both Louisiana and California, and we are hearing not a peep out of this president, who today is golfing, again, with some of his rich friends on Martha’s Vineyard.

I know many of you think if he got involved he would just make things worse. But he could at least use the bully pulpit to get people to donate and to let the federal agencies know that this is a presidential priority, in addition to his golf handicap.

In Lousiana, flooding, as of the current count, has killed at least 13 people. About 40,000 homes have been damaged or destroyed, 30,000 people have had to be saved, and 1,300 are in shelters.

A White House Dossier reader, also named Keith, emails me. He lives there, and he is trying to help:

Lots of tears today. I’ll wear my sunglasses inside tomorrow so that when the ladies come to my table and cry and ask questions, they at least won’t have to see me cry too. I guess that’s my sensitive side. But, really, if you have had a neighbor who has lost a house and car, it’s touching. If 350 people are in the same building with you and all of them have lost it all, it’s overwhelming.

Keith’s home, fortunately, was spared. He writes:

The clean up and restoration will take a decade, as Katrina has, forty to fifty thousand homes all requiring new drywall, new paint, new electric wiring, etc. Simply will not happen overnight. I’m exhausted, so I’m off to bed soon.  Thanking God and gravity that I have a bed, not a cot in the gymnasium of the Hammond Community Center.

While Keith tries to provide assistance and calls out to his friends to help, Obama has made no appearances and no public statements. Because, since nature has no agenda, it doesn’t mean to cause harm, and so it can’t be a focus of your moral outrage.

The New Orleans Times-Picayune lists a few ways you can help. Among them:

• Red Cross

Accepting: Donations via telephone. Call 1-800-REDCROSS or text LAFLOODS to 90999 to donate $10

• Companion Animal Alliance, Baton Rouge’s city animal shelter

Needs: Foster homes to house pets temporarily, large bath towels, paper towels, water and food for volunteers and staff. Donations can be made online to assist with these needs by going to the organization’s website,

• NOLA Pay It Forward

Accepting: Greater New Orleans Foundation collecting donations to aid neighboring parishes in early relief and rebuilding efforts. Access the site here.

• United Way of Southeast Louisiana

Accepting: Donations online by going through the United Way of Southeast Louisiana’s website. Checks can also be mailed to: United Way of Southeast Louisiana, ATTN: Flood Relief, 2515 Canal Street, New Orleans, LA 70119

The fires in California are not as localized, and right now the best way to contribute, I think, is to go to the Red Cross disaster relief page.

This is one man’s week. He’s looking for people to help.

This is another’s week. He’s looking for his golf ball.

63 Responses to Obama’s Compassionless Vacation

  1. Thanks for the overview of the situation and the information.

    Personally I don’t care why Obama does and doesn’t do whatever. Sucks that he is angry, but so what. There is no justification for this.

    Barack Huseein Obama is a vile, narcissistic obscene man and those who supporter him nothing more than whiny, greedy sycophants. He disgusts me.

  2. This man did not grow up American black. He grew up in private schools with all the toppings. His anger towards this is ignorant. He is nothing but a ungrateful pig. The amount of lies or times this man has laughed in American people’s face is countless. We have a few more months of this dirty bastard. If Hillary wins, then we have another 4 to 8 years. He owns her ass. I can’t wait till these people meet God.

    • Hell, Dubya was called “heartless” because he used Air Force One to get a bird’s eye view of just how bad the devastation was from Katrina.

      Sir Golfsalot uses Air Force One to go on a golf junket, with California burning and Louisiana underwater, AGAIN, and…crickets.

  3. Keith,
    Too bad none of your co-workers in this useless, biased, cowardly so-called “WH press corps” will ASK such a REAL/UNCOMFORTABLE question like that;
    -why will Obama not make a public statement about Louisiana flooding…did he get all uppity when President Bush did a fly over after Katrina…?

  4. I live about 30 miles west of the SoCal fire. Last night the report was 25,000 acres burned and 83,000 evacuated. I can see the smoke. Horrible.

  5. What little I have to spare from my limited income won’t be going to the victims of this massive flooding. I’m sorry they lost everything, I’m saddened by the loss of life there, but my small contributions will be sent to help others in Arizona.
    I was raised in an area of western PA close to the mighty Ohio River that flooded every year when I was a child. The yearly flooding stopped as the comprehensive dam system was completed.
    Until that time, hundreds of homeowners were flooded every single year, every year without fail. They cleaned up the mud, redid what needed to be done, then moved right back into the path of disaster.
    The people who have lost “everything” in this tragic flooding most certainly had flood insurance available to them. They knew that flooding of their homes was possible, if not inevitable, but chose to remain there, chose not to purchase flood insurance, and it seems they are eager to return to the same place where disaster awaits in the future.
    We all feel bad for these victims, but it’s time to spend our taxdollars relocating them to higher ground or to areas not affected by the whims of MotherNature. Those who live in Tornado Alley, or on the beaches next to the Atlantic Ocean, in the swamplands of the South, or anywhere disaster is soon to appear, must and should be forced to move to a safer place to live.
    If Japan can prohibit a hundred thousand citizens from rebuilding homes in the area affected by the last massive tsunami, then the US can prohibit a few thousand from returning to floodlands.
    As for the POTUS – his sympathy or concern won’t help, won’t make a difference to anyone affected by any tragedy, anywhere.

