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Video || Kaine Squirms Under Questioning About Clinton’s Lies

Democratic Vice Presidential nominee Tim Kaine probably thought an appearance on the Today show would be an easy swim in the lake, but Savannah Guthrie was creating lots of waves instead.

Here, Guthrie, who fortunately has a hard news background and used to ask some tough questions around the White House briefing room when she was there covering President Obama, wanted to know, in effect, why Hillary Clinton hadn’t apologized for lying.

She didn’t say “lying,” because you don’t do that in Washington. Nobody gets accused of lying. The worst one is allowed to say is that someone didn’t tell the truth, which is how Guthrie phrases it.

Kaine tries to slip away by saying anyone – anyone! – who gets asked the same thing “150 times or 200 times” might, might, you know, show a little variety in the way they respond.

Guthrie wasn’t having any of it. She notes Clinton told the same lie again and again.

I’m sorry, misstatement. Avoidance of factual phrases. Whatever. You know what I mean.

Have a look.

47 Responses to Video || Kaine Squirms Under Questioning About Clinton’s Lies

      • OK Kevin, at what age did his Father exhibit signs of dementia?

        C’mon, you must have some facts to back up your statement.

        Do you have some links that you can provide us with to substantiate your claim?

        Beware, the people on this site are inquisitive and demand substantial accurate information.

        They are also seasoned in detecting misinformation.

        That being said, have at it.

  1. Good on Guthrie. Unfortunate that we have to see this on almost the same level as the Second Coming. Still, I will take this rare moment.

    OT My inbox is practically overflowing with McMullin for President. I respond to each one with my thoughts — terse and critical.

  2. By all accounts, MrKaine’s past is without stain, has been true and honest.
    How or why he has chosen to pair up with the most dishonest, greedy, and criminally suspect candidate the Dems have ever offered is a mystery.
    The reporter gets no points for demanding that MrKaine explain or defend MrsClinton’s actions and statements. She should demand that MrsClinton answer to the questions.

    ot: MrsClinton’s health and stability is being questioned now by millions and no one is answering. She needs support to stand – she holds on to the podium or the chair, she has ceased wearing stylish heels in favor of slipper like flat shoes, and she looks ill.
    The public has a right to know what, if anything, is physically wrong with her, and why she is shouting at the audience.

  3. Kaine is a decent man, whose reputation is about to be spoiled for his association with the Clintons.

    Bad move Timmy, bad move….


    • He may be decent in your view, not in mine.
      Anybody that would latch on to known crooks like the Clintons has serious ethical problems.
      But then, it’s just politics ain’t it?

    • I knew nothing about Kaine’s ethics or honesty or behavior before he jumped on the Hillary train. He was never on my radar. Didn’t think about him one way or the other.

      Now’s he’s VP choice.

      A person who agrees to participate in Hillary’s destructive politics, willingly support her Alinsky-inspired policies (by definition, as her VP, he must do so and he knows it), and go around the country enthusiastically peddling Hillary’s corrupt candidacy (re: how Bernie Sanders was cheated out of his candidacy) will not ever get the St. Thomas More Award for political ethics. All of this in addition to not being bothered, it would appear, by her perjury, her criminal behavior from Watergate to her quid pro quo as SOS and her behavior under oath before a Congressional Committee and the FBI investigating her crimes, her willingness to risk the safety and security of the country for her financial aggrandizement. With all that corrupt Hillary behavior and more, Kaine would seem to be sitting pretty low on the ethics scale, no? Kaine can talk all the sweet talk he wants, it’s his behavior and decisions that reveal the truth about him. My two cents.

    • I don’t give a crap if you are a liberal or a conservative.
      I want someone leading this Country back to where She needs to be, both financially and ethically.

      Hillary Clinton is not going to do that.
      Donald Trump has said that he will.
      That’s good enough for me at this point.

      Our “leader” likes to play golf in resorts that most of us could never afford.

      Our “leader” has lied to us over and over again on health care, ISIS, the stimulus package, the employment numbers, and all the while, they say that the people still think he is doing a good job.

      Well, I beg to differ.
      He has initiated policies that were designed to take this Country down.
      The congress that we elected in the last mid-term have failed us.

      They have lied to us also, charlatans, don’t forget on election day.
      Remember when they said they would repeal Obamacare?

      The American People are aware.
      The congress should be put on notice that the status quo no longer is accepted.

      After 8 years of the Obama administration I believe that the People have awakened to the fact that liberalism doesn’t work.

      Common sense needs to raise it’s beautiful head once again in this Country.

      I sincerely hope it does.

  4. “Shoot, you can look the world over and not find anyone to take my place.”
    -Sy, Duck Dynasty
    Wish I had said that. Think Trump should.

  5. Possible these snakes do not know the truth? Therefore are unable to express it? Bent and twisted mindset filters automatically. All politicians are snakes. But the one snake I’ll support is the King Snake. The one snake that kills the Vipers but is non-poisonous. I can live with a snake that bites and you still survive. Be warned the King Snake, like the others, also sells apples.

  6. Grimly Amusing that worthless democrat toad Kane lying about Hillary Clinton’s lying.

    Wonder if Kane would still have accepted the democrat communist party VP nomination if he knew that his chief role would be in charge of having to change out Hillary’s soiled Depends every couple of hours on the campaign trail?

    Also sad that what passes for hard hitting journalism these days is Savannah Guthrie’s asks semi-tough questions and then allows Kane to give dishonest weasel answers.


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