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Van Susteren: Michelle’s #BringBackOurGirls Became #ahhfuggedaboutit

I’m “mad as hell at Michelle Obama,” said Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren, and at herself, she says, for not keeping up the pressure after more 270 Nigerian schoolgirls were kidnapped two years ago by Boko Haram.

“The first lady promised to help but walked away. Was this just a big stunt?”

Van Susteren notes that many of the girls have been killed and sold or taken as sex slaves by their Islamist captors.

“We’ve got to stop doing things just becdause it’s trendy,” Van Susteren said. “We need to prove we care with results.”

I once saw a quote by an Africa diplomat. It went something like. “Kill 1,000 Africans, nobody in the West notices. Kill 100 elephants, well then you’ve got some outrage.”

He’s right.

Meanwhile, Democrats like the Obamas vilify George W. Bush, who has consistently devoted large amounts of time to fighting AIDS in Africa. Not trendy, but he’s getting results.

7 Responses to Van Susteren: Michelle’s #BringBackOurGirls Became #ahhfuggedaboutit

  1. Everything MO does is a stunt…to get her to the next vacation or fundraiser. Where are the results of her non-accomplishments. We’re fatter and in less shape than ever before. I also don’t see how military families’ lives have gotten any easier either.

    Michelle is a big fat fake !

  2. Once again, Dems show emotion…they care

    But there is no action. Like our inner cities, false promises each election cycle.

    And lets be honest, its not just the Dems…

    Ps: Where is the President with the violence in Milwaukee and the families uprooted by flooding in Louisiana? FORE!!!!!



  3. Of course it was just a PR move, and a very bad one that flopped miserably. Why did it fail to garner any American support – the wording was wrong.
    “#BringBack OUR Girls” was specific and everyone understood the meaning.
    They weren’t OUR girls, they were African citizens. OUR girls are American citizens.

    Everything, every cause that MrsObama has given her name and efforts to have been left to whither or just became the opposite of the intent. She tried to be relevant, but something happened in America around the turn of the century – we aren’t that enthralled with a President’s wife telling us what to do and having a grand ol’ time doing it.

  4. Ditto to all of the comments above!!!

    Another false claim is that ‘Obama Care(s)’. She certainly did not ‘care’ about all of the low-income patients she dumped into the street to make room for those who could pay for their services.

    Michelle Obama gave a big fat zero in return for the taxpayer’s largesse.