    • I agree with you – with one exception. The animal rescue efforts. Pets live in flood zones because their owners live there. Like small children, pets don’t have a choice.
      There are homeless people and women in shelters here in my community. But I will bet that the next thing to happen will be lots of local churches making trips to help LA and the flooded homeowners. Has always interested me that people will jump at a chance to take a trip rather than volunteer to help those in their own community.
      I’m not heartless and neither are you, srdem65 – but this affected area is a flood zone and everyone knows it. The risk of flooding is well above average and actually – likely.
      I buy earthquake insurance and live in an area that has had maybe one quake in recorded history – but to my way of thinking, there is still that chance. So…buy the appropriate insurance.
      As I have aged (and gracefully, I hope) I came to understand I can’t fix everything. Actually, there is very little I can “fix.” And, neither can anyone else. And I don’t think that I am entitled to anyone having to get me out of any hole I dug for myself.

      • Aileen, I know that you are a great friend of animals, so am I. I am one of those who sometimes read animal rescue stories with teary eyes. Yes, like small children, animals don´t have a choice.I hope you found a home for that little cat in your garden house.

        • Yes, I love animals so much. Especially horses and dogs. And the mice were freed into the woods to live happily ever after I hope. No orphaned cats here either! :-)

    • Sorry, but…bollocks.

      Just about anywhere on the East Coast can get hit by a tropical system. You REALLY ought to see what Isabel did in Baltimore, after Ivan hit it the year before.

      Maryland also ranks THIRD(!!) in terms of tornadoes per land area.

      And let’s not forget the derecho that blew through the Mid-Atlantic a few years ago. It took Pepco a week to get the lights back on in all of Montgomery County.

      No place is immune from the ravages of nature.

    • I respect and agree with much you have to say about people taking responsibility for getting their own insurance, for taking their own risks, and for not using tax dollars to rebuild in places known for repeated flooding and wildfires and hurricanes and tornados and droughts and lack of sufficient ground water for large populations or farming.

      But it is tyrannical to say “Those who live in Tornado Alley, or on the beaches next to the Atlantic Ocean, in the swamplands of the South, or anywhere disaster is soon to appear, must and should be forced to move to a safer place to live.”

      Tornado Alley? It isn’t a narrow little place. TornadoAlley includes half of Texas, the whole states of Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, Missouri, Louisiana, Nebraska, South Dakota, and half of Illinois, Iowa, Ohio, North Dakota, Tennessee…

      I’m sure you would not want to see Arizona return to only individual wells or cisterns for drinking water, or forced to give up using dams on the rivers to store water that allows people to live there.

      Where we choose to live is not anyone’s business, especially not the government’s, not in the United States of America. We are citizens, and we live on land we bought and paid for without any help from the government. We have a right to take our own risks – and to help our neighbors whenever we want to.

    • True that homes with repeated flooding should not be rebuilt. The difference here (and I live here) is that this is an unusual flood. Places that have never flooded are underwater. Agree that POTUS isn’t necessary and not particularly welcome here anyway. Still shocking that he cannot at least make a statement of sympathy. Really feels cold and uncaring.

      • That Obama wouldn’t even say a word about the devastation in Louisiana–as others have noted here– is actually startling. At least he could pretend to care about the suffering of those affected, as he usually does in these kinds of events.

      • I’m from Louisiana (now live in Georgia) and the lot our home in Baton Rouge on Sherbrook Dr in Sherwood Forest was “built up” about 8 feet above the street. I heard from a friend on MOTUS that Sherwood Forest flooded. Our 1960s-era home, had never flooded, but we still bought flood insurance. I hope our neighbors who are still there are safe.

  6. Ironic that Obama built his 2008 platform on “Bush indifference” to Katrina in 2005. Fast forward to 2016 and today’s tragedy and he is so secure in the media book-licking that he does not even bother to do anything for the sake of appearances. Obama is a george soros creation….a sock puppet whose strings are pulled by the globalists.

  7. I remember Spike Lee ranting about Bush in regards to Katrina. Now, not so much as a chirp, crickets. They both stick their noses into tragedy, just tragedy of their definition. Worthless slugs, the both of them.

