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Obama Fails to Interrupt his Vacation for Tragedy

Yes, another LifeZette piece for you that I’ve written, also running today. In fact, written this morning. It’s FRESH off the presses, as they used to say, back when there were presses.

President Obama is ignoring the twin crises in Milwaukee and Louisiana while he vacations with abandon. Now imagine if Bush did that.

From the piece:

Saturday was a day at the beach for President Obama. Literally. The president spent hours seaside at his vacation paradise on Martha’s Vineyard with friends, absorbing the soothing ocean breeze and floating around in the salt water.

The president may literally have been soaking up some “Good Vibrations,” the Beach Boys tune on his recently released Spotify list, or perusing “Barbarian Days: A Surfing Life” by William Finnegan, one of the books the White House says he brought with him to the island.

Meanwhile in Milwaukee, the vibes were not good at all. After a police officer killed a black man, anger began to brew and by nighttime rioters were out in force and torching businesses, no matter that the deceased was armed when shot. As the rioters gathered, Obama was dining at the Red Cat Kitchen, “a place where you’re just as likely to connect with old friends as meet new and fascinating people from all over the world” and where “you can feel completely spoiled,” according to the restaurant’s website. And where entrées average about $35.

After piecing through the devastation in Milwaukee, city and state officials began to brace for whatever might come next.

For Obama, what came next was golf.

Please read the rest of the article here on LifeZette!

28 Responses to Obama Fails to Interrupt his Vacation for Tragedy

  1. Doing what he does best, goofing off on the taxpayers dime.
    Don’t expect anything more from Barry the Moocher in the way of leadership.
    Again, the world burns and Obama is on vacation.

  2. “After a police officer killed a black man…”

    The police officer was black. Write either “police officer killed a man” or “black police officer killed a black man”. No wonder we get so screwed up. Report ALL the facts.

    • That’s not their job Flyover.
      It’s to throw gasoline on the fire or remaining embers.
      Any mention that the “protesters” were targeting whites for mayhem?
      I don’t think so.

    • Thanks for bringing that hidden fact up, Bob. Not even Faux News mentioned that the police officer was black, I heard about it on Drudge.

      Bush had many faults, but lack of love for his country was not one of them. How I despise the current odious, heartless, conceited piece of crap that occupies the WH. Wish Obama would get a bad piece of seafood that would have him retching over the bowl during his vacation.

    • One of Obama’s arch enemies is Milwaukee County’s (Black) Sheriff David A. Clarke, Jr., who has consistently blasted Obama’s ‘reign of terror’ that has divided this country.

      Don’t expect any acknowledgement or condolences from Obama, especially since it was a black-on-black crime – something that Sheriff Clarke has expounded upon in no uncertain terms.

  3. We’d be a lot better off as a nation if we just had life-sized cardboard cutouts of Obama–sitting at his desk, staring out the window in the Oval Office, watching television, gawking at his teleprompter. Barry could just be away on a very long vacation. You could hook up a speaker and have Barry saying, “Hello, I am happy to meet you. Are you enjoying your visit to Washington? Do you like to play golf? I do.” You could change the words now and then, and no one would know the difference.

    And we’d be a lot safer as a nation.

    • $33,400 per head fundraiser for Hillary tonight.

      OT a little: great article by Keith in LifeZette about judging Trump and Hillary by their actions, not words.

    • He was however able to take time out for the “cause” of getting the Clintons into the Whitehouse… and to fight in perserving his legacy (cough)…

  4. As Chris Stevens and the others were being massacred, Obama was nowhere to be seen that night. Too busy to be interrupted. God only knows what he was doing.

    There should be a big old DO NOT DISTURB sign wherever he is.

  5. Glad to see the George Bush weather machine is still up and running in Louisiana. Remember he hates black ppl because he didn’t take care of a massive hurricane fast enough. Where’s the moron in chief? Eating dinner and hitting the golf course. Don’t let a tragedy go to waste, unless you’re on vacation. Also, don’t point a gun at a cop, it will not end well for you. It will give you the right to riot and burn down what little you have.

    • Democrats were bitching that Bush just flew over New Orleans after Katrina. Obama hasn’t even left the golf course. Where’s their outrage? I guess we have to wait for the water to go downstream before he responds.

  6. Another President would be concerned enough to speak to the people who were rioting, and/or issue a statement to the victims of the massive flooding to offer solace and support.

    • Yep. The turnouts for Trump vs the turnouts for Hillary. No comparison. The turnouts for Trump are loud, boisterous, energetic, happy, all colors and creeds and shape and age. The turnouts for Hillary look like a rented audience. Someone had to pay them to get them there. They’re long faced and irritated. Mad at everything. Like Hillary is.

      The signs for a big Hillary loss and a big Trump win are there when you look at the rallies. Obviously, we won’t know for sure until election day.

  7. OT Noticed today — saw a few pix of HRC at various events and on Drudge today. That pantsuit — she has it in many colors. It has sewn in tucks or pleats — on Drudge it is blue, I have also seen it in some orange/red color and one other which I forget.

    Huma and Cheryl must have told her it looked good on her. Chelsea also perhaps, but that girl, has the taste of her father and wears her clothing as clumsily as Hubbell.

  8. Hillary Clinton is supposed to be a WOMAN running for President, like the highest position in the world, and all she does is wear pants? Doesn’t that tell ya something? that she’s off her rocker or something? I can understand pants on casual occasions, but SHE WEARS THEM TO EVERY EVENT?? Doesn’t that tell us that something’s not right with her and fat and lazy. It is obvious that she has taste in her ass and that she’s the worst dressed woman? in America. While the VP was speaking today, Hillary Clinton looked like she was nodding off, and it was only 1:30 pm?

  9. Everything has an expiration date. This Chocolate Milk president expired 7 years ago. Not fit for human consumption. Also it is not recommended replacing with old cottage cheese, that also has expired..

    • Cellulite is often compared to lumpy cottage cheese! Great analogy, and Shrillary’s “cottage cheese” may be one reason she always dresses in pant suits. Not to mention,those long jackets she wears conceal the outlines of her Depends.

  10. More Propaganda. Although it will be billed as public service or some such. Google will provide voting instructions on its search pages. Not that complicated — Vote D or Democrat. (Instructions probably in Spanish and most widely accepted Arabic).

    More and more corporatist government — vaguely fascist. Eric Scmidt is a rabid globalist. Noting Google does is for America.