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Clinton: “We’re Going Where the Money Is!”

Well, if you’ve got some money, hide it.

Here was Hillary Clinton screeching Tuesday in Pennsylvania about how she wants to plunder the rich to pay for her many new government spending schemes.

How are we going to pay for it? Well I’ll tell you how we’re going to pay for it. We’re going where the money is. We are going after the super wealthy, we are going after corporations, we are going after Wall Street so they pay their fair share.

I mean, can you even believe how this is phrased? It’s like she wants to seize power to herd the Kulaks off their land.

But unlike the Kulaks, rich Americans generally earned their wealth and are busy creating jobs for other Americans. And they pay most of the taxes. Or, put another way, their “fair share.”

Here’s her partner, Tim Kaine, actually trying to convince wealthy Americans that handing their money over the to government is GOOD FOR THEM:

To do the things that will create an economy that works for everybody, we need to go to sort of higher income individuals, very successful financial institutions, and companies, and have them pay a little bit more and invest those in the first four priorities. Guess what? If we do, they’re going to do better too because everybody does better with an economy where there is prosperity and opportunity and ladders of success.

Talk about twisted logic. Where are the media to report on Kaine’s mental disconnect and rank dishonestly?

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  1. Makes ya wonder what she said in those Wall Street speeches….and how is it they are not reeling on her words now? Unless there is some secret pact?


  2. Hope that includes her own foundation /money laundering, pay for play scheme. She loves to rail on and on about loopholes, I guarantee you new loopholes are being created to pay off her wealthy donors.

  3. Government, particularly liberal government, sees citizens’ money as not theirs to do with it what they please, but belonging to the government first.

      1. Trump is getting better with the teleprompter, which, heretofore, he has not mastered. Reading off a teleprompter to make it appear as though you were not reading off a teleprompter is a teachable skill. Until someone learns that skill, it sounds like you’re reading, awkwardly, a recipe for a dish you don’t like to eat.

        1. It also sounded like he has new speechwriters. Heard rumors that the Breitbart fellow, Mr. Gannon, wrote the entire speech.
          It’s getting veddy interesting, lol.

          1. Yep, it is getting veddy interesting. As of today, Trump has a new campaign manager (Kellyanne Conway) and a new campaign CEO– Breitbart News CEO Steve Bannon. (I haven’t got the foggiest idea of the difference between the two jobs). This is the beginning of the final sprint (watching too many Olympics races ;+}). it would appear. Trump’s polls have been down lately, and he did what it takes to get them back up. That’s what great executives do–make sure they have the best advisors they can find to help them them succeed.

            Anyway, here’s a write up on the new team.


            BTW, IJ Review is a great site to get the real skinny on political stuff.

    1. @Nina Murphy; this exactly! that is where her screeching a$$ of lies needs to start. The Clinton foundation can open up it’s coffers for a start.

  4. When is this psycho old harridan going to “pay her fair share’? She can lead by example by donating all of the loot that she, her husband and her dough-faced daughter collected from governments all over the world for pay for play. Democrat is just another word for psycho. They all want to go after money earned by other people who actually worked. And half of the drugged out, idiotic population will actually vote for this mess.

  5. It seems that every Dem, at one time or another, goes after the wealthy, the big money firms, or those that inherit fortunes with threats of “paying their fair share” or just taking away their money.
    Their audiences just love hearing that as if the plundered wealth will be distributed to them in plain, brown envelopes to be spent as they will.
    Greed is the message. Envy of other’s success, punishing the lucky, and seeing that others are as desperate as they are.
    This isn’t “who we are”, this isn’t “American values”, this is communism/despot talk, right out there for all to ponder and wonder.

    1. The dems’ idea of “going after them” is to get into backroom pay for play deals with them, if they turn the other cheek to campaign rhetoric.

  6. “…Pay their fair share!” just sounds so mesmerizing to those who have no ability to think critically. It just rams home the arbitrary assumption that the nebulous “rich” class are victimizing the listener. Never mind the facts, that 40%+ pay zero tax or less, and are riding on the success of others.

    One person’s success does NOT mean that it comes at the expense of another. It just doesn’t work that way.

    This innuendo tactic was immensely successful for Obama. It sickened me then that people were so dumb, and it is worse now to see Hillary ‘fooling them again’

  7. If they wanted to tax their way to a balanced budget, and only “soak the rich,” it would take a 100% tax rate on every household earning $140,000 and up.

    If they wanted to do a 50% rate, they’d have to hit every household from 60K on up.

    Put plainly, raising incone taxes will not do it. There’s not enough income left in this country to tax.

  8. Clinton: “We’re Going Where the Money Is!”

    That’s the most honest statement she’s made in the past 50 years. That’s the real Hillary.

    1. Who is this pig kidding? She goes around shouting at her supporters that she’s going after the money? No kidding, she’s been going after the money alright, other people’s money, straight out of a communist manual She said she was dead broke but then devised a scheme to use her position as Secretary of State to go all over the world and beg for money and promise favors This is how she performed her job as Secretary of State,she schemed to enrich herself and Bill. Definitely criminal intent, anyone else would be in jail. The whole world knows that Hillary Clinton is a criminal, guilty of espionage and treason, willing to do anything to get her ill-gotten gains.

  9. Gee…. Did Kaine say… as we come out of the recession???

    And the growth was at the top… and not equally distributed???

    this has been the Looongest recovery in history and with the fed rate nearly flat lined at nearer to 0 than 1%

  10. My vote is that we start with the Clintons and Kaines to take their wealth and redistribute it; after all, the former seemed not to earn it through hard work, so “easy come, easy go!” As for the latter, I suspect he had the same “goodness” offered to him.

  11. The Feds already take OPM. To the tune of 80% of federal taxes are paid by those earning over $100K.
    If she is elected, the Republic is lost.

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