  8. Obama checked out of the proper duties of POTUS just after he got sworn in for the first time in 2009. Probably within an hour or two of being sworn in. He never had the slightest intention of being a good, or even an average performing President. He had a whole other agenda–to be deeply devoted and engaged in those activities which lead to the destruction of the United States. That was his charge. He still gets real excited about doing those things. What a lazy, spoiled, spineless, ignorant, dangerous misfit he turned out to be.

  9. After he became President , How many times did Obama fly over Louisiana to go to the west coast for fundraisers? I believe he never visited New Orleans until just before the 2012 election.

    It is sad to see all that devastation and no leadership whatsoever. Jeh Johnson arrived today. This flooding started less than a week ago. Thank God for the Red Cross, National Guard and the fishermen fleet.

    I wish he would resign and let Biden fill out the term. I guess he could indict HRC and run for te-election.

  10. Anybody remember how George Bush was vilified and demonized by the MSM over Katrina?
    Any MSM news agencies talking about Obama’s nonchalance about true suffering?
    Obama may be be angry over his lack of a father and his biracial makeup. He may have deep issues about being ignored as a child.
    And I think to overcome those deficiencies in his personality he has elevated himself to some God-like status, where he thinks everything he does is just perfect and wonderful and unimpeachable.
    His lack of humility is part of what makes him a poor leader.
    “Sad, so very sad.”

    • There comes a time when, as an adult, you must reflect upon your parents and their parenting…
      They did what they knew to do. They did what their emotional maturity directed them to do.
      BUT, as Joyce Meyer says, “Your beginning does not have to dictate your end.”
      I want to say – oh how I want to say it to his face, “Get over it, BHO. Be the kind of man you want your daughters to marry.”
      Unless you are a Muslim. Then – educate yourself on Christianity first.

      • I know I have had to get over a lot of stuff from my childhood. Its called forgiveness and maturity.
        Possibly Obama’s self-elevation to God-like status is how he has dealt with it.
        What a bore he is.

        • Agree. Forgiving wrongs done to us while growing up–whether real or perceived–is the gateway to maturity and a well lived adult life. It’s a good principle to hold all through life.

  11. Thanks for the coverage, Keith. We feel somewhat invisible here in terms of the national news, but the people of Louisiana are pulling together as one. Seeing the trucks loaded with supplies is a beautiful thing, as it was seeing them leaving town loaded with supplies headed south and east after Katrina. People here are resilient. I just returned from the shelter and nearly everyone can smile. One lady told me she’ll love having new furniture, now all she needs is a house. If you lose your sense of humor and your dignity, then you’ve lost it all. Until then, you’ve just lost all your belongings, your car and your house. Tomorrow is a new day. The Other Keith

    • All my sympathy, Keith. What a terrible disaster. Yes, I find it so strange that there is so little coverage in the media. I have read a lot about it on Rod Dreher/The American Conservative. Dreher obviously lives in Louisiana.He is as upset as you are about the lack of interest in national news, among politicians. By the way, Trump announced that he is going there today.

      • Knowing how Mr. Trump faces issues I would not be surprised if he showed up with fifty men with shovels and boots. Let the media chew that over for a while. Yes, we are looking forward to his visit…as long as he does not get in the way. LOL the other Keith

  12. OT I didn’t hear it but i am reading that Trump was really on target tonight in Charlotte. Everything I have come across agrees it was an excellent speech. Not the MSM of course.

    Anybody hear it?

    • I’m waiting to hear it on a rerun of Lou Dobbs, but I heard the same, Grace. I also heard that Trump is going to Louisiana tomorrow. Wise move. And very Presidential!

        • Yes, Trump is going to Louisiana. Very good, for him and for Louisiana. How will the MSM handle it ? I remember the Bush bashing during the New Orleans disaster. Now MSMs saint and hero, our little Barry O, is just having fun and enjoying luxury on the Vineyard, ignoring it all, while Trump….oh it will be media short-circuit.Or they will have to invent another Trump or Melania “scandal”. I guess that Barry doesn´t even understand that he ought to be very embarrassed, he seems to lack some basic human feelings like real compassion. There is something really wrong with that guy.

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  14. When the optics aren’t in line with his anger/outrage, he completely ignores or glosses over the issue. Instead of being angry, try putting forth policies that help ppl. Especially the black communities he’s always up in arms about when a police shooting takes place. To me, that’s always too late. Guess when you’re inept as he is, fake anger is all you have. That and the next round of golf.

  15. Where us all of the outrage from black entertainers,s such as Kanye West and his brand if ilk? He was quick to jump all over Bush for his Katrina response. Guess only white presidents hates the blacks. Our idiot in chief won’t even comment about it, let alone put done the golf clubs and leave his swanky vacation to drop down to the level of ppl he claims to be all for.