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House Oversight to Hold Clinton Perjury Hearing

According to USA Today:

A House panel will probe FBI officials next month over whether Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton perjured herself in testimony to Congress last year about her use of private email servers while she was secretary of state.

Republican committee members plan to bring up the perjury issue at a House Judiciary Committee hearing in September that will focus on oversight of the FBI. The exact date and witness list for the hearing have not been set, but FBI Director James Comey will likely testify, the aide said.

On Monday, Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., and House oversight committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, sent a letter to U.S. Attorney Channing Phillips detailing several examples that they allege show where Clinton’s sworn testimony before Congress contradicts evidence collected during the FBI’s investigation of Clinton’s private email server.

I mean, this is not like she mispronounced her name. She told several big fibs, including that she had never sent or received classified email, that all the emails she deleted were personal and that her lawyers reviewed ever email. None of it was true.

14 thoughts on “House Oversight to Hold Clinton Perjury Hearing”

  1. ha ha nothing to see……its all for show….Pretending to do something…..

    Crooked Hilary has nothing to be worried about. She is the chosen one this time.

    She has 96 hours off from today’s speech to Sunday when she does it again. Pattern of speech then days off…over and over….

    Health problems no stamina!!!!

  2. Let’s do the math here….

    90,000 total emails on server
    30,000 were State related 33%
    60,000 were personal related 66%

    60,000 personal emails in 4 years
    15,000 personal emails per year avg.
    288 per week avg
    68 emails per day assuming 6 day work week
    7 emails per per hour assuming 10 hour work day

    Roughly every 10 minutes, she was sending out Personal Emails. She was sending out emails on behalf of the Unted States every 20 minutes on average.

    She worked twice as hard on her Yoga routine and Chelsea’s wedding……..

    1. Excellent! It’s an analysis the Hillary rump swabbers in the corporate press could have done months ago. But, of course, they did not and will not. That’s why they have a 94 percent little or no confidence rating from the American public.

  3. I get the timing–election season–but if Messers Goodlatte and Chaffetz think the palace guard media won’t circle the wagons and load the shotguns, they really ARE in the Stupid Party.

  4. Obama and Hilary s America!!!

    A 25-year-old illegal alien who already has a felony on his criminal record has been arrested in Kansas City, Mo.after carjacking two women — ages 91 and 63 — on Tuesday.

  5. Really? at this late date the Repubs are going to stamp their feet, hold their breath and gain nothing.
    Tilting at a windmill, stepping on Superman’s cape and ever other cliché will get them nowhere because no one will be listening or watching.

    1. According to Rand Paul, she perjured herself in front of congress.
      He said that is 5 years in jail.
      Oh wait,….she’s a Clinton,… nevermind.

  6. A lot of this reminds me of an incident some time ago – drag racer Shirley Muldowney was being interviewed on live TV when she said, “And if you quote me on this, I’ll sue.”

  7. I am sick, sick to death of hearing that Hillary is finally going to be held accountable. These HillBillies have been corrupt for 30 years and even when impeached, still serves. How can anyone possibly want them in the White House? I just don’t get it.

    1. Hillary and Bill will never be held accountable for their life of crime, deceit, immoral behavior, and malfeasance. They are both in poor health, and will leave this life as free as birds, and I don’t mean jailbirds. It’s not in the cards. Our legal and investigative institutions–the ones established to address corruption– are so corrupt themselves that they do not have the motivation, honor or self respect to bring the Clintons to justice. This is Rome, 3d-4th centuries AD.

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