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House Panel Catalogues Clinton’s Lies

The House Oversight Committee released a video showing very clearly the lies told by Hillary Clinton before the panel by contrasting her statements with those of FBI Director Comey.

There are several of them, and they are striking. Is Hillary Clinton to big for perjury?

9 thoughts on “House Panel Catalogues Clinton’s Lies”

  1. Since Comey could not move himself to recommend Hillary for prosecution for the mishandling of classified documents, hopefully someone will grow a pair and prosecute her and her phony foundation for whatever crimes are behind the curtain. I am fairly certain there are many and they are “bad, very bad.”

  2. Unfortunately, she’s bought off enough of the right people, so, yes, she is indeed too big to jail.

    What that says about the rule of law in a nation of laws, not men, is depressing, but as the Brits might say, keep calm and vote #NeverEverCankles.

    1. Yes, she’s bought off all the right people, and she has dirt on everybody who has the goods on her. And we know Clinton and Kaine both have a very close relationship with George Soros who will buy off or try to destroy anyone–Congressional panel or not–who comes after Hillary.

  3. One can only imagine what was contained in the 30,000 emails that were scrubbed and deemed ‘private’.

    The only thing left at this point is the ‘Foundation’ – the root of everything evil. Why is no one questioning the fact that only 10% of the proceeds go to it’s charities? Why did the DOJ refuse to allow an investigation? This is obscene!

    Word is leaking out now that there will be more Hillary bombshells coming out soon. Let us pray!

    1. Julian Assange over at WikiLeaks has all but promised there’s more up his sleeve.

      Man may be a slimeball, but he’s at least a bipartisan one, so I have to give him that much.

  4. I am sorry, I don’t think Julian Assange is a slmeball. I think he is a patriot for shining light on the criminals. A man was hanged because of the emails on Hillarys phone. If the only way we can get to the truth is Wiki, I say go for it! LOOK what we know now.